Scorpio in 1st House: Impressive and Demanding


Scorpio in the first house is an aspect of warriors and complex personalities. The relationships of these natives can improve when they open up and allow a softer side of them to be revealed. This isn’t suggesting they should abandon their protective shell, more that they should allow others to be by their side.

Scorpio on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Fearless, meticulous and tough;
  • Negatives: Stubborn and suspicious;
  • Advice: Avoid impulsivity and take your time to thoroughly think your next move on occasions you feel hurt;
  • Celebrities: Edgar Allan Poe, Victor Hugo, Claudia Schiffer, Julio Iglesias, Stanley Kubrick.

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Their personality manifests itself through their strong will and wild energy, meaning they can take great risks when trying to make their dreams come true. Their goals can sometimes be impossible to achieve because they’re impractical.

Benefiting from great intuition

The person born with Scorpio in the First House is determined enough and very intense when chasing his or her dreams. Natives of this placement are looking to put their plans into practice and to use their reserves to chase new opportunities.

They’re mysterious, not to mention they possess magnetism and charisma that can’t be seen in others. When having to protect themselves, they’re putting on a hard exterior shell. Others can’t trick them because they become dangerous when lied to.

Scorpio in the First House is just like having Pluto here. Natives of this placement are seductive and very sexual. Their eyes are piercing through everything, not to mention they can hide all kinds of secrets.

All in all, their face is expressing power and danger. It should be mentioned these people are jealous and vengeful. This is because they’re as well very passionate when in love.

Their lover should expect them to immediately hurt back when they have been attacked. More than this, people born with Scorpio in the 1st House are manipulative and good at developing strategies.

They have a good intuition and can read others’ minds. However, they’re the ones whom others can’t decode very easily. They seem calm and reserved on the outside, when in fact, they’re emotional.

When having an objective or a plan, no one can stop them from making it happen. Their hate and possessiveness can’t ever be replaced with something else. Natives born with Scorpio in the 1st House are suspicious and usually making all the correct decisions. For this last-mentioned reason, people are taking them seriously.

The sign of the scorpion is one of power, representing the battle between the high and low, to the death. Everyone needs to let go of him or herself before reaching a Higher Self, before finding God inside their heart.

When this is happening, the mind, body, and emotions are starting to work together and to help people attain the most incredible level of spirituality.

Impressive and charming

Individuals born with Scorpio in First House are reserved on the outside but agitated on the inside. People don’t see their restless side because they’re all the time quiet and looking to discover the motivations of others, even if they’re not talking about their own.

They like knowing things and why they are happening, not to mention they’re determined and powerful enough to defeat their opponents.

These people need to leave any resentment behind and to try as much as possible to not be possessive. They can be fascinated by the occult, matters of death, also by sex and homeopathic healing. Just like the scorpion in the wilderness, they’re both good and dangerous at the same time.

The sex-appeal of people born with Scorpio in the First House is impressive, but it can scare because it’s usually attracting fearful people. Even the more domineering people can feel anxious in their presence.

This is because they’re playing any game clandestinely and prefer to keep their personal life a secret. When it comes to appearance, these natives have dark hair and sometimes eyes, but the prevalent color is green.

The ladies may choose to wear makeup that’s making their glance dangerous. When it comes to how their life is going, they’re part of every event.

At the same time, they’re never giving up themselves just to become victorious because it’s important for them to have a personal identity and to perceive the world the way they want to.

When expressing what they love and not, they’re straightforward and very precise. There are times when these natives can’t put up with themselves because they’re too restless and looking to overcome every obstacle in their way.

The problems that interest them are approached boldly, not to mention they’re not biased when it comes to matters of their inner and the outside world.

On the highest level, they’re very disciplined and tolerant of others. When it comes to their simple ways, individuals with Scorpio in the 1st House may feel sorry for themselves and justify their emotions by condemning others and different nasty situations.

Every feeling or experience seems to traumatize them, so they’re trying to be objective in the relationship with themselves. By investing their efforts, First House Scorpios can escape illusion and no longer deceive themselves, but they need to be humble, as well to accept that others can be pragmatic.

Natives born with Scorpio in 1st House are strongly connected with the materialistic world. More than this, they’re powerful, motivated to succeed and fixed. However, their emotions are strong, no matter how much they may try to resist them. Built-in darkness, their appearance can electrify.

A most-striking glance

One of the biggest challenges for these people is accepting satisfaction, feeling grateful and forgiving those who have done them wrong.

They can start to blame others and to be possessive, not to mention they can become obsessed with some issues. More than this, they can sometimes not realize what’s keeping them alive and active.

Others see individuals born with Scorpio in 1st House as strong, mysterious and truly attractive. These people are also secretive, which is making them seem more interesting.

They can intensely stare and have an expression that’s making them seem too much, so people are often wondering what they’re hiding. Many can be overwhelmed by their intensity, not to mention they can intimidate others in no time.

Most of the time, a 1st House Scorpio individual doesn’t give up, so others are seeing him or her as the one to be relied upon, the person who’s always in control and who can exceed any limit.

No matter how many emotions this person may have, self-control is always prevailing. They should be more restrained when expressing their feelings and keep in mind that having too much compassion for themselves can be harmful, whereas selfishness can’t bring too much good.

When it comes to the lowest level at which they’re perceiving themselves, they need to be more attentive to the tragedies happening in the world and deal with the bad things happening to others. This can have them emotionally satisfied.

They need to turn their motivations into the highest aspirations and merge their ideas with what’s giving them their drive. They should be disciplined and control themselves when the situation is asking for it.

It’s not difficult to recognize their power, even if they may be hiding it. More than often acting calmly, they’re not at all resting inside their mind because they’re in fact complex, empathetic and sensible.

They can endure a lot and their will is strong. First House Scorpio natives are all the time careful, hidden and composed.

It’s easy for others to respect them when they’re talking about the most profound issues and are revealing their integrity. Their words are almost all the time hurting because they’re quite detached creatures.

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