Uranus Square Neptune Natal and Transit: Emotional Turmoil

  • Someone with a natal Uranus Neptune square will often want the unattainable, what others have and they can’t have.
  • During the Uranus square Neptune transit your inner artist might emerge, leaving you with a lot of creativity on your hands.
  • The planet Uranus is associated with enlightenment, progressiveness, objectivity and ingenuity.
  • The square aspect is a tense astrological placement that surfaces conflict, misunderstandings and discomfort.
  • In astrology, Neptune governs the realm of dreams, spirituality and the fantastic, essentially all that can’t be seen with the naked eye.
  • Celebrities: Freddie Prinze Jr., Hugo Chavez, Louis XVII of France, Hulk Hogan, Geena Davis, Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson, Bjorn Borg, Marie Curie.
  • Transit dates: 02 October 2039, 31 January 2040, 29 August 2040, 18 March 2041, 25 July 2041.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Uranus square Neptune Natal

Those with Uranus square to Neptune in their birth diagram are bound to experience difficulties in communication and day to day life in relation to others.

Because of the signs and the houses in the matter, individuals are pushed into situations that will cloud their judgment and decision-making abilities.

They will be seen as apprehensive, adamant, extreme, annoyed, over-liberal, seriously enthusiastic and either defiant or aloof. It will simply be a cluster of emotions that they’ll have to deal with during this period.

This brings forth emotional turmoil that nudges people into matters of mysticism or even dark, occult magic which hold a high probability of bringing forth issues and hardships.

While this makes them exude originality and ingenuity, their methods and ideas are erratic and often bring no fruition.

There’s also a high probability of indulging in drugs and involving themselves with a bad crowd, gatherings shrouded in mystery that spell nothing but trouble.

The very nature of those born with the Uranus Neptune square aspect is described by instability. Their ideals make them change their views constantly and will always be chasing after new, thrilling things to bring excitement into their live.

These are often something unattainable that will eventually leave them distressed and confused which in turn leaves them vulnerable and prone to creating short-lived bonds with others around them.

After all, how can they create something real and lasting when their very nature is based upon uncertainty and mystery. This causes their love life to be shabby at best. Constantly dreaming of what could be or should be, they always question reality and their romantic endeavors or relationship.

They become philosophers with a question mark for everything, the purpose of love, if they fit well enough with their partner, the meaning of affection, so on and so forth.

The perfect partner for such people would be someone that is rational enough to filter through all their mood swings and confusion so that they can pull them back to earth, ground them and temper their minds.

Their unpredictable nature makes them vulnerable to dangerous situations, so exerting caution near the things they’re attracted is paramount, however, it’s this unpredictability that makes them chase after unusual activities and goals, in order to experience an unbound life filled with excitement.

Towards this end, it is their dreams that hold the greatest role. These are the source of their imagination and well-being.

Sadly these people are also prone to sleep discrepancies and they ought to keep away from anything that would get in the way of a good night’s rest and the dreams that come with it, especially artificially induced sleep by medication, since this would dull their inner imagination and possibly prevent their sleeping visions.

The newest trends in technology is also a subject of great interest for these people, since it enables them to create bonds with others around the globe.

Granted, people they may never meet in person, but alas, it won’t stop them from becoming dependent of these means of communication. This period induces a paradoxical state of being. People are torn between two ideal goals.

To become independent and spend time on self-growth or to become a people person, working towards the greater good of society. The secret to finding a balance is to create bonds with people that share a similar view, or in this case, views on life.

Neptune in the birth chart represents the emotional intellect of an individual, bringing forth their spirituality, kindness, empathy and affection. Seeing as how Neptune is slow in transitioning, the position of the sign is less important than that of the house.

Uranus square Neptune Transit

While the swaying that usually comes with this cycle is increasingly generic and less inclined to create explicit occasions, they do loan an air that makes it hard to stow away.

On the off chance that you are introverted, circumstances will generally coax you out into the world and provide insight into what used to be mysteries.

You’ll be colliding with difficulties in coming to terms with what you thought was real and what is actually real.

The reason for any interference is to make you mindful of where you are and to challenge whatever is shielding you from understanding your maximum capacity.

You’ll be left vulnerable to panic and agitation running rampant. While your imagination is usually something to cherish, it might actually dig up insecurities that will leave you in a pitiable state.

During the Uranus square Neptune transit, your inner artist might also emerge, and why wouldn’t it? Art is blessed with originality, and is being unique and unlike the norm not what you seek?

You might also feel a force nudging you towards accepting the fact that not everything you think of is true or correct. Remember, you’ve been given new insight, use it to unravel what was previously hidden and accept the fact that the world up until now has been one of the illusions.

On the path towards enlightenment, you’ll have to give up subjective and personal vendettas and opinions and accept reality for its raw content.

Towards this purpose, you’ll most likely start coming to terms with your inner self as well as being able to connect with others on a deeper emotional level than before. Others may appear that will doubt your reasoning and will push you into getting closer to understanding and comprehending the minds and emotions of those around you.

This will eventually provide you with the ability to accept life for what it is, unrestricted by your previous self-imposed limitations.

You need to remember that getting lost in your own ideals will blind you to the machinations of reality, which in turn will eventually bring you face to face with disastrous situations. You ought to filter your imagination so that you know how to make the difference between an ideal and what actually is real and efficient.

While your imagination can bring innovations in the world, it needs to do so with a tempered logic and practicality.

While it’s true that you can be somewhat of a fanatic when it comes to technology, this period might have it coming for you from this point of view. Electronics around the house might be malfunctioning which in turn will get on your nerves. It’s simply the universe asking for your attention.

While you ought to seek spiritual evolution, you’ll find yourself in a pickle, trying to decide between your love for technology and your calling towards a higher purpose. This might actually be good in a sense since it will provide you with an abundance of imagination which you can take advantage off to express yourself more freely than before.

This is a period that will push the limits of your mind and acceptance. New ideals will be brought into view and your cognitive process will be challenged by the fundamental change in the way you view the world. What was before hidden, is now revealed. And while it is something new to take interest in, you might not know what to do with all of this information.

Your reality has been shaken and changed from its very core and you’ve been left dumbfounded. Not knowing how to implement this new view into your life will take its toll on you. Best advice you could take is to take your time and not rush into making decisions.

Rationalize through all of this new information and make an objective and well-thought decision before taking leaps into replacing what is real with what might be.

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