Uranus Trine Neptune Natal and Transit: Enjoying More Freedom

  • The natal chart importance of the Uranus Neptune trine revolves around the need of the individual to follow their dreams and be optimistic.
  • When the Uranus trine Neptune transit takes place, you’ll be highly attuned with the dream world.
  • In astrology, Uranus pushes us to stretch our minds and see beyond the ordinary.
  • When two planets trine, it is considered a soft and relaxed aspect, as the dynamic between the two is one conducive to peace and harmony.
  • In astrology, Neptune is all about spiritual enlightenment but also self-destruction and dependence, it governs the realm of dreams and illusions.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Uranus trine Neptune Natal

Due to Uranus being in trine with Neptune in your birth chart, you’ll be influenced towards being imaginative, innovative and your interest towards the unknown will flourish. Your soul will be gentler and more loving towards those around you.

People influenced by this positioning are often visionaries, focused on the idea of release from social shackles, of independence. Their soul is that of an insightful, emotional and mystically inclined individual. Their vision of the world is highly idealistic, following the image of a human-made Eden, filled with prosperity for humanity.

They are prone to signing up for associations that have a spiritual inclination to them, that indulge into matters of the occult, mysticism and overall anything having to do with a form of spiritual awakening.

When it comes to releasing pent up emotions or simply manifesting your thought or inner feelings, they prefer taking an approach unbound by the rules of society, which is part of the reason why they have such a strong distaste for the world government.

Their lives are filled with spirituality, and why wouldn’t it be so? After all, they yearn for such an awakening and in the process, their methods might seem cold and aloof, secluding themselves in the process.

The spirit of those born with Uranus trine Neptune in their birth chart also has an artistic breath to it and they are seen to show a great interest in the technological advancements.

After all, technology enables them to easily research any domain of the spiritual they wish, connect with others who share their method of thinking around the glove, and permits them to further develop their knowledge and skills.

Something of great importance and that holds influence in their life is the dream world. While asleep and rooted in their dreams, they are subjected to images similar to visions that may enlighten their knowledge in the waking world.

All in all, this person can easily dwell into the faculties of the stars, quickly amassing knowledge of astrology from both a scientific and spiritual point of view and their personality brims with kindness and tenderness towards their fellow people.

The influence of these planets makes it so that people might focus on ideals a tad bit more than they would on reality, however, even like this they might still lack faith in their true purpose in this world.

These people might lose sight of their spiritual calling, placing more importance on self-gains rather than on the development of the world and humanity.

Hence they might give the impression that they’ll be using their influence and affinity in the spiritual aspects towards their own goals, regardless of the needs of others. Given the fact that the trine aspect is related to correlation and a co-existence of sorts, these people can easily intertwine the past with the future.

So creating a connection between the two that often brings confusion and a feeling that something is amiss in the equation of daily life. The life of these people is one of constant opposition. They are torn between two sides of their nature which often gives birth to erratic decision making and confusing behaviour. What is more important, keeping the old ways alive, or paying attention to the progress towards a better future?

Uranus trine Neptune Transit

During this period you’ll be likely to experience a multitude of surprising events, however, that’s okay. Why? Well, you seem to have a knack for adapting quickly and easily digesting new and odd information.

While this might pass rather quickly and will easily be overlooked, it will surely cause a change in you, providing you with insight into the unknown. You’ll be prone to develop an insightful eye, some might even think of it as clairvoyance, that will enable you to receive visions or hints that something is brewing. There’s a higher calling which you are able to hear and it’s driving you towards connecting with the spirit of society, the universal soul of life.

The transit of Uranus trine Neptune can mean that you’ll be highly attuned with the dream world, often tapping into it, whether intentionally or not, in order to receive images, messages about the world and life. As odd as it may sound, the reality you live in will often be defined by the dream world which also acts as a source for your imaginative energy.

You can make use of this by channelling it into the world around you, giving a fresh perspective to others. As such, you might find art to be a more than intriguing topic for you to dwell in. And not only that, anything that promotes your unique methods and original energy.

You’ll most likely fell a calling towards both science and matters of spirituality. Why? Well, your purpose will be to uncover the secrets of life and as such, these two topics go hand in hand. How can that be?

Think of it like this, they both handle the unknown in some way. Science is there to uncover the unknown, find an explanation for it, while faith drives you towards the unknown, certain that it exists and yearning for an explanation for the higher purpose of mankind.

Your view of the world will be nothing if not humanitarian and idealistic. You’ll be a visionary, with the goal to aid mankind in its development and well-being. You’ll probably volunteer to work in help centres towards this purpose, or even start your own research in order to better yourself and society.

Doing something for your fellow people will simply bring you joy and a feeling of fulfilment. While you might get the impression that what you’re doing will not suffice, don’t let yourself get demoralized.

If you help one person, you help everybody. Kindness given will be then given to others in return. Your eyes are now immune to any and all illusions and lies, as such you can now see the truth of the world and its true beauty, appreciating every breath and sight with an open heart.

The spirit of mankind is now revealed to you and honestly, you haven’t seen anything as raw, complex and beautiful. That’s part of the reason why you’re so into helping others.

While you enjoy spending time in your imaginative mind, you can also pierce the veil of the world to witness and appreciate reality for what it is, no longer will your judgment be clouded by the insecurity of the unknown. All in all, this period holds trials for you, trials that will forcefully open your eyes to reality, giving you a new, different perspective on the world.

All of this new information will leave you wondering what’s important or true and what isn’t, but don’t worry, you’ll have all the time and thinking power in the world to come to a conclusion.

You’ll have a tendency to engage in mystical arts or matters that study the occult or supernatural, simply because you know have the ability to research such aspects and eventually reach a conclusion.

Your mind will be brimming with originality and you’ll yearn to express that in your endeavours by any means you’ll find fit.

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