Gemini in 8th House: Naturally Curious


Individuals born with Gemini in 8th House are always coming up with new ideas when it comes to their money and that of the family. Most of the time, these natives have to deal with a lot of information, especially when it comes to property and finances. Not a few times, they need to deal with death and the business of people who deceased.

Since they’re curious about what’d beyond reality and interested in mysteries, they don’t mind discussing problems that are difficult to grasp. When having to deal with more extreme situations, they actually become more artistic and fun than usual, which can help them develop their minds even further.

Gemini on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Patient, respectful and insightful;
  • Negatives: Forgetful and devious;
  • Advice: Don’t be superficial in your judgments and don’t rush into conclusions;
  • Celebrities: Jim Carrey, Chris Evans, Clint Eastwood, Mike Tyson, George Harrison.

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Naturally curious in life

Changes that are coming their way usually make these people pay attention to every little detail. Their intellectual mind is working perfectly when they need to address challenges, but their curiosity is never allowing them to not want to deal with difficulties.

It would be a good idea for these natives to be more sensitive because they can ask the harshest questions and not be too diplomatic.

When people around them are annoyed by this attitude of theirs, they can be very surprised. It’s okay for them to keep their openness and to share their dark feelings, but they shouldn’t be shocked when others aren’t feeling the same way they do.

People born with Gemini in 8th House are naturally curious about life’s mysteries. They like to gather as much information as possible about this and to make an analysis.

Therefore, they want to find out about any secret. As far as them managing their finances goes, they’re full of ideas on how to make a budget and to spend. For them, power comes in the form of communication and news because they want to have more knowledge and this way, to control others.

People born with Gemini in the Eighth House have to be careful not to become emotionally dependent on others. When they need control, these natives want to control minds by being financially supportive and always there physically rather than emotionally.

It seems easy and innocent for an Eighth House Gemini individual to manipulate people or to be manipulated if some financial gains are involved.

Those of them who are more developed and in contact with a higher plane of existence know more about life’s secrets because they’re struggling to discover the Absolute Truth. However, they can become too involved in this and no longer understand how to deal with the mundane or how to put what they learned into practice.

They seem to know everything about metaphysics and to be good astrologers because they’re good at these subjects. However, it’s important for them to not become too intellectually involved and to communicate only with beings or elements from other realms. Real-life should work just fine for them if they’re balanced.

When not living harmoniously, they can become destructive and make all kinds of confusing changes. For example, they can divorce and move house, even their religion. For this reason, they shouldn’t be superficial when judging and analyzing. They can end up enduring too long crises and turn something simple into a chronic problem.

It can be difficult to understand a person born with Gemini in the 8th House because natives with this placement have a complicated mind and can’t reveal anything about themselves and the changes that are all the time happening in their thoughts.

When it comes to their health, they can have problems with their respiration, so any disease with the respiratory system can bother their life. This is why they shouldn’t smoke and take extra care of their lungs.

Serving others creatively

Mercury, the natural ruler of Gemini is a problem solver that’s helping natives to find solutions in life.

Natives born with this planet in their 8th House are always asking the question “Why?”, no matter if they’re dealing with people or situations. They aren’t afraid to address any difficult issue, but it’s possible for others to feel uncomfortable in their presence.

However, this doesn’t mean they can’t give great advice when it comes to finances, because they can see straight in the root of the problem. Those of them who have been emotionally scarred can no longer end up manipulated.

There are situations in which some of these people had toxic people around them, those types of individuals who try to prey inside others’ heads and make them come up with unhealthy plans. But this can happen only in the most dramatic situations.

8th House Geminis can be themselves big manipulators who are playing mind games and hurting others with their words.

This is because they have the inheritance of being able to be ahead of others and at the same time controlling, which is helping them obtain all the information they need on others. They shouldn’t use what they know against their loved ones.

When it comes to psychological issues, they can deal with these very intelligently because they’re logical and can understand a lot. This can turn against them because they know when they’re doing something wrong and still proceed with the same attitude or action.

However, their smart mind can be used when they’re going through emotional problems, as it can help them heal by realizing they’re clever enough to destroy the darkness in them.

In intimacy, these people love to communicate in the clearest manner, not to mention they want to discuss any issue. They’re the same when making love as well, and they can discuss any intimate problem with their lover.

One thing people born with Gemini in the 8th House should avoid is jumping from one subject of discussion to another. More than this, the Eighth House is pushing them to search for the Absolute Truth and to never get things done halfway.

Because they can make intelligent associations, it’s easy for these natives to see the connection between the esoteric and what’s generally accepted. Big intellectuals, they can use their mind in the most constructive ways.

Not afraid to manipulate others

Most likely, Pluto is influencing them most subtly to regenerate and to function better in everyday life, to be more pragmatic than spiritual. But this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t combine the material with the spiritual and use their intelligence to address both.

Others think of them that they have an amazing way with words, as well that they have good morals and a strong ethic.

When it comes to the needs of others, they’re only logical and not involving their emotions. Their life in groups is always changing. When it comes to secrets, they’re only interested in them from an intellectual point of view because they don’t want to gossip.

They only want more knowledge. It’s very likely for them to manipulate others to discover what they’re hiding. They seem to be talented at hypnosis and training others on how to become better. Their curiosity is about what life has to hide, so they can’t rest until understanding its mysteries.

Besides, they’re interested in the occult, all matters of the mind and less about sex, no matter how much they’re talking about it. When in a relationship, they can judge their partner too harshly while not admitting when they’re making a mistake.

The person born with Gemini in 8th House can go through transitions without worrying too much because they’re always sober and can solve any major problem. When it comes to making decisions about their debts, they’re relaxed, so it’s very likely for them to owe a lot of money. At least they know how to make a budget.

Their psychological issues are managed in a composed manner, but they don’t focus too much on them because they don’t have enough patience, nor time. The changes in their life are most of the time happening at the mind level and they can’t accept intellectual superficiality.

This placement is also of those with Scorpio as their Rising sign, so they’re not accepting to deal with matters with no substance or people who are not listening to their instincts. For this reason, they don’t like small talk, no matter how much this can help them.

Many of the 8th House Geminis dismiss the love of their siblings because they can’t find it in their heart to care for these people.

The changes coming their way are most of the time casual, but they don’t mind and welcome them. This 8th House placement is the one of dreamers and those who are happy in strange situations.

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