Sun Square Venus Natal and Transit: Pleasure Seeking

  • With a Sun Venus square in your natal chart, you need to learn to put yourself first and not feel any guilt about it.
  • When the Sun square Venus transit takes place, people are pushed towards trying new things and being more in tune with their desires.
  • In astrology, the Sun encourages vitality, creativity and fun and has a role in defining our broad personalities.
  • In astrology, the square aspect means the two planets for a hard-right angle, which suggests their effects are tensed and conflict.
  • In astrology, Venus is content to spread happiness and tenderness, being the ruler of love and beauty and romance.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun square Venus Natal

Those who were born during the Sun square Venus transit are pleasure-seekers and want to be surrounded by gratifying things and people. They know how to make the best of their life, but they have this feeling that something is missing.

For this reason, they need to recognize dissonance and to balance their way of living however they’re able to.

Their level of happiness is often influenced by how much others are noticing and appreciating them. If feeling unfulfilled, they can over-indulge in food, especially sweets. It’s important for them to love themselves, no matter what.

The square aspect between the Sun and Venus in birth charts is making its natives more eager to subject their needs to the ones of others.

These people are submissive because they never want to disappoint or to offend others. They want everyone to like them and to be accepted, meaning they’re never hesitating to do everything in their power in order to make people happy.

If rejected or refused, their self-esteem can greatly decrease. Regardless if introverted or extroverted, they’ll always have difficulties saying “no” to others, even in situations in which saying “yes” works in their detriment.

Their most personal challenge in life is learning how to put themselves first and not feel any guilt about doing it. These natives should set some boundaries and not bend over backward for others, only for themselves.

They should think of the fact that they’d be useless if sick or too poor after they’ve only worked in the interest of others and forgotten about their own needs.

A little bit of selfishness is always healthy, especially when trying to determine who’s taking advantage of them, not to mention having some personal boundaries can really help them gain more respect from others.

As soon as no one will be able to take advantage of them, they’ll be able to offer their help to those who really need it.

People born during the Sun square Venus transit can be too obsessed with what others think of them and with getting accepted by society.

They need love and to discover themselves through the opinions that others have about their actions and way of thinking. It seems like they’re always alternating between being sweet and giving, and self-centered and argumentative.

There are many ways in which the Sun square Venus aspect in their birth chart is acting, but their main challenge in life is building a balanced connection between their ego and what others think of them.

Sun square Venus Transit

For as long as the Sun square Venus transit is happening, people have more conflicts with those interested in other things than them. They can leave the demands of others to the hand of fate.

During the time of this transit, many plans and objectives can end up being postponed because the interests of the many become more important.

On the other hand, it may also happen that members of some groups are deciding to just leave and no longer deal with the responsibilities of their role in the team because they’re no longer up to it.

Many may have their self-esteem tremendously lowered due to some financial troubles and because they’ve spent too much on useless things.

Others may think they aren’t getting enough appreciation for their efforts, especially from the ones they love the most.

The Sun square Venus aspect is pushing people to do more exciting things. They may feel an inner tension that’s making them want to escape their own comfort zone and to have more fun or to be pleased when meeting their friends and interacting.

As a matter of fact, all the transits between the Sun and Venus are known to make natives of all sings more eager to love, but the square is forcing them to initiate things and to give their affection first.

During this transit, those who are only using others in order to feel good about themselves and have the tendency to spend too much will discover their approach is not quite beneficial for them in the long run.

In case they want to use Venus’ energy in a positive way, they need to be as creative as possible and spend their time painting, singing or doing anything artistic.

One thing’s for sure with this celestial placement: no one will get bored during it. People will be more attracted to each other, even magnetized by those whose personalities intrigue them.

Their ideals may not be in sync with their principles, causing some tension and many misunderstandings. It would be a good idea for many to just talk things through with their loved ones if they want to understand what these are trying to say.

At least the nervousness they’re feeling would help them be more aware of others and what they want to express.

Differences between people will be addressed for as long as the Sun is in a square with Venus, whereas the instincts of many will tell them their friendships are very unusual. It’s a good idea to act as easygoing as possible during this transit, also to look for harmony and avoid any conflict.

Those who are feeling more affectionate should go ahead and start new relationships or get creative. Being more self-indulgent than usual, they should avoid spending all of their money out of impulse and making too many efforts.

They have to just relax and enjoy life as it comes or spend some time with their friends because they won’t have the necessary motivation to do anything that’s soliciting their mind and hard work.

It’s very likely for them to feel tension when it comes to love as old problems would reappear in their romantic affair.

However, if they’ll decide to discuss their issues, everything will get solved on its own. For as long as the Sun is in a square with Venus, all natives in the zodiac should avoid spending their money out of impulse.

It’s likely they’ll go through some conflicting feelings regarding what’s happening in their life and their own feelings.

Reality may go against everything they love the most, not to mention others may try to control their life and to force them to do what they don’t want.

They’ll probably spend too much time taking pleasure in their hobbies and forget all about what’s important in their life. What they won’t realize is that they’re in fact more self-indulgent and their tastes not as refined as usually. Many may feel rich even if not having too much.

This transit is beneficial for trying on new attires, but people should not spend too much on expensive clothes, they should buy from a secondhand instead. They’ll obviously find it difficult to refrain themselves for giving up their money in malls, but they must at least try not doing it.

Major changes in appearance shouldn’t be made for as long as the Sun is square with Venus because regrets will surely follow.

They wouldn’t have any sense of discipline and refuse to finish work projects or to clean their house because their mind would wander and their desires would push them to meet with their friends.

As said before, this transit can make anyone want to just spend money, eat and stay out until the morning comes. Many will be late for work and hangover, but they won’t regret for a single moment that they’ve had fun.

Sun square Venus Synastry

Lovers with the Sun square Venus synastry in their birth charts are very attracted to each other, passionate and affectionate.

However, some astrologers are interpreting this aspect as the bringer of harshness and vain feelings when it comes to love.

It’s believed couples with this synastry are rather superficial as far as their feelings for each other are going, not profoundly in love. On the other hand, it makes partners feel a powerful attraction for one another.

It can be said the Sun square Venus synastry is helping people appreciate their other half’s tastes more. It’s causing differences to be accepted and therefore, bringing more harmony.

Those who aren’t appreciated for their individuality and values can decide to end things with the person who isn’t paying them enough attention.

This synastry is good for partners who are trying to find out about each other’s goals and personality traits. After all, amazing things can happen between two people with very different personalities and approaches to life.

They can reveal what’s making them special and more beautiful, this way flourishing as an item. Analyzing the compatibility between the two signs and the celestial aspects involved is always a good idea.

It can be discovered that opposing personalities such as the Sagittarius and the Cancer are an interesting couple, or that the Aquarius can become fascinated by the mystery surrounding a Scorpio.

For differences between lovers to be recognized, clashes are a must. Wiser people can understand that opposing personalities are able to encourage and make one another stronger.

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