Mars Sextile Neptune Natal and Transit: Spirituality and Compassion

  • If the natal chart contains a Mars Neptune sextile, one is very curious and always keen to find out more about the surrounding world.
  • Observe how during the Mars sextile Neptune transit people are feeling more open for romance and have this mystical air about them.
  • The planet Mars helps us find our grounding and dictates how we channel our energy to resolve any material and existential issues.
  • In astrology, the sextile aspect is a highly compatible position of the two planets, thus emanating positive energy and directing the individual towards opportunities in life.
  • The planet Neptune is the governor of arts, the mystical, dreams and imagination, looking after everything that can alter our reality.
  • Celebrities: Matthew McConaughey, Robson Green, Warren Buffett, Emperor Hirohito, Brooke Shields, George Michael, Rudy Giuliani, Justin Timberlake.
  • Transit dates: 15 March 2020, 13 February 2021, 23 February 2022, 11 August 2022, 07 February 2024, 20 July 2024, 23 January 2026, 04 July 2026.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars sextile Neptune Natal

When it comes to the sextile between Mars and Neptune, this is responsible with the charisma of each and every individual having it in the birth chart. These natives are sexual creatures, but very cerebral as well, so they’re interested in discovering the Absolute Truth.

They’re curious about spirituality, kind and compassionate because they want to be an example for others.

Having high ideals, being spiritual and more religious than others, the universe seems to keep sending people with the Mars sextile Neptune aspect in the birth chart, strange vibrations from different dimensions, which can make them feel different.

This mystical aura of theirs is accounting them from being special people. Their loved ones will see this about them, feeling they’re some sort of celebrities, not to mention they seem interesting by having the air that they’re transmitting energies of a God-like nature.

Their objectives in life and dreams can as well be reachable for them, but they need to be practical and more materialistic. However, their creativity and high ideals are improved through arts, millennial sciences like astrology, being charitable and when discussing religion.

Mars sextile Neptune natives are true romantics, not to mention their sensitivity can go beyond any limit. They need honesty when it comes to relationships and wouldn’t go for anything else. It’s easy for them to see what’s motivating others, meaning no one can be insincere with them.

They can communicate with their soulmate without speaking too much, by being expressive, and transmitting all sort of vibes.

Their emotional and physical needs are demanding, but they need a partner that’s elegant and capable of a lot of mutual respect. It’s like they’re sexually skilled, meaning they’re the almost perfect lovers.

While sincere and unselfish, their ego can remain healthy and they can be productive, only afterward to enjoy the results of their work. Their power, boldness and leadership skills can help them succeed in life, this coming from their intense spirituality and religious beliefs.

This the warrior spirit waking up in them, which is obviously helpful for their assertiveness and high energy, meaning any conjunction can’t make them in any way weak.

The sextile between Mars and Neptune is more balanced than the conjunction, so their positiveness can always shine through. The influence of Mars is making them impulsive and more passionate, as well as giving and empathetic, aware of what others need, especially those who haven’t been too lucky.

Their psychic abilities are subtle because they’re sensitive, or could be easily made this way. Because they’re socially responsible, their work can make them feel fulfilled in any life sphere, but especially in the direction of being helpful and aware of their social surroundings.

They can worry themselves with the pop culture as well, especially when it comes to their lives as adults, not to mention it’s a great joy for them to express themselves by movement, such as dancing and exercising, especially the most gracefully they’re doing it.

When older, natives born during the Mars sextile Neptune are very curious about meditation and yoga, which is keeping them supple and healthier. They’re honest and not at all foolish, making it easy for them to be insincere.

Their super-powers are extremely helpful when it comes to healing other people and performing occultist rituals, especially when it comes to giving a hand to those who are poorer than them.

They’re practical when it comes to their own ideals and deeply disappointed when their actions don’t seem to give them their desired results. They seem to always look for what’s best in other people, but no one can meet their standards.

These natives are indeed very good at dealing with their tasks in secret, being able to avoid any obstacle, which is making them great strategists.

