Aries in 6th House: Doing More with Less


People born with Aries in 6th House are committed to their job and very hardworking, also determined to succeed. This is why they can sometimes get lost in their work. However, they can have a difficult time getting along well with authorities and their colleagues because they’re impulsive and very stubborn.

More than this, they can judge others too harshly, which can have them destroying themselves in the long term. Dedicated to their work, these people can be called true workaholics, especially since they’re always struggling to do their best. However, this can cause trouble in their relationships with their coworkers.

Aries on the Sixth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Kind, compassionate and generous;
  • Negatives: Inattentive and obsessive;
  • Advice: Practice delegating more often, to avoid overwhelming and working yourself to the bone;
  • Celebrities: Napoleon, Grace Kelly, Jim Carrey, Isaac Newton, Courtney Love, Frank Sinatra.

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A proper routine easily adopted

Aries in the 6th House is indicating that these people are better at doing things all alone and at working for themselves. People with this placement can have successful careers in the military or be amazing athletes.

When approaching each day, they’re aggressive and can’t plan too much because this depresses them. It’s better for them to just go with the flow during the day because this way, they can be more productive.

Sixth House Arieses can’t just sit around because they always have an agenda and are looking for things to happen their way. If their plans are being messed, they need to have a stop and not force anything to happen.

Usually healthy and energetic, they can’t easily get sick and when they do, their disease goes away pretty easily. This is happening because their mind is always busy with other things and they don’t have enough time to be in bed. More than this, they have a strong immune system and wouldn’t catch a cold in a sea full of sick people.

When Aries is in the Sixth House, everything becomes a matter of routine and proper organization. People with this placement in their birth chart are usually waking up early in the morning, going for a jog and after going into work.

Their tremendous Aries energy is having them making big efforts and at the same time building up their immune system.

However, these people can be very hard on themselves and never be satisfied with what they accomplished. It’s very likely for them to get sick with stress-related conditions, especially after they’ve been unhappy for a long period.

Active when it comes to the mundane, they can do a lot during the day, even take care of every little small detail.

Mars is keeping natives born with Aries in Sixth House focused on doing their job and amazing leaders, even if these natives can seem bossy. People still respect them for getting things done.

They should try to not alienate those under them when doing a job, especially if they have Pluto and Uranus influencing their personality to be tyrannical and obsessed with power.

It can be difficult for them to leave behind their daily activities because they don’t want to relax and prefer to keep busy and make others feel good. These natives must be careful not to exhaust themselves while being of service to others.

Individuals with Aries in Sixth House have learned the lesson of “I AM”, so they’re aware of their inner workings and how these should be applied in the everyday life. This House is about how the entire humanity and the health of people are being served.

Leadership qualities

Virgo is the sign ruling here, so Sixth House Arieses may want a lot to serve others and to be organized. They’re productive, possess a lot of power and have a lot of inventiveness when dealing with tasks that seem impossible for others. Because they’re more efficient as well, they have a stronger drive than many. As natural-born leaders, they can be a little bit too authoritative with their employees at work.

They love giving a hand, but at the same time, they want to absorb people’s energy and their power to be self-sufficient, for them to keep going on their own. When facing a challenge, they’re mobilizing all of their forces and can become tireless. These people want to take the initiative.

Since they have leadership abilities, they love having control. No matter how much they’re trying to help others solve their problems, they still want these to be independent and manage things on their own.

A 6th House Aries individual has all it takes to be a good leader, not to mention he or she is also thirsty for power. When having to take care of business, people with this placement are zealous but not so resistant. When it comes to the careers they can choose, these Arieses don’t mind laboring because the design and closing projects doesn’t interest them.

The healthier they are, the more energy they can receive, so they may be all the time run and have their muscles warm up. In case they’re worn off and eating too much spicy food, they can get sick with some serious diseases.

More than this, these natives can’t stay for too long in the Sun because this is making them apathetic. While having a balanced life, they should as well take care of their body and be fit.

What they need to learn is how to serve others selflessly. As well, they mustn’t reflect their personality when doing it, but the quality of what they’re offering. These natives are amazing executives because they know how to organize things and to satisfy the needs of their public.

At the same time, they should learn how to delegate and not do everything by themselves. When analyzing the quality of service from their point of view, they should just do their job and congratulate others on their achievements. Many envy them for being diligent.

Needing to work creatively

They’re natural laborers and don’t mind investing all of their energy with great pleasure. When working a lot without ever getting tired, they’re putting a lot of pressure on themselves and as well others, so they can end up not being liked.

As leaders of teams and even when working on their own, they can achieve many great things because they’re not looking to have an authority watching over them and don’t like being pressured.

While having a very strong personality, people born with Aries in 6th House are still looking at the approval of others in life. When their work is being appreciated, they’re more inspired and encouraged to become successful.

If they’re not creative when working, they can have headaches and endure them like true heroes. If sick, their temperature can rise.

Sixth House Arieses have their energy levels increase according to their work routines. Therefore, they need to have an organized life, to start new projects and to exercise regularly.

The Aries is influencing them to want to take the initiative and to be modest, not to mention is giving them their power to work hard. However, these natives may not find too much joy in what they’ve achieved or can be too pushy to obtain what they want and to get something in return for their efforts.

Venus can bring them a lot of trouble, no matter where it may be placed in the birth chart because Aries can work against it and the Sixth House is the place for this sign to accidentally fall.

Individuals born with Aries in Sixth House need to work pro bono and to give others what these are expecting of them because this way, they can show their good side and others can appreciate them. As said before, these natives are natural-born leaders.

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