Sun Sextile Uranus Natal and Transit: Eccentric Ways and Creativity

  • With a Sun Uranus sextile in the natal chart, people are very confident in their opinions and don’t take any form of authority lightly.
  • The Sun sextile Uranus transit suggests that every small change will bring about important improvements in one’s life.
  • In astrology, the Sun reveals our core instincts, our will and creativity and gives us more resources of energy.
  • The sextile aspect brings out the best in the planets involved and usually suggests a great time for meeting new people and discovering exciting things.
  • The planet Uranus rules surprise and all things unexpected, those who challenge the traditional and do things differently.
  • Celebrities: Rihanna, Kirk Douglas, George Michael, Sir Isaac Newton, Boy George, Sir Hugh Greene, Tiger Woods, Jeff Buckley, Diana Ross, Tony Blair, Jennifer Lopez, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dr Phil McGraw, Paula Abdul.
  • Transit dates: 22 February 2020, 01 July 2020, 25 February 2021, 05 July 2021, 02 March 2022, 10 July 2022, 06 March 2023, 14 July 2023.

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Sun sextile Uranus Natal

Those who are born during the Sun sextile Uranus transit are peculiar people who enjoy change, but this doesn’t mean their life is usually dramatic or chaotic.

Others will accept their different ways of thinking because they’re stimulating and exciting, also aware of their uniqueness and the way others are seeing them.

It’s very likely they’re passionate about science, but many of them will decide to build their career on the internet, whereas others can become astrologers or occultists.

These natives are free and confident enough to express themselves in a classy way. They’re also intelligent, original, imaginative and inventive. Their ego is usually big and they’re very proud of the fact that no one is like them.

They’ll be the underdogs fighting against injustice and any form of authority. Having moments of correct insight and the ability to work with the most creative ideas, they’re often the inventors of many great things and those individuals having revelations most of the time.

These natives are free, intuitive and unique, not to mention they possess a special magnetism and even healing powers. With an open mind, a lot of popularity and a humanitarian drive, they’re appreciated by others for all these things, but not for their lack of tact.

The fact that they’re ingenious will help them have a fruitful career or become the leaders of different thinking movements and reforms, not to mention they can dedicate themselves completely to the causes they’re fighting for.

Having a mind that can perceive many great things, they’ll accomplish things that seem impossible. They’re fascinated by the occult and can develop a passion for astrology.

The women with the Sun sextile Uranus in their birth chart are the best buddies of men and want to marry someone with authority. The radical energies of conjunctions are becoming easier to be expressed when sextiles and trines are present in birth charts.

Since the individuals born under conjunctions may need to make some changes in order to transform and change the direction of Uranus’ energies through the unified Sun’s center, these two celestial bodies in a trine aspect at their birth are offering them dynamism and harmonious feelings to exploit and unfold their own talents.

They should think progressively and be more positive if they want to really improve their life. Being more assertive and aggressively rebellious can help them come up with many reforming ideas.

They want to change from inside out, so it’s very unlikely for them to become destructive, negative or to isolate themselves.

Their mind is usually active, not to mention they’re curious, fascinated by exploration and wanting to express their most intuitive and creative thoughts. It’s important for them to be assertive, but their eccentricities may not permit for this to happen.

The positive solar influence in their birth chart is making them more centered and able to keep their inner balance untouched, also wiser when it comes to making decisions. They’re able to display their tolerance and level of understanding, these traits of theirs having intellectual reasons.

While big humanitarians and emotional, they still seem cold and reserved in the company of others because they’re all the time feeling like they’re not truly connected with this world, even when interacting with other intellectuals like them. For this reason, they need to be more empathetic.

Bringing their great contribution to the groups to which they’re belonging, they’re the ones to suggest different social reforms and who want to make the world a better place. They’ll probably get to have an important position in their own team because they’re enthusiastic and possess a positive attitude.

Others may make them their spokespersons because they have great visions and very high ideals. Straightforward when it comes to expressing their own opinions, these natives have the tendency to stick by their own beliefs.

They give a lot of importance to honesty and can’t stand people who are lying and deceiving in order to obtain what they want. This means they’re against authority and any institution that claims to know the truth by making individuals obey different orders.

At the same time, they may want to escape groups that are always ready to compromise what they believe in, in order to be liked by the public.

These people think life has deeper meanings that they’ll forever look for, not to mention they have a feeling that things are supposed to be all good, in spite of not seeming to be like this.

Sun sextile Uranus Transit

When the Sun sextile Uranus transit is happening, this period is beneficial for trying new and exciting things, so natives of all signs should feel free enough to do whatever goes through their mind now. They may become more self-aware and insightful after interacting with others.

Many will get to feel more creative, so they shouldn’t hesitate to be flamboyant and even more daring. They must socialize and join different group activities meant to enlighten them.

It’s very likely they’ll meet people with unusual desires or belonging to a culture that’s completely different than theirs.

During this sextile, every small change will bring about important improvements, which means people should take advantage of their creativity and focus to be like this for the entire following year.

They should use everything this placement has to offer and figure out their own surroundings while struggling to make their life better.

It’s okay for them to meet new people and to travel to faraway places, even a small chat with the cashier at the supermarket will do them good.

Being open, they’ll catch up with every good idea transmitted either directly or in a more subtle manner to them. The life of many will improve during the Sun sextile Uranus transit, but they need to work with the methods they’re already aware of.

They’ll probably get the opportunity to obtain what they want when it comes to love, whereas those already involved will start to appreciate dating more than usually. Even if many may have a sharper mind, they still need to pay attention to what they’re saying because their words may hurt others.

Their most difficult challenge will be to make their own unusual ideas public and to work. The year following the Sun sextile Uranus transit will surely be filled with many good opportunities.

The curiosity and originality brought on by this aspect will help many make great discoveries and be insightful when it comes to their main interests.

They may be more fascinated by science and technology, also by astrology and the occult. Being more distracted than usual, they won’t want to stick to a routine and jump from one idea to another, which can help them make new discoveries.

The changes made during the Sun sextile Uranus aspect won’t be as bothering as usual. On the contrary, many may find different ways of doing things and become more efficient than ever.

They’re going to be agitated, not to mention they’ll give their best to avoid boredom and repetitive tasks. Their energy will be the nervous type and they’ll look for different ways to have more fun by going out with their friends and taking part in group projects.

Provocative discussions will make them more enthusiastic, especially if they’ll discuss social matters and what happened lately in technology. Working with computers and machinery will become easier as well.

The Sun trine Uranus aspect is known to bring about unexpected benefits because people are exuding a special magnetism during it.

This is the result of the solar influence upon them, so they could use this time to go on long travels and change their routine because they may end up taking completely surprising directions in life.

Their mind is more focused on inventive ideas, originality and change, not to mention it will expand and have higher thoughts. Many will be more interested in metaphysics and decide to study occult subjects.

The Sun sextile Uranus transit is known as beneficial for the mind, for developing new and interesting relationships and for joining groups with cultural and spiritual interests.

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