Virgo in 11th House: Playing the Underdog


People born with Virgo in the 11th House love to exert themselves for their loved ones and those in need. They usually make many friends at work and make use of their colleagues’ ideas or talents.

When having a goal, they’re not passionate, but hard working. Therefore, they’re not relying on inspiration, more on practicality, not to mention they’re all the time logical and never too enthusiastic when chasing their dreams.

Virgo on the Eleventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Resourceful, courageous and creative;
  • Negatives: Deceitful and inconsiderate;
  • Advice: Plan in advance if you want to feel comfortable with whatever happens;
  • Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Harry Styles, Natalie Portman, Robin Williams, Charlie Chaplin.

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Sorting out every issue

The Eleventh House Virgo individual is pragmatic. People with this placement in their birth chart love to help their inner circle develop.

What’s making them tick is helping those who are in trouble. More than this, they want to be the underdogs who are helping those who aren’t treated the right way.

When not motivated enough, they’re looking at their friends and people in their circle of friends to become more determined and to make their plans more successful. More than this, they want to give a hand to others to feel better and to have an appropriate social life.

They can discover that their everyday life is planned after what’s happening in their social life and the opportunities coming their way. This is why they need to have a routine that’s more centered on themselves.

When someone dear to them is in trouble, they immediately look to give a hand and to solve any issue. They have many friends and can easily collaborate with all of their associates, meaning they’re the best friends someone could have.

They know almost everything about society, so when there’s an issue in their surroundings, they’re investing all of their force to take care of it. Practical, they’re more focused on the material side of life and looking to develop from a spiritual point of view, preferring to be realistic rather than abstract.

Their connections with others need to be exercised with a lot of discrimination involved because they tend to be around people that are inferior to them.

Not that they’re snobs, they just want to be with the right friends for them. With regard to their relationships, they should realize they need all of their creativity and knowledge to stimulate others.

Natives born with Virgo in Eleventh House can see when something is not right with their friends. They’re considered the healers of the Zodiac because they’re very smart and dedicated to causes they believe in, but they can betray those who aren’t able to satisfy them when it comes to their most important needs.

It’s possible for them to be stressed about what they deserve and to consider themselves incapable of forming the most sincere social connections. It takes them a while to realize who should be their friends, but they can learn who these people are by experiencing life and getting older.

They need to do this because otherwise, their hearts can close forever. Their main desire is to be down-to-earth, kind and logical. Luckily, they can achieve all this by developing strong relationships and having a routine to help them deal with their everyday life.

Keeping close to those dear

It’s very likely individuals born with Virgo in 11th House are forming their greatest friendships at their place of work because they don’t have too much time to socialize in other environments. When working, they can open up and be friendly.

When it comes to the way they’re being friends, they’re the ones to always give a hand, as they love to serve and to be by their loved ones’ side. More than this, they’re practical and looking to evolve, as well ready to put others’ interests above their own.

Many of them are curious to read about exercises and diets, so it’s a good idea to ask them about fitness regimes and what to eat. Criticizing with both themselves and others, they want to make an effort to make improvements, which can be their greatest asset if they’re setting some limits when it comes to how much help they’re willing to give.

These people don’t have many close buddies, but they’re devoted and ready to help the ones they already have. As far as their dreams are going, they need to be practical and realistic.

When working in teams, they don’t hesitate to criticize and to ask questions about every little detail, which is making others more analytical as well. They mustn’t be trying to change or to fix others.

More than this, they’re the ones who are always working hard. Their discipline is impeccable when they’re networking and they’re always making plans on whom to discuss the future. Their loved ones and distant relatives are always impressed by the way they judge, even if they’re doing it harshly.

When Virgo is transiting the Eleventh House, people born during this placement have the greatest ideas when working in teams. They may need to be surrounded by others to have their minds working to its full potential.

During this period, they may be less traditional and more original, even innovative. For this reason, they may want more to work with technology and on the internet.

Besides, they may communicate more with their friends and people in their group. Plans for the future are also advantaged. 11th House Virgos are always bothered by every little detail that’s not in its place.

Looking for more than attention

Even when looking to relax or to lower their expectations, they can start to believe the world is upside down and that high-quality is not appreciated.

They’re brilliant when having high standards, which is making them more innovative and ready to discover what needs improvement.

More than this, they can have problems with their gadgets or hear their friends complaining that their technological instruments aren’t working properly. However, they’re good at getting rid of the problems they may be having very quickly.

In other words, they should be more humanitarian, focused on making the world a better place and respectful towards what’s in trend. When developing their relationships, they should be sincere and teach others how to be the same because after all, life is a lot based on relationships.

When people born with Virgo in Eleventh House aren’t paying enough attention to their evolution, they’re becoming too attentive to details and can start studying unnecessary details that can distract them from the big picture.

In case they’re the managers at a company, they need to do what’s necessary for their employees to not invest too many efforts and to make their job easier.

They simply love working in teams, but they can interfere too much in other people’s business, which can bring a lot of disappointment in their group. Not having too much energy and originality, these natives need the help of their colleagues in these directions.

They don’t mind having all the attention on them and are always focused on the small details. The person born with Virgo in Eleventh House is taking care of others to improve his or her life. More than this, people with this placement in their birth chart think their environment should all the time be beneficial for them.

Believing in facts, they’re guided in life by them. For this reason, they can’t notice what’s the most important, which are usually emotions and the way they’re being treated.

When it comes to interaction, they don’t want to be in large groups because they prefer spending their time with a few friends they’ve known for years. As said before, these natives simply love animals and devoting their time to social and humanitarian activities. Their personality is one of a great leader.

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