Pisces in 1st House: Multiple Talents and Dreams


People born with Pisces in the 1st House seem to be refined and idealistic individuals, sometimes fighting for lost causes. They need to accept that life is more than dreaming and that the mundane is as well useful, so it’s important for him or her to keep thinking logically or to accept reality as it is.

More than this, natives of this placement need to focus on details and to create a big-picture out of them. Only their own experience can help them achieve all this.

Pisces on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Persistent, witty and organized;
  • Negatives: Resentful and volatile;
  • Advice: Give your best effort to be honest, even when the truth hurts;
  • Celebrities: Andre Agassi, Milo Ventimiglia, Federico García Lorca, Mario López, Jason Alexander.

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Easily noticeable

These natives are seen by others as generous, timid and true daydreamers. It’s easy for their mind to merge with fantasies because they’re all the time imagining things. They can sometimes not clearly understand the world or have others getting to them, not to mention they’re gullible.

To avoid believing everyone, they need to trust themselves and to know who they are. Having an artistic soul and a rich imagination, these natives can seem true visionaries who are expressing their ideas by creating art.

More than this, people are coming to them because they’re kind and they have a big heart. Besides, they’re nice and sweet, adaptable to any situation or surrounding, but too dreamy.

When it comes to what they’ve achieved in life, all is coming from their intuition, attentiveness to feelings and dreams. Many can’t explain how these people are so insightful and can immediately guess who people are.

Having musical talents and being true artists, individuals born with Pisces in 1st House tend to sacrifice what they worked for and their connection with their surroundings, just because they want to play the role of martyrs.

It’s easy to distinguish them from others because they’re very sensitive to their environment. More than often, they’re able to rely on themselves and even to give others a hand by doing so.

However, they’re considered to not have anything in common with the harsh reality. When it comes to relationships, these people are usually passive and always putting their partner on a pedestal.

Besides, they’re romantic and want to love unconditionally. It’s easy for them to deal with their emotions, but they can end up disappointed in others when not receiving what they’re offering. For this reason, they can live their fairytales in their minds and confuse what’s real with what’s happening in the back of their heads.

At least they’re the best when it comes to spirituality, mysticism, and religion. Their illusions can last for a very long time, not to mention they help make their minds more imaginative.

They want to become powerful by experiencing more from a romantic point of view. On top of this, they can’t adapt to demanding and sad environments because they’re feeling oppressed and they have the tendency to exaggerate when being challenged.

Those of them who are highly developed can become wise and live their life at a different level than the everyday one, respecting the principle that evil shouldn’t be resisted.

This is why they should accept themselves in the world and pay more attention to their objectives in life. The placement of Pisces in 1st House is just like having the planet Neptune here.

Both these astrological elements are ethereal and offering a reflection, but at the same time, they’re distorting the true images of people and are creating fantasies.

Natives born with Pisces in the First House are magnetic and can fascinate anyone with their aura because they don’t have any form or shape in the subconscious of those who know them.

Some may give difficulties keeping in mind how they look, especially if the First House Pisces aren’t at all communicative. Their image can be remembered as distorted, not to mention many can picture them in their heads like these natives aren’t.

The mystery surrounding them

Pisces anywhere in birth charts is making people more sensitive. More than this, it’s giving them a clear mind when it comes to their future. However, people born with Pisces in First House don’t give a damn about reality and dream a lot.

Besides, they don’t believe in themselves and may want too much to be helped by others. When asking for assistance, they may refuse to accept advice, but at least they love to serve without asking anything in return.

When it comes to the mystery surrounding them, this is present because they love having secrets. Because Neptune is the ruler of the Fish, individuals born with Pisces in 1st House are artistic and looking to build a career in the entertainment or the cultural areas.

However, they tend to dream more than to take action, not to mention they can become slaves to drugs if they decide to be musicians. It’s like their loneliness can’t be in any way healed, so they don’t need to all the time to be around others.

The way the Earth vibrates can affect their weak body, as well as their spirit. Receptive to what’s surrounding them, they’re true psychics who are all the time absorbing new information, no matter what this may be.

Many like the person born with Pisces in 1st House, but these natives need to educate themselves on being more practical and focusing on the matters at hand. It can be their purpose to serve others, but for things to be fair in their life, they need to be less naïve or to not cry when someone is in trouble.

When not developing the way they’re supposed to, these people are passive, easy to manipulate and intentionally making compromises. They seem to make their job out of complaining and getting the help of others.

For these reasons, many can point fingers at them, not to mention they’re never sorry for what they’ve done.

The Pisces in 1st House aspect is expressing how sensitive people with this placement are, not only to the pain of others but to life itself. When trying to protect themselves from what seems irritating, they can start to lie and to deceive.

When expressing themselves, they’re emotional and often no longer capable of distinguishing fact from fiction. Their intrusive fantasies can have them living in an inner world of their own, one that’s profound and more imaginatively expansive.

A 1st House Pisces individual can dream all day long and lose contact with reality. However, this can be helpful for him or her if he or she wants to become an artist, especially a more abstract one, like a ballet dancer or a poet.

Great strategists

People with this placement in their birth chart are surrounded by a magnetic aura and seem like they’re not from this world, meaning they can seem lonely and too reserved, as well as interested in one-on-one conversations rather than in group ones.

They have a generous soul and are more affectionate than others. When it comes to the way they’re presenting themselves in the world, their instincts are telling them to be timid and to avoid sharpness, not only in themselves but also in others.

They should give their best efforts to be more honest, thing they can achieve by focusing on the weak points of their opponents.

More than this, if they’re trying to imitate their enemies as close as possible, they can no longer feel down and their daily routine can become easier to bear, no matter if they’re focusing on their external or inner life.

People born with Pisces in 1st House don’t have too much energy, but at least they can take what they need from a higher realm, by focusing on their intuitive abilities.

They’re reserved, kind, quiet and composed, avoiding nasty situations as much as they can. When threatened they’re going to lose something, they’re not looking to somehow remedy the situation because they fear the results.

It’s easy for many of these natives to practice healing through music and to as well improve their mood. When it comes to their reactions to everything, these are most of the time emotional.

Individuals with Pisces in the 1st House can have unrealistic objectives and work hard to make their dreams come true. Looking for perfection, they’re immediately adapting to new people and situations.

However, they can’t make decisions too easily. At least their intuition is always of help. When looking at other signs in the 1st House, the Pisces one is giving the most gullible natives.

As said before, people born during this placement are creative, kind and filled with wisdom. When children, they most likely felt no connection whatsoever with their parents and decided to study art or to read instead of communicating.

For these reasons, they’re very romantic and passionate adults who are fascinated by almost any work of art.

If these people want to be happy, they need to invest their time and effort into being volunteers because they have a good soul and love collaborating with those who are as well interested in lost causes. More than this, they seem to possess superpowers as a result of their mystical air.

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