Capricorn in 3rd House: A Special Style


A 3rd House Capricorn individual can be rather cynical and very pessimistic. Natives with this placement are very serious about life because they don’t see it through rose-colored glasses.

People born with Capricorn in Third House stand out from the crowd because they’re cold and composed when it comes to talking. They usually don’t say anything without having a good reason, so they’re rarely arguing.

Capricorn on the Third House Cusp:

  • Positives: Wise, orderly and determined;
  • Negatives: Withdrawn and jealous;
  • Advice: Don’t let yourself worked to the bone and be careful to the quality of your sleep;
  • Celebrities: Edgar Allan Poe, Liam Payne, Margaret Thatcher, Janet Jackson, Victor Hugo.

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Distant communication style

The Capricorn sign is influencing these natives to work hard and to find the best solutions to problems others can’t solve. If they’re educated to high levels, they can get disillusioned more easily than others because they’re aware of all the bad things happening in the world.

While their pessimism can exhaust others, it’s good they’re the ones who ask the toughest questions and aren’t afraid of darkness.

At gatherings, they’re the ones being quiet and always reserved. However, because they want to obtain a good reaction to what they’re saying, they’re always rethinking their statements and can be sometimes loud or too harsh when expressing themselves.

Usually developing distant communicative relationships with others, they can’t get too close to people. Before going anywhere, they need to learn everything about that place.

When interacting with others, they can make them more practical and responsible. At the same time, they can’t accept to deal with individuals who aren’t too uninterested, generous to a fault and obsessed with justice.

These natives can also not tolerate people who don’t agree with their principles and ideas.

They think every person should play a role in society and have some skills, as well as some positive traits. Also, they can’t understand that others have an inner world different than theirs.

If aspects in their Third House are bad, they can develop unexplained fear and no longer trust others. Third House Capricorns most likely think too much about how they can make their dreams come true.

Their challenge is to no longer be this way and to do something for their plans to get moving because they can get really upset when things aren’t going their way.

For as long as they keep in mind that they have something to do and they take action, it can become easy for them to discover that any piece of information coming their way is helpful for them to achieve their goals. It’s not like they need to overanalyze before taking any action.

Because the Third House is the one of brotherhood, they need to be in sync with the entire mankind and to share their knowledge, even if the Capricorn sign is causing them to be introverted.

They may need to learn, study and work at their own pace, which can be slow, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have a brilliant mind and can grasp any type of knowledge. If they want to know more, they mustn’t compare themselves with others.

Carefully analyzing everything

Natives born with Capricorn in the 3rd House pay a lot of attention to the way they express their ideas. If it’s not required of them, they don’t put their words into writing or public speaking.

Their secrets are well-kept, but at least they’re strong when having to say something. Not the best at talking, people find it difficult to talk to them. The older they get, the better they are at studying and more serious about life.

Even so, it can still be difficult for others to talk to them. This is because they don’t want to say anything until they’ve carefully analyzed things and thought about what they have to say.

They want to talk about what should be spoken and seems productive, or they’re not talking at all. This is why so many people see them as mysterious.

It’s possible they had problems with their education when young, but the more they mature, the more they’re taking learning seriously and want to make their dreams come true.

It can be said the person born with Capricorn in the Third House is pretty tough. While Capricorn represents in-depth analysis and the voice of rationality, it’s also the sign of practicality, karma, things that have been damaged and coldness.

If natives having it in the 3rd House are balanced, they can still feel some emotions. They need to be compassionate when it comes to Third House matters, especially when one of their siblings has a chronic problem, regardless of physical or of a different kind.

Also, they need to have some limits and to rest more than others because too much stress can exhaust them.

As soon as they got good sleep, their mind can function normally again, and they can brightly see the future, accepting some things are meant to happen.

If they no longer take life so seriously, they can become the greatest mentors for others, teachers who can analyze things in-depth, are practical and can inspire others to become someone.

Natives born with Capricorn in 3rd House think they’re supposed to work hard and to impress others with their intelligence.

Therefore, they know the purpose of the knowledge they come across and can work diligently to attain that purpose. This means they’re great as teachers and can have their students taking them seriously.

However, when their negative traits are surfacing, they’re too pessimistic and harsh with their words, as well as more anxious about what they’re saying.

When it comes to relationships with their siblings, they may feel like they need to be smarter than them because they’re talented and possess a superior intellect.

Involved in the community

In case they were raised all alone, they may struggle to be an example for other children, even if labeled as “nerds”. Worried about reputations, they may like to gossip more than others.

But in the end, they can learn how to be better people and not to discuss others. If there are many good aspects in their birth chart, they’re the best administrators and organizers whom others respect and trust.

It’s not easy for these natives to learn because they focus too much on the practical side of life.

The Third House is also the one of communication, so people with Capricorn here may have issues talking to others because the Goat is known to not get too involved.

As well, this sign carefully selects what he or she is studying. Individuals born with Capricorn in 3rd House are usually focusing on what the Capricorn is interested in, so they’re not looking to connect disciplines.

They’re not the best neighbors, but not because they’re mean, more because they don’t want to get involved in activities in their community, paying more attention to their interests and preferring to do things around their own houses.

If it is for them to become successful, they need to be students who can concentrate on their purposes and have a lot of patience. Many of them are disciplined teachers who can organize the knowledge they have to teach very efficiently.

However, they can be impatient and too criticizing with their pupils, as well they can use the spiritual involvement of the students to remodel them. When being like this, they’re turning the studying process into a dry one.

People born with Capricorn in Third House are very capable to teach, but only if they’re not hurrying. They can perceive anything of importance when working in calm surroundings.

They’re serious, considerate, detached and don’t trust others too much. In case no one understands them, they can refuse to be sincere and become cold or indifferent.

These natives are very careful with the way they’re expressing their thoughts. They don’t say or write things until having a good reason to do just so, meaning many people perceive them as secretive.

Since their Ascendant is in Scorpio, they can sting just like the creature with the same name. Because they’re calculating their every word to make an impact, their speech is always precise.

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