Planetary Transits

Master the hidden meanings of the planetary transits with these comprehensive astrology analyses by Joy Carter.

☌ Conjunction ⚹ Sextile △ Trine
□ Square ☍ Opposition Aspects
Mars Square Pluto

Mars Square Pluto Natal and Transit: Making New Plans

The potential of Mars square Pluto revolves around living life with curiosity and self-awareness, these people taking each day as it comes, making the best out of what they get.

Moon Square Venus

Moon Square Venus Natal and Transit: Staying Out of Trouble

An individual with Moon square Venus in their natal chart is secretly craving for a peaceful life and will prefer to avoid conflict, even if this doesn’t take them exactly where they want.

Moon Conjunct Venus

Moon Conjunct Venus Natal and Transit: Making New Friends

The Moon in a conjunction aspect to Venus is suggestive of an emotionally balanced individual who thrives when surrounded by loved ones and who needs to chase exactly what gives them their peace of mind.

Moon Conjunct Mars

Moon Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit: New Initiatives

Having Moon conjunct Mars in the natal chart means that one doesn’t mind sharing their feelings openly to everyone but should be more cautious with whom they trust.

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