Mercury Square Venus Transit and Synastry: Lacking Discipline

  • The Mercury square Venus synastry is indicating the ideas should flow between the two partners.
  • As the Mercury square Venus transit takes place, friendliness can be seen as romantic interest and certain emotional outbursts are possible.
  • Mercury is the planet of our reasoning, responsible with the conscious mind, how we learn and filter information.
  • When two planets square it means they are ninety degrees apart and their energies are in tension, with effects that produce imbalance and conflict.
  • Venus reveals our idealization of love and beauty, our hidden desires and relationship with possessions.

Keep reading for the transit meaning of this aspect or jump to the synastry interpretation.

Mercury square Venus Transit

The square aspect between Mercury and Venus can be formed only between these two planets, the first of progress and the second of radicalism.

Of course, the square can go the other way around as well. Resembling a lot with the semi-square, but being drastic, the square is indicating a separation between principles and the feelings natives are used with, as well conventional ways of thinking, domestic habits and hidden observations.

In the same way, the converse placement of these two planets is indicating expansive feelings are fighting with habitual thoughts, meaning people can become artistically enlightened during the Mercury square Venus transit, but only if they’re sacrificing some of their ways of thinking and why not, their disposition.

For the week in which this placement is in place, individuals can misinterpret romantic signs or can have theirs misinterpreted. Friendliness can be seen as romantic interest, or things can be communicated the wrong way when it comes to establishing appointments. As far as dates are going, these could have many being bothered and even bored when it comes to what has been decided to be done.

This doesn’t mean the world should end for them, just that there’s a small crisis that can be resolved with explanations and a healthy laugh that can eliminate all the nervousness.

When the Mercury square Venus transit is happening, gossiping should be avoided. When it comes to negative thoughts and judgmental critique, many may find ways to explore the personality of the person they’re having a discussion with, and they can end up making others feel hurt or damage their own relationships.

Honesty should be the main aspect of this transit, as well things checked twice so that the social worries are understood. When it comes to romantic and social interactions of any kind, these can be very difficult. Those who are too sensitive and are lacking the discipline of the mind can identify many problems with the situations coming their way.

They could be offended by others’ ideas and the way they’re communicating because it’s disagreeing with their values and the concepts of appropriate behavior that is considered to be nice.

During this transit, many may want to make connections with others and to talk about them. Having the tendency to tease, they can become more playful and curious about all kind of games. In case they’re being criticized, they may not want to respond, for harmony to be kept. Those having their depressive and joyful feelings conveyed will most likely feel good.

When it comes to communication that’s unwanted, their peace of mind can be bothered. When having too many things to do, some natives can feel like all the choices are appealing to them.

They may experience some confrontational situations when it comes to their personal connections.

The period of the Mercury square Venus transit is good for discussing any problem because many are more indulgent. As far as tensions in the love life are going, these are more poignant because there can be differences in ideas, and plans can be more obvious than usual. When it comes to discovering what things need to be liked, arguments should be done with tact and compromises looked for.

If in the company of other people, many should watch their manners as their social skills may be completely missing. This period is not at all good for going shopping because natives may end up buying things they don’t actually need.

They should as well refrain from spending on food and sweets, or anything they’re weak about. Love is understood from an intellectual point of view and not an emotional one. Whereas many can find their dates very attractive and appealing, they may never quite be reasonable when it comes to romanticism.

All this can have everyday communications to seem difficult. For as long as Mercury is in a square with Venus, areas in which the matters are thought and the opposite sides of an issue are being addressed.

Luckily, these areas need to be agreed upon, whereas the affections of many can be for anyone. People should agree to disagree, or they can spend too much of their time thinking too much about love, which can distract them from work.

They can feel strange when the situation is the same, not to mention they can find it difficult to talk with other people because they think there are only a few things to have in common with others.

As well, it can be difficult for many to express their creativity or find the proper words when expressing their thoughts. Luckily, this can’t last for too long and social activities may be postponed until the next day.

Mercury square Venus Synastry

During the Mercury square Venus aspect, people should listen more and talk less. When the planet Mercury is forming aspects with Venus, it becomes exciting for romantic partners to exchange ideas. They’re more inclined to talk to one another, identifying what needs to be shared.

If Mercury is in challenging aspects like the opposition or the quincunx, conflicts may appear. The square aspect is not at all challenging. As a matter of fact, it can challenge Mercury and Venus to be stimulating and is indicating the ideas should flow between the two partners. However, an aspect that’s challenging is showing how competitive communication can be.

People who are truly listening to one another and are each time waiting for their turn to speak can be too excited to share some stories and perspectives on life in between them. One of the two partners may see the other as egotistical, but he or she shouldn’t be irritated about it.

It’s a good idea for him or her to be aware of how the energies are combining in order for the ideas to flow and the exchange of feelings to take place. What’s being said can be sometimes seen as superficial and not at all based on facts.

Conversations with loved ones can be superficial and lacking logic. In an ideal time and place, an analysis should be made and facts added to stories, helping lovers to expand their conversations and not allow anyone to be in the spotlight.

The feelings between two partners can sometimes be misunderstood, one of them feeling romantic and the other more curious about logical solutions. The Venus partner can be romantic, just to be somehow detached from the answers given by Mercury.

In case the connections are starting off strongly between some people and their sweethearts, things can start to be quite difficult for the period of the Mercury square Venus. It’s perfect that this transit is only happening two times a year, as its energy can have any possible lover to have his or her perception muddled.

Many may be in the mood for love, but there will be things standing between them and the person they want to have. Intentions and thoughts can be misread, or people may feel more nervous and tensioned, not at all able to unwind.

For this reason, many should refrain themselves from making an impression on those they’ve just met because they may need to wait until getting together with them until the minor and bothering influence of this synastry has passed.

If getting together with others or being called, they could be involved in conflicts and feel like no one can hear or understand them as communication would feel empty. It can be difficult to agree with the other half because nothing would seem very special for this period, so people shouldn’t be contacted for a week or more, until appreciated for real.

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