Cancer in 9th House: Sharing Wisdom with Others


Individuals born with Cancer in 9th House have strong emotions and are quite steady in their religious or philosophical views. They’re rarely changing what they believe in because they’ve accumulated their knowledge through the years by interpreting and accepting new ideas.

Only when the social influence is strong, they seem to understand what they’re being told. It looks like it’s easy for them to find their peace of mind and direction in life. However, they always have their minds standing in their way because it’s only human to feel restless and to not all the time live in harmony.

Cancer on the Ninth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Talkative, thrifty and pragmatic;
  • Negatives: Indecisive and Machiavellian;
  • Advice: Keep your feelings in check when in public or around people you don’t know very well;
  • Celebrities: Charlie Chaplin, Sigmund Freud, Clint Eastwood, James Franco, Rafael Nadal.

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Sharing their wisdom with others

When it comes to family, these people are completely dedicated and want a strong connection with their loved ones.

Many of them can travel abroad, especially when there are two other aspects in their birth chart indicating this. Their mentors are always being kept in their hearts, not to mention they’re the only ones these people see able to teach them something.

However, they can feel emotionally hurt when having to learn things that are interfering with their peace of mind.

The emotions of these people can greatly influence their beliefs, so they’re going with what their feelings are dictating them. They love working for others and staying far away from the places of their childhood because they’re happier where strangers are, or when adapting to new cultures.

As said before, they’re emotional when it comes to religious and philosophical views. While able to see in the future and to perceive things physical, they’re more inclined to stay next to their family than to strand away and to be adventurous.

They like traditions and appreciate every family value. Regardless of their education, these people are always trying to teach their children what’s best.

More than this, they consider only those who are highly literate can develop harmoniously. Religion is a very serious matter for these natives.

At the same time, they think it’s important to share their wisdom with others. When it comes to work, they love treating their colleagues as family. They can travel with their minds a lot, especially when not wanting to be far away from the places they’re used to.

Many of them prefer to spend their free time dreaming about faraway places or watching movies that present these landscapes. It’s usual for them to feel nurtured and protected from an emotional point of view when they’re dealing with their philosophical and religious beliefs.

The placement of Cancer in the Ninth House is very interesting because is making natives both educators and goo parents. Natives having it in their birth chart felt like belonging after graduating from high school because their diploma is making them feel secure.

Out in the world, they can express their true feelings and talk about their needs. This is why they’re using their intuition as much as possible and don’t hesitate to be honest regarding their emotions.

More driven by what their instincts are telling them, they can drive others crazy with their hunches. When feeling lost, people born with Cancer in 9th House can feel emotionally destroyed. However, their intuition is telling them what to do and how to solve the mysteries coming their way. Therefore, they don’t need logic all the time.

Loving to spend a few nights out, these people don’t necessarily want to do something thrilling. However, they can ask their friends to come with them on adventures.

Their moods are being given by the Moon and the emotions they’re feeling after religious events. When working, these natives no longer care about themselves or how tired they are. It’s easy for them to adapt to any new situation because they listen to their intuition.

Sensitivity at heart of everything they do

People born with Cancer in Ninth House may discover others see them as authority figures and protective figures because they’re all the time supporting others and teaching them how to live their life.

More than this, they appreciate all the mentors who have supported them from an emotional point of view, also who gave them the freedom to experience with the Absolute Truth in their emotional way.

They shouldn’t deal with religion and philosophy in a very enthusiastic way because they need to be calm when acquiring new knowledge. Therefore, they should be objective when learning about new things and about the way life should be lived.

The Cancer in them tends to always come to the surface, but when the 9th House is involved, these natives react to the 3rd one of communication, so they may look to express themselves more, both verbally and in writing. These natives wish to be perfect family members and the best friends, so they’re giving, honest, caring and kind.

Looking to be mysterious as well, they can sometimes manipulate others by seeming secretive. When it comes to the Self, they prefer to keep these matters intimate.

If disagreeing with someone, they can feel truly uncomfortable and experience many emotions, sometimes to the point of great suffering. A 9th House Cancer individual doesn’t talk with others about his or herself.

They’re developing the more their limits are expanded and the higher the demands they have for themselves are. It’s not like they enjoy changes, but they surely accept them into their life.

However, when put in difficulty, they can become fearful and not do what they’re required to. At least they can be themselves and discover many things about the surrounding world and what their subconscious is hiding.

Keeping feelings in check

To their mentors, they seem calm and reserved, whereas, at home, they’re liked by everyone. But once again, they’re intimate creatures because they’re also very peculiar.

When studying other cultures, they can become emotional, but at least they perfectly understand what they’re being told. Many of the natives with the Cancer in the 9th House placement are archeologists or historians.

Some of them are too egotistical, while others withdrew. These last-mentioned traits are present because the 4th House is the home for Cancer, so their Soul is pushing them to no be all the time involved in life matters.

When the 9th House is involved, their outgoing nature should somehow be addressed. The emotions brought on by the Crab are many, but no matter what, 9th House Cancers should feel the presence of God.

However, they should keep their feelings in check when in public. Their compassion and level of understanding should be expressed as well. Therefore, they should allow others to make their own decisions and not confine them in any way.

The person born with Cancer in Ninth House is expressing his or her religious beliefs and dedication by being of help to others. For this last-mentioned reason, they may decide to help with charitable events and to leave others to listen to what the Priests have to preach.

Because they’re good teachers, these natives can inspire others to do what’s right, not to mention what a strong influence they have on children.

They want to explore their psychic abilities and maybe discover what others can do as well. Possessing good intuition and being eloquent, they can teach many what to do in life. This way they’re the best spiritual gurus, politicians, psychologists, and teachers.

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