Leo in 10th House: Helping Others Unconditionally


People born with Leo in 10th House have a tremendous ambition when it comes to their career. They’re amazing leaders who can dominate in a professional setting because they have a big ego and are interested in building up a good reputation for themselves at work.

Any position of authority seems to make them want more because they always want to be in charge. More than this, they don’t like working under other people, this being the reason why the Leo in Tenth House placement is so advantageous for business people and entrepreneurs.

Leo on the Tenth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Logical, wise and inventive;
  • Negatives: Boastful and obstinate;
  • Advice: Beware of becoming too entranced in superficial trends and vanity;
  • Celebrities: Grace Kelly, Prince, Charlie Chaplin, Isaac Newton, Clint Eastwood, James Franco.

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Helping others unconditionally

These natives are very organized and a little bit demanding with their employees, so they need to keep the balance between them and the people they’re working with. They’re the managers of the Zodiac, no matter if they have a weak Sun sign or not talents to lead whatsoever.

No matter what they’re doing, they try to show their domineering positions and to prove they’re strong, also the ones meant to rule.

All the advantageous placements following this one are making people more energetic and give enough confidence for natives to accomplish their goals. Individuals born with Leo in 10th House are often bothered by their family, when on the road to success.

Regardless if their parents are helping them with everything, they will still be in debt and ask their old folks to pay. This is because this placement attracts weakness and makes people feel like they don’t have any power or that they can’t see the beauty of life.

More than this, they’re very ambitious and too proud. At least they’re good as leaders because nothing can constrain them and they can get used to any person or situation.

When it comes to the way they’re expressing themselves, this is done only through their leadership skills. It’s good they can appreciate the value in others because this makes them good rulers, but they need to all the time be praised and appreciated.

Their public image is built on the way they’re shinning in the world. As far as their individuality goes, it needs to be expressed both in public and in the professional setting.

A 10th House Leo individual stands out from the crowd through his or her presence, others being drawn to this person because he or she needs attention. People who are attracted to them may not realize how many benefits these natives can bring them. It’s important to know how to make use of these natives’ Light because they’re truly enlightening and interesting.

When it comes to their karma, people born with Leo in the Tenth House must bring a contribution to life because they can’t only receive it.

This is mostly because the 10th House is the one of the contributions brought to life, so it combines leadership abilities with creativeness and the humble aspect of existence on this planet. By contributing to life, Leo is reacting to the 4th House by making others more conscious of their life path and direction.

Commanding respect

The person born with Leo in the Tenth House is very motivated to succeed at work, as well as proud of his or her social status. Natives with this astrological configuration in their birth chart are often leaders and people with authority that others keep admiring.

They want to share their opinions and are never confused about what career to choose. Anytime, they can talk about their views and show their leadership skills. However, they can’t keep their cool under pressure, which can cause them a lot of trouble.

When the Sun is present in the 10th House, people are more glorious and honorable, but can also be involved in many scandals. These natives want to always be in the center of attention.

More than this, they like being in a position of authority and responsibly using their power. They could be great politicians, not to mention they can make all of their dreams come true.

Natives born with Leo in the Tenth House can inspire others to invest their efforts in work and to earn a good reputation. Only a few of them aren’t famous. Besides, they command respect because they pay a lot of attention to social status, as well they’re noble and wouldn’t do anything immoral.

When it comes to their careers, they need to be the ones shining and praised. This is why they should decide to work with the public, even if they’re too domineering and very good when operating alone.

Proud of their achievements, they can decide on a profession that’s related to the Leo sign, not to mention they’re the perfect celebrities and those who can make others laugh, even help them. However, they don’t have enough patience with details, so their work may not be of the highest quality. More than this, they’re too invested in transferring their energy, meaning they can forget about practicality.

There are many things 10th House Leos can be attracted to because this is the House of reputation, governmental affairs, fame, and authority. Leos are looking to be bosses, no matter what they may be doing, so if working as inferiors, natives born with Leo in the Tenth House can be truly hated by their bosses.

They should pay attention and not dominate the scenes because it’s mandatory for them to be humble and to carry on with the orders they’re receiving.

Energetic when they truly care

When it comes to their occupation, they need to use their intuition and imagination, as well as to determine how they can contribute to the greater good and life in general.

This is something they necessarily have to take care of because they’re amongst the leaders of the Zodiac, those who need to bring in the power of the Law and its spirit, also those who have to make others more spiritually aware.

These are the only ways for them to express their leadership abilities and to prove they’re the best at whatever they may be doing. The placement of the Sun sign in the 10th House is suggesting they’re doing everything sincerely and that they don’t like to pretend.

However, they should pay attention not to become slaves to glamour and focus too much on the outside world rather than on their inner one. At least they’re not afraid of being responsible and can give answers for their actions.

This is happening mostly when they’re dealing with a higher level. As far as the low one goes, they prefer to give others their responsibilities, not to mention they tend to blame them for their own mistakes. If they develop at a lower level, they can become disgusted with power because they’re only interested in freedom and becoming rich.

Individuals born with Leo in 10th House are proud and energetic, full of themselves when it comes to what they accomplished in life, interested in their public image and optimistic.

It doesn’t matter what they’re doing for a living, they have this need to be in the center of attention and to shine because this is making them feel good about themselves.

Charismatic and great leaders, these natives want to be in charge, meaning they can play their role as rulers anytime. They need others to recognize them for what they accomplished in life.

Their life is good when they’re talking about it with others, but they need to be objective in their discussions because they’re pretty evasive and can seem like they’re only giving orders. Not caring about other people’s opinions, they’re skeptical and need to completely trust their interlocutors.

If they want to be the most appreciated leaders, they need to work without ever complaining that they are tired. It’s important they listen to other people’s opinions and to not act tyrannical when facing difficulties because they can obtain incredible results this way.

After obtaining the power they need, they should focus on the direction they want to chase and work for their dreams. It’s easy for them to climb the social ladder and to become someone successful because they’re charming and can conquer many hearts.

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