They’d perform extremely well when having to be subtle and imaginative or when having to smooth their muscles or do a demanding physical set of exercises. They’re good at controlling their emotions, but they sometimes need to withdraw from the world in other to recharge. No psychic dark forces can have negative effects on their positiveness, meaning they can defeat any enemy.

Their karma is offering them protection against their enemies anytime, anywhere. They can feel unusually strange when matters regarding their partner are being involved.

Mars sextile Neptune Transit

During the Mars sextile Neptune transit, people are more interested in reaching their goals. They’re performing better when acting sentimental and following their feelings, rather than having a routine and plans.

Their mind is always looking for creative ways to develop, meaning there’s no one more imaginative than them. For as long as the Mars sextile Neptune is in place, everyone is becoming more empathetic.

During the Mars sextile Neptune transit, people are feeling more open for romance. Their mystical air will help them be attractive because they’d be more attuned with their spiritual nature, which could help them find a partner more easily.

Many are intuitive for this period, also more receptive when having to interact with others. They’re compassionate when talking about different issues, this being the reason why their advice is being so helpful.

They can also convince anyone their performances are the best, their sincerity being unequaled and having an inspiration that can’t be seen in others.

This period is perfect for marketing and sales, but many should avoid misleading others with intention. They may need to sometimes take some time off and reflect on their own life and re-think their objectives and rest because their physical energy is going to be low.

This advantageous position in the sky is favorable and rich for them. Their positiveness and special magnetism will help them have success in business and their social life but is also encouraging them to always be happy and extremely funny, minimizing troubles and amplifying happiness.

The most special and interesting things that could be happening during this period are vacations, going-out in nature, going to parties and adopting a very bohemian personality. Their health is going to be good and their spirit is always flying.

Very religious and this being noticeable about them, they’re inclined towards spiritual euphoria and a more emotional state of being.

They can be very precise in their speech and not at all superficial. After their birthday, for a few months, they’ll identify their capabilities of sticking up for themselves and at the same time, they can stand up for themselves. They’ll always help those they’re interacting with because they’re as well dutiful.

They’re witty, meaning it’s easy for them to understand others and the entire humanity, for that matter. Their sympathies towards any human being may have them being taken advantage of, but this doesn’t mean they don’t understand what’s happening, whereas their very strong disposition doesn’t allow these people to ever get fooled.

No one can make fun of them during the Mars sextile Neptune and their intuition is focused to help those who are in the most need. For this reason, they should help themselves and use their talents, also get involved with charities and volunteering organizations.

Their imagination is very helpful when they need to put themselves in the shoes of others, no matter if they’re the ones being helped or those who are assisting. Their naturalness when it comes to being creative will help them improve their life.

They may decide to work on more projects when it comes to their professional life or decide to help a colleague finish his or her task, especially if these people may be struggling. They don’t possess a very strong ego because their compassion is always taking over.

It’s usually for everyone to be self-absorbed during this transit, such a pattern can be avoided. However, they shouldn’t start a similar one because it becomes easier for others to take advantage of them, even if this situation is not likely to happen.

They can avoid such a period of transit by giving themselves a little bit of more attention, also to the ones around them.

For this reason, they should do some stretches and avoid strenuous physical activities. In case they’re the type to lift weights, they should swim in the sea.

Being meditative and more gentle than usual should be what they’re doing for as long as this aspect is happening.

They’re also more sensitive to what others want and wish to be of service. All this can have them more charitable than usually, as well more sensual.

They’re smooth, not to mention their healing powers can help many of them recover from the most dangerous diseases. It would be a good idea for them to not feel guilty for having an inflated ego. They’re able to assert their spirituality and focus it on fighting for others.

Knowing what’s wrong and right will help them be true to themselves and metaphysically integrated. This can become available to their personality when helping out around churches and studying the occult sciences.

They should spend as much time as possible with their best friends and follow their passions, performing dances or dramatic arts. The transit will help them have more rhythm and a toned attitude.

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