Taurus in 7th House: Stubborn till the Very End


Natives born with Taurus in 7th House need to agree they’re stubborn and too fixed in their ways. They simply hate rushing and prefer to adopt an attitude that’s taking them to the finish line in a slow manner.

This may have helped them achieve their goals, but still, many people see them as headstrong and limited. For them to make their dreams come true, they need to be clear about how their behavior is functioning, especially when it comes to achieving goals.

Taurus on the Seventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Gracious, curious and optimistic;
  • Negatives: Verbose and overemotional;
  • Advice: Avoid feelings of self-sufficiency and thinking you always know best;
  • Celebrities: Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, James Franco, Rachel McAdams, Maria Callas.

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Taking some time to think things through

Being calm, Taurus in the Seventh house natives prefer to take some time before starting to work on a task. When it comes to relationships, they only want what’s best and to profit from their collaborations.

These natives like giving their time to the people they love because they don’t mind investing their resources in others. More than this, they’re all the time struggling to make their partner see them differently than how they are.

As far as business goes, they’re not looking to have all the power, but they surely want to work with people who can bring them a steady income, in a fast manner.

This is why they most of the time get together with those who have a lot of money, or those who can attract wealth. On the other hand, they can work on their own and just allow their colleagues to do what’s important for another person.

Seventh House Tauruses can’t stop working hard for their partner, and they’re expecting the same thing in return. They can be so eager to provide for others that they no longer think of themselves and are spending all of their resources on others.

Many of these natives believe they can buy love or that it’s enough to just support their loved ones with money.

For this reason, they need to stay away from relationships in which co-dependency is present. In the most extreme situations, they can do impressive things, just to obtain some benefits.

However, they still need others to join them in what they are doing because without any collaborators, they wouldn’t be able to attract other people who are rich and respected in the society, into their life.

Individuals born with Taurus in the Seventh House are looking for stability and devotion in a partner. They aren’t the ones to make waves around them, yet they need to be relaxed and less intense when around others.

Because they’re taking some time before being with someone, their romantic connections are usually long-lasting. More than this, they want security in love, so they can take some time before escaping an unhealthy connection.

Their dream is to be with someone who wants to stay by their side, no matter the times. Many of them are lucky enough to marry rich people. They love to cooperate with their business or love partners, but only to obtain practical gains.

Their money is usually spent on beautiful and qualitative things. These natives can’t be seen upset because their partner has decided to buy things for him or herself to look good.

The 7th House is about the partnership natives have with life, but Taurus in the lower octave is egotistical, so less evolved people with this sign here can only work for themselves and expect others to always give them retribution for their efforts.

Seventh House Tauruses may think they’re not successful in life if they don’t own enough things and don’t have too much money.

Besides, they’re possessive and can obsess over both people and things. If they want to develop further, they need to have a healthy life philosophy and to conduct themselves as givers, not only as receivers.

Stubborn till the very end

A House is always preparing natives for the next one. When it comes to people born with Taurus in 7th House, these should focus more on giving and not too much on taking.

When involved with someone, they like to invest everything they have in that person, so they’re never greedy or refraining themselves from spending on the ones they love the most.

Their opponents can see how headstrong and ruthless they can be. Their methods of fighting are known as tricky and never changing, being fighters from opposition and defense.

More than often, these natives get to deal with people who are very strong and serious. This is why they sometimes doubt themselves and become angry.

As far as marriage goes, Seventh House Tauruses are faithful and convinced they should what’s right, even if conservative when choosing their partner.

As soon as they’ve settled, there’s no one to change their mind about the commitment they’ve made, no matter how difficult their relationship is. Their other half needs to be as stubborn and reliable as they are.

Besides, they need a marriage in which nothing is missing from a materialistic point of view. If they want to be complete, they must keep their exaggerated calm and steadiness in control. It’s sometimes almost impossible for them to realize how stubborn they are.

In life, these natives are looking for stability and to collaborate with down-to-earth people. Their stubbornness can annoy, but at least they’re reminding others to not be like them.

If managing to see this is one of their strong traits, they become able to make compromises and to be more active. These natives can calm their partner and friend because they have a good influence over others, not to mention they know how to help them be practical.

For balance to exist in their life, they need to have harmonious relationships. This is why they can overcome any heartbreaking situation with calm.

It’s easy for these people to determine why someone has left, rejected or fallen out of love with them. However, they’re still dedicated to making things last and to not easily let go of the ones they love the most.

Always nourishing their relationships

The 7th House is known to initiate things in the southern part of the astrological chart, the part that deals with intellectuality and spirituality.

Therefore, the person born with Taurus in the Seventh House can be creative in his or her partnership with life, which can be seen in his or her connections with others and even with him or herself.

The Bull here is indicating natives with this placement used to be too materialistic and focused only on practicality rather than on matters of the mind or spirituality.

Seventh House Tauruses should let this House rule their chart by becoming more self-aware and developing their Self according to the First one. They should nourish their inner resources, just like the 1st House is indicating them to.

When it comes to what they need to do for the 7th one, this is nourishing their development and relationships with life itself. They are always being challenged by Venus’ two sides to take care of their relationships. Taurus is famous for making people practical, reliable, beautiful and noble.

The Seventh House is ruled by Libra, so those born with Taurus here love everything relating to beauty, posing and looking glamorous. Their balance can be bothered by the feeling of envy, whereas their relationships can become superficial because they’re too focused on the way they look like.

This is why they should combine their inner beauty with their outer ones. This way, they can enjoy life more, also their most sensual contacts in intimacy. Everything they need can be provided by the Taurus if Venus is settled.

When it comes to partnerships, individuals born with Taurus in the Seventh House are combining matters of the mind with the ones or materialism and relationships.

They are good team players, even if sometimes cold and too slow. However, when things are becoming difficult, they can play the hardest parts. They shouldn’t abuse their power and continue being patient and steady, like they usually are.

Strong and demanding, they want a partner who’s smart, caring and beautiful. Their relationships can be difficult because they’re too stubborn and single-minded.

They can learn only when allowed to do things their way because they can’t easily adapt. Their persistence can make them even more faithful. When things are changing around them, they’re remaining the same. While sentimental, they’re also cold and not always revealing their true feelings.

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