Sagittarius in 2nd House: Always Expecting the Best


Being ruled by Jupiter, the sign of Sagittarius is influencing people to be bold and to take risks without caring about consequences.

For people born with Sagittarius in 2nd House, the journey is more interesting than what they can find at the destination, so these natives prefer to open businesses or to invest their money in different opportunities rather than work a 9 to 5 job.

Sagittarius on the Second House Cusp:

  • Positives: Cooperative, independent and confident;
  • Negatives: Cynical and vague;
  • Advice: Be cautious about plans that seem too good to be true;
  • Celebrities: Keith Richards, Thomas Edison, Stanley Kubrick, Naomi Watts, David Guetta.

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Needing to control their enthusiasm sometimes

A Second House Sagittarius individual is adaptable and can take care of any business. Natives with this placement seem to be very lucky because they’re generous and don’t necessarily want all the money in the world.

This is why they’re working to raise money for others, to sponsor artists and charity. Others are fascinated by Science or are interested in History or Nature.

Natives born with Sagittarius in the Second House are usually lucky with money and know-how to multiply it. The more money they have, the more their activities can expand, so they usually need rich resources. Those with enough may decide to sponsor others and to help different or educational groups.

They have a wide soul and want to share with others everything they own. However, they can sometimes not pay enough attention to the gifts they receive, meaning they can disappoint. It’s like they always want to pay back others for what they’re receiving.

If it’s for their enthusiasm to be controlled, they should consider the ethics Geminis have when working in groups, because this would make it possible for them to analyze what’s happening from a mental point of view. As said before, they’re very generous with everything they have.

Their connection with money is more philosophical, so they’re always ready to give what’s in their wallet to those who need it more. Lucky, they can accumulate wealth without making an effort, but they never have in plan to just hoard money or possessions.

These natives can be a little bit eccentric with their spending. When it comes to their careers, they may work in foreign countries and make enough for all of their desires. Because they’re big risk-takers, it’s possible they more than once burnt themselves when investing.

It can be said how much they’re making depends a lot on their relationships with foreign countries. This is why they earn from import/export businesses, as well as tourism. Some can decide to work on their own, whereas others can be scientists, philosophers or University teachers.

Individuals born with Sagittarius in Second House are always looking to develop from a financial and even physical point of view, but they don’t focus too much on making more money or keeping it for themselves because they want to invest in their passions and to help others.

They can discover they’re spending more than they have and to increase the value of their purchases according to how much they’re making. It can be a tough mission for them to make budgets if they don’t focus on their investments or don’t decide to focus on only one discipline when working.

In case their mind is more spiritual, they may be the ones who are always looking to discover the Absolute Truth and have faith in their abilities to survive.

Self-worth is very important to them

Because they’re so giving, these natives don’t have a problem giving their resources away, neither taking care of the basic needs of others. At the same time, they don’t mind taking financial risks and if this doesn’t bring them benefits, they can always make things better again.

As far as finances go, 2nd House Sagittariuses can think long-term, meaning they can easily make more money. It’s easy for them to earn an income by doing something related to the Sagittarius sign, so they can be travel agents, teachers, writers, public speakers or translators, and guides.

These natives are respecting themselves more when surrounded by Light and having an easy life. Self-worth and self-value are happening to them when they aren’t dark or in any pain. This is why they need to be humorous, positive and inspired by any lesson they have to learn in life.

The more they do this, the more secure they can feel. Because they can be pleased with an optimistic attitude and given more faith, it’s easy for them to have their feet on the ground.

Because of their attitude, individuals born with Sagittarius in Second House are sanguine when it comes to their resources. They should be less stingy and petty as far as their money goes because this can help them manifest.

While not the richest, they can still come across good financial opportunities, but they need to watch how much they’re spending because they may want too much and spend all of their money. Jupiter is the planet of luck, so when in the 2nd House, it is making people fortunate with finances.

Whether they have been born rich or found a good job, or perhaps fallen for someone who’s a millionaire, they can have things going their way. However, being wealthy shouldn’t make them cocky, as well they shouldn’t stop doing good.

At the same time, they shouldn’t rely on luck and spend all of their savings. Because Sagittarius is a sign of the mind, it influences people to want more knowledge and to develop with what they learned in life.

Most natives influenced by Sagittarius can develop great skills or acquire the information they need for a specific profession and not be too broad in their way of thinking. However, they should also rely on opportunities and not only rely on what they know, to advance in life.

Because the Second House is also the one of materialism, people born with Sagittarius here tend to be materialistic when trying to learn more.

There are many ways in which they can demonstrate a few of the Taurus’ negative traits, but Sagittarius is usually influencing them to reflect their success through their knowledge and what they have.

Too many desires and expectations

Being a Fire sign, the Archer is making people more outgoing and ready to fight for a cause. Its location in the Second House is indicating they should be cautious and not want to control others.

To put it differently, 2nd House Sagittariuses shouldn’t be possessive or dependent because this would only be the influence of Taurus. Most of the time polite and friendly, these natives see the world as the most joyful place, so they can become carried away by flirting.

Those of them who aren’t very developed can have too many desires and looking to play others to their advantage. If their development is more positive, they tend to idealize everything and to look for universal answers to what they’re doing. Their nature is festive because they want to have fun and to express their emotions freely.

At the same time, 2nd House Sagittariuses don’t want to do anything that’s making them remain complacent. As said before, they seem to be very lucky when it comes to money and not only.

However, they can make very cruel jokes when needing to be decisive, which means they can be either too assertive and act like tyrants, or always bored of what’s going on around them.

Those who don’t want to disappoint them should make changes to travel with them, and at the same time make a good living. It’s good to be around them because they’re joyful, positive and all the time making jokes.

People born with Sagittarius in Second House can’t hold on to money for too long, neither to the methods of making it. While they can earn a lot by being teachers, travel guides and philosophers, they can’t keep their income in their pockets for too long because they’re spending fast.

However, they’re lucky enough to come across new opportunities of earning, even if they need to pay attention to their unrealistic ways and their tendency to trust symbols too much. They usually spend because they eat a lot, not to mention they may think prices are much lower than they are, when shopping.

At the same time, they may think they’ve accomplished more than they did. Just as long as they keep themselves grounded, they can feel true happiness and more satisfied with themselves.

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