Leo in 6th House: Conscientious About Duties


Natives born with Leo in 6th House are focusing only on work, most of the time. They’re losing themselves in work and are very proud when their achievements are good.

Having high levels of energy, they can put up with any effort. Their instincts make them want to boss people around, especially at work. These people love showing off with what they accomplished. If things aren’t going the way they expect them to, they can get sick with stress. Their health problems are usually making them more attentive to what they need to prioritize.

Leo on the Sixth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Inventive, decisive and objective;
  • Negatives: Scatter-brained and aggressive;
  • Advice: Don’t allow your ego to get the better of you or come between you and those you love;
  • Celebrities: Antonio Banderas, Johnny Cash, Barbra Streisand, Sophie Turner, Joan Rivers.

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Enthusiastic and energetic

Proud of their work, Sixth House Leos need to be praised for what they are doing. They’re dedicating themselves completely to what they are doing because they want to be in the center of attention.

In case nothing goes the way they planned, they can become passive and get sick. The health issues these natives can have are with their heart and back.

Many of them may be working to make movies or to be in the theater business because they want to have a public or to somehow help others. Standing out from the crowd seems to be their favorite thing.

Many of them are only practical, but most have their glamorous ways of getting things done, as they want attention. They’re very proud of the way they’re taking care of business and want others to acknowledge them for this.

However, there’s the danger they’re working too hard to have all the eyes on them and their results are too common.

Besides, they can just be slackers at the job, just for them to get all the attention on themselves and their ego to no longer be bruised. It’s very likely for them to do work that’s having the attention of others on them.

Individuals born with Leo in the Sixth House shouldn’t allow their ego to get the best of them and try to make the everyday life of their loved ones easier. These people want to be the bosses in their routine, so they’re organizing everything so it revolves around them.

When doing something for others, they’re doing it to feel important. But this doesn’t mean they should ask to be praised when helping others because this has to come from their heart.

The placement of Leo in the Sixth House is making them more enthusiastic and energetic. This is why they find the most boring tasks to be fun. This is also the position of those with their Ascendant in Pisces.

These strange people can have a domineering attitude with their employees and colleagues, not to mention they’re authoritative when having to offer their services. Because they’re so desperate for attention, they can get sick with nervous and psychosomatic diseases.

Sensitive to others’ needs

The Neptune in their 1st House is causing them to have low energy levels. At least their immune system can hold on, no matter how abused it gets. It’s very easy for them to get back their health after a period of being sick, even if they’re dramatic about it.

After becoming better, they love to show off their strength. They can also be bossy about their loved ones’ health, so they may impose an organic lifestyle, which can annoy others. A Sixth House Leo individual has childish ways of having fun. This position is also making natives physically strong, this being manifested through the placement of the Sun.

In a strong position of this celestial body, natives have more energy and big opportunities coming their way. If they have problems with their ego and their imagination is low, they don’t respect authority and can get sick with all kinds of diseases, including heart ones.

Some may not have enough energy to just enjoy life. When this happens, they need to engage in something creative and to use all of their talents because this makes their Leo happy.

Individuals born with Leo in the Sixth House are exuberant and happy just like children when they’re at work. They need to have a job that’s stimulating their mind and giving them the satisfaction they accomplished something. More than this, they need to do something exciting for a living. These people are very sensitive to what their colleagues need.

Because the sign of Leo is present in their 6th House, they can get sick with heart diseases, so they need to check their blood pressure when living their life more intensely than usual.

Their ego is big, so they need to be humbler when servicing others. This specific placement of the Leo can make anyone want more to be of service.

Natives having it may want more power in the relationships with their employees. Their work should bring them relevant and important results. When someone is achieving something and doesn’t want to take all the credit, they tend to take all the merits.

Conscientious with their duties

People born with Leo in the Sixth House want to be leaders in their workplace, so they love positions of authority. Because they can’t be functional taking care of only one task, they can decide to alternate, or they’re no longer productive.

If it is for them to be productive, they need a lot of energy and to be inspired. The best they could do is any activity that gives them more power. When interacting with the public, 6th House Leos are being offered many opportunities to express themselves and to wake the consciousness of the many.

This is why they can address matters of groups, even national ones. More than this, they’re on trend with any social and mental trend, not to mention everything they’re doing is meant to make the world a better place.

There may be a need for them to be discriminating when it comes to what brings them advantages. This placement is for the sign of Leo to no longer have a big ego, as well as to no longer be domineering or push other people around when things have to be planned or groups coordinated.

The person born with Leo in Sixth House has the karmic responsibility to be the leader when it comes to matters of mankind. Because there’s the reaction to 12th House, this service can be spiritual and revolving around principles of the Universe. In case they have low levels of energy, they can collapse and change everything they’re doing.

However, it can be difficult for them to master new skills because they need to invest many of their efforts into this, as well as to have others submitting to them unconditionally.

These natives are always defending the results of their work. Besides, they dream to be encouraged for what they are doing and to achieve recognition as well.

Individuals born with Leo in 6th House are feeling very good when consuming their energy with physical activities. At the same time, they can feel destroyed when not having anything to do.

They can become very depressed and end up suffering from psychosomatic diseases in such situations. However, they can immediately get well if being complimented and flattered. These natives tend to work their emotions out, especially when being supervisors or performing for others. They don’t like being subordinates.

Anything they may work on can bring them a lot of satisfaction, but also nervous diseases, which can affect their relationships with their colleagues. When wanting to prove they’re the best, these people can be very conscientious in their effort to have their duties fulfilled.

They give a lot of importance to their health, especially since they’re prone to diseases of the spine and the cardiovascular. It’s important for them to always renew their energy and to spend their time wisely.

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