Planetary Transits

Master the hidden meanings of the planetary transits with these comprehensive astrology analyses by Joy Carter.

☌ Conjunction ⚹ Sextile △ Trine
□ Square ☍ Opposition Aspects
Mars Square Neptune

Mars Square Neptune Natal and Transit: Avoid Any Rumours

The ambitious Mars Neptune square aspect is suggestive of a person who prefers to have a direct approach in all life matters but who needs to work at building their confidence further.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Mars Conjunct Jupiter Natal and Transit: Have Some Fun

The potential of Mars conjunct Jupiter revolves around the intensity at which these people live their lives but could be prevented by their sometimes agitated and obnoxious attitude.

Moon Square Mars

Moon Square Mars Natal and Transit: Temper Your Emotions

The challenges and potential of Moon square Mars revolve around the individual’s strong emotional connection with their needs and the ways in which this governs their entire existence.

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