Taurus in 3rd House: Not Easily Impressed


Natives born with Taurus in 3rd House want to be useful, no matter where they may be doing. They’re very intelligent, but they don’t worry too much about it. Being stubborn, 3rd House Taurus natives can’t have people forcing their opinions onto them. More than this, they’re able to come up with the most plausible arguments and can defend their ideas to the end.

When it comes to the way they’re thinking, these natives are slow because they want to build on every idea they’re having. This is why they’re all the time reflecting and rethinking, meaning they can’t make decisions immediately.

Taurus on the Third House Cusp:

  • Positives: Courteous, inventive and determined;
  • Negatives: Clingy and cruel;
  • Advice: Abstain from making unreasonable demands from those close to you;
  • Celebrities: Sylvia Plath, Anthony Hopkins, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mac Miller.

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Not easily impressed

Their minds and other practical talents these people are having usually serve them to accumulate wealth and to become someone important. There’s no wonder they’re good entrepreneurs and good at trading.

When having to express their opinion, natives born with Taurus in the Third House are very accurate and precise, not to mention they’re never trying to change the subject.

When it comes to the connection they’re having with their closest people, this is usually long-lasting and strong, not influenced by the opinions of others.

Even when they were children, these natives were serious and rigid in their communication. It’s usual for many of them to judge people according to appearance, financial success, and possessions.

More than this, they’re more forgiving with those who are rich and less tolerant of people who didn’t manage to make too much money. It can be noticed in them how they’re only interested in having a good reputation, earning different awards and attaining the status of royalties.

Besides, all of their relationships are built on material reasons. Not impressed by what’s happening at social events, they need to think and to deliberate on their own to make decisions. Their patience can be seen in the way they interact with others and learn.

When it comes to communication, they’re expressing themselves if having to obtain some financial and material gains. The more secure they feel about their possessions, the more inspired they are to embrace new ideas and to experiment.

Stubborn and contradictory

A 3rd House Taurus individual may discover that he or she is always looking to come across information meant to help him or her get rich or obtain materials successes. If natives with this placement don’t feel good about themselves, they can become reckless when it comes to what they own.

More than this, they can no longer care about any knowledge meant to make them richer. They must keep being positive because this way, they can enrich their life from a material, financial and even physical point of view.

These natives enjoy every piece of information coming their way because, by learning, they can become more understanding. Therefore, they may be slow when gathering more knowledge, but this doesn’t mean their mind isn’t getting stronger.

On the other hand, they can be very stubborn and seem more unreasonable than they are. However, if they think others make sense and can come up with practical solutions to problems, they don’t hesitate to support them.

In the relationship with their siblings, Third House Tauruses are very loyal and couldn’t part ways with their brothers and sisters if something massive wouldn’t take place. They can feel relaxed and like life is good when around these people

They loved growing up next to their neighbors and having fun with these people. This doesn’t mean they loved to gossip because they were around the neighborhood for love.

People born with Taurus in the Third House need to learn how to communicate and to form strong connections with others because they can express only their opinion and be stubborn to accept others’.

They may not want to allow their interlocutors the freedom of having an opinion at all. This attitude of theirs should be avoided, as it’s impeding them from allowing others to express themselves openly.

Taurus in the 3rd House is indicating natives with this placement need to identify themselves with the entire humanity because, from a karmic point of view, the Third House is the one of brotherhood. They should just see everyone as their siblings.

While it may take them a while to learn anything and they may seem superficial about it, they’re not. If dedicated to learning something, they don’t give up until mastering it, no matter how long this may take them, not to mention they can remember the information for the rest of their life. It would be a good idea for them to use their senses when gathering new information.

Also, they could play some relaxing music when studying because this would surely help them acquire the knowledge they need more rapidly. As said before, the person born with Taurus in the 3rd House thinks slowly and usually turns to the materialistic side of every matter.

This position is a productive and practical one, even if annoying for those who have their Sun in an Air sign.

Not wanting to face reality easily

When natives with this placement come across their creativity, they can incorporate it in their everyday life, making it easy for them to take on responsibilities and to handle every little detail others wouldn’t pay attention to.

The biggest challenge for them and their mind is to be more flexible and accept change. It can be difficult for individuals born with Taurus in the 3rd House to train in any domain because they need to deal with practical things before learning anything.

When unable to acquire knowledge, they need visual help because just memorizing information doesn’t help them in any way. This is why they need to organize inside their heads what they are learning.

If not, they can be overwhelmed about the data they’re receiving, as well as have lower self-esteem and refuse to study anymore. These natives can also be exaggerating and lie a lot. Therefore, when communicating, they must talk from experience and the accumulated knowledge, not imagination.

They tend to live in an imaginary world and not want to face reality. Taurus in the 3rd House is the most patient and attentive to details teacher.

Natives with this placement can explain many things by using visual presentations and employing metaphors. However, they need to be more insightful, just like Scorpios.

In the beginning, individuals born with Taurus in the Third House are soft and ready to agree with others. The more someone is getting to know them, the more they’re becoming stubborn and categorical.

Having great talent for the arts, they could end up being great writers and musicians. Because they’re intuitive, they can understand many things about people in their group.

During childhood, most of them don’t have a care in the world and are happy. As young people, there aren’t too many emotions they need to deal with, but they’re only comfortable with their loved ones.

While slow when it comes to talking about their ideas and deliberating, they’re always sticking to their decisions as soon as these have been made. Most of them are focused to make money or to become great artists.

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