Libra in 8th House: Creative and Observant


When it comes to Libra in the 8th House, individuals with this placement usually have partners who contribute to the household budget. These natives love collaborating with others when it comes to money-making, not to mention they’re lucky enough to inherit.

When changes are taking place in their life, they’re objective and flexible, as well as trying to adapt to what those around them are asking of them.

Libra on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Intuitive, energetic and thrifty;
  • Negatives: Compulsive and possessive;
  • Advice: Avoid excesses of all sorts and relying on vices to relax you;
  • Celebrities: Khloe Kardashian, Orlando Bloom, Gwyneth Paltrow, Adriana Lima, Bruno Mars.

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Very in tune with their physicality

People born with Libra in the Eighth House are eager to make changes into their life, but they’re advised to work in the way they’re seeing the world, which can’t be done too easily.

They may have to face psychological problems when no longer feeling balanced, just like the scales in the symbol of their sign are. Sometimes, their connection with the subconscious of their audience can be catastrophic, which is making them vulnerable, exposed and too direct.

The sign of Libra is known to advocate collaboration, so they’re sensitive when having to deal with the most difficult problems, if not helped by others. 8th House Libras can feel other people’s pain and no longer feel sorry for themselves, but they expect others to give them the exact thing in return.

They need to have strong connections with people who can get them read of all their worrying because they need to smile more and to be less anxious. In case they don’t have this type of relationship, no one can ever notice they’re in a bad mood because they know how to hide it.

They see lovemaking as teamwork and want to be physical with every person they like because they think this way, a special bond can be established. It’s not like they’re the most romantic people in the Zodiac.

Many of them can end up having a lot of money after getting married or when closing a successful business partnership.

People born with Libra in the 8th House are diplomatic and know what’s best for both them and others. They can obtain the balance they need when supported by their partner, and they need all the time to be emotionally sustained.

It’s unlikely for them to be fascinated by mysteries because they’re most of the time focusing on other things. If not given credit or love, they can become seriously scarred from a psychological point of view.

Many have probably noticed how beautiful and sensual they are ever since these natives were young, meaning they may have problems with them being too attractive.

It’s like they feel their beauty is somehow wrong. Some of them could have been part of conflicts where they needed to bring peace and forget about their peace of mind. This may have caused their dark side to emerge and made them obsessive over being liked by others. Some of them may have ruined all of their loving relationships as a result.

Changing the tune all the time

They inherited emotions that have made them love themselves in an unbalanced manner, which can’t be very good.

Therefore, the person born with Libra in the Eighth House needs to work on his or her emotional problems and to love him or herself and others. Natives with this placement can cause a lot of damage and chaos when looking to find their peace of mind.

However, their inner strength comes from the way they manage to bring the most profound harmony to their surroundings. Only this way, they can use their resources to survive their most challenging emotions and to have balance in their life. In intimacy, they’re giving, attractive and gentle, not to mention sensitive and pretty cooperative.

These natives are sexy and want to have a relationship based on the give-and-take principle. When their sexual life is rich, they’re not only at peace with themselves, but they also have more respect for their person.

People born with Libra in 8th House are looking to become more powerful through their connections with others, so they have a very strategic mind. They don’t want others to manipulate or control them, so they’re always defending their emotions and do their best to not get hurt.

Because they want to be supported from a financial point of view and physically satisfied, they can end up where they don’t want to, that being in the position of their partner having control over them because they’re dependent on him or her.

This is why they’re looking to be with people they can have control over, individuals they can manipulate and have a strong influence over, no matter if emotional, spiritual or mental.

Eighth House Libras need to have balance from a physical and materialistic point of view. They’re looking to solve their problems objectively and to use their mind, not to mention they’re always struggling to make everyone happy.

They want to deal with everything and have very high ideals. They must learn how to be franker and not close transactions while paying attention to their conscience.

Being very efficient in groups, they know how to act when out in public and everything about social norms, so many have a very good opinion about them. When having to do something important, the person born with Libra in the 8th House needs to be consistent and to reason, as well to make others listen to him or her.

As far as the occult is going, these natives are more interested in the beauty of rituals and how the information coming from the Universe is synthesized. Many of them marry to gain material benefits, meaning they can, later on, be disappointed in the decision they’ve made and the partner they have chosen.

Quite judgmental, actually

Because they can’t always deeply feel love, sadness can take over their life and they may turn to other people who are giving them what they need. People born with Libra in the Eighth House should avoid consuming alcohol because they may develop kidney problems.

They can make compromises when it comes to financial matters, meaning they’re mature and down-to-earth.

Oftentimes, they’re acting just like judges and managers when it comes to handling money. Many of them can become successful bankers who are solving others’ financial problems.

They give a lot of importance to sex but can cheat on their partner because they want to take advantage of any romantic opportunity, not to mention they can be addicted to sex and this way, avoid being committed to only one partner.

They most likely want to spend their life alone, even if they need love to live a harmonious life, but this doesn’t mean all of them are the same. While dreaming of romantic happy-endings, they’re unstable in relationships.

For this reason, they need to be more personal with their partners and to accept his or her flaws. In other words, they need to analyze their less profound past relationships and to look at the romantic connection between their parents.

It’s not that they lack tact and want too much to be independent, they just get involved with too many people before marriage and can no longer find being with someone for a lifetime interesting. This is because deep in their intimacy, they don’t know marriage comes with some obligations.

Individuals born with Libra in 8th House are likely to struggle for more balance when it comes to their sexual life. The person born with Libra in the Eighth House is turned on by grace and elegance, not by dirty words and roughness.

They want to be with someone who can meet them in the middle when it comes to lovemaking because they’re not looking to give more than they’re receiving. These people know how to seduce intellectually and know how to ask what they want from their bed partner.

They like to collaborate with their soulmates when it comes to making money because they enjoy this type of collaboration and think it’s the best partnership for business. It’s usual for them to inherit money and wealth.

When having to solve their problems of solvency, they’re never extreme, meaning they can’t end up having debts. It’s a pleasure for them to come across new ways of making profits, but most of the time, these are about cooperating with others.

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