Virgo in 9th House: Talented Beyond Belief


The philosophy of people born with Virgo in the 9th House is only about working hard. These natives are practical when it comes to social issues. They want to pay attention to every little detail and to be dependable. Some of them are very good in the legal field because of these reasons, as well as awesome researchers.

They want everything for them to be practical and are precise, no matter what. More than this, no one is more productive and efficient at hard work than them.

These people rarely come up with abstract ideas. Their view of the world is always established through events that are taking place and facts. In case there are some new ideas to be brought in discussion, they’re not very thoughtful because they want to analyze everything.

Virgo on the Ninth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Rational, focused and articulate;
  • Negatives: Cowardly and hypocritical;
  • Advice: Be more patient and take the time to really get to know people;
  • Celebrities: Oprah Winfrey, Alyssa Milano, Jimi Hendrix, Gisele Bündchen, Jude Law, Sylvester Stallone.

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Paying attention more to others

Many of those born with Virgo in the Ninth House decide to acquire a higher education and to study different theories. When it comes to finishing a job, they’re not hesitating to do it because this is the way they’re respecting themselves.

What’s making them proud is having their ideas being put into practice. These people are logical and very curious about new cultures. What they believe has most of the time been studied thoroughly.

People born with Virgo in Ninth House are usually involved with charities, modest and focused only on details. More than this, they need to heal others because they’re intelligent enough to understand how physiology works, not to mention they know how to be practical.

However, they can have their ego standing in the way, or their Sun sign making things more difficult for them when they’re trying to be wiser. For them, things need to always be fixed and when they’re traveling, they want everything to be at a good price if there’s for them to enjoy the journey.

Many of them are talented with literature, so they’re writers, especially if their 10th House is supportive when it comes to putting into practice what has been learned.

When their high school period is over, they’re more sensitive and have a clearer mind. When it comes to college, the experiences here are making them more attentive to every little detail.

As a matter of fact, they can make out of analyzing small issues their purpose in life, but this can make them more criticizing.

At least they’re convinced that they’re doing the right thing when criticizing others. A 9th House Virgo individual feels justified to make improvements, so his or her loved ones can see him or her as too neat and picky. If feeling lost, natives with this placement need to look at the situations in their life closer. This is what can get them back on track.

They’re smart and focused, meaning they can find solutions to problems easier than others. However, they’re not taking action without thinking or paying attention to what others are suggesting. At the same time, they love going on adventures.

Expanding their consciousness

Individuals born with Virgo in 9th House are pragmatic when being presented matters of philosophy and religion. They want to be contemporary and at the same time practical, no matter what they may be doing. These natives believe they know everything and don’t mind learning.

They’re big intellectuals who are more curious about what research work can bring them.

When having to follow rules, they’re not hesitating to stick to what they have been told. These people want to make themselves useful and even to build things for themselves.

They’re most of the time aligned with spirituality and any religious belief, not to mention they’re practicing what they preach. For this reason, they’re hard on themselves and want to respect their beliefs more than anything else.

Besides, they can judge those who aren’t thinking the way they do. This is why they need to learn how to forgive and to offer their unconditional love. By doing so, they can connect easily with others and love themselves more.

People having Virgo present everywhere in their birth chart are sincerely looking for higher knowledge, but they need to share with others everything they know.

When it comes to what’s forming their Self, this is made from all the little things. They can gather all the ideas and concepts found in the world and form an ideal personality with them. No matter what they want to do in life, they’re sure to succeed.

They may feel challenged when being too picky. Even when something seems it’s right for them in the beginning, they can discover many defects in it, which can cause them to feel like they’re only dealing with residues.

When looking to expand their consciousness, they don’t have the necessary imagination and the wideness of view to make things more perceptible. This is why they’re more depressed than others in situations of crisis.

Besides, they may refuse to rebuild their consciousness from zero and not accept that they lost when they no longer have what they used to. If they’ve found a mentor to guide them spiritually, they can become more literal in the way they perceive any doctrine.

When they’re not in a familiar environment, they have no idea where exactly to look, so they can end up wandering and being superficial.

Using their talents

Because the Ninth House is the one of religion, philosophy, and higher education, those having Virgo here are responsible to make all these things more practical, and not in a superficial way.

More than this, these natives need to no longer be discriminating like Virgos, when it comes to finding the Truth or what’s false and what isn’t.

Since this House also represents the end of partnerships and mysteries of life, the Virgo needs to build something strong in the previous Houses to benefit from the accumulated knowledge. This is how the harvesting qualities of this sign can be put into practice.

The analytical ways of the Virgo aren’t in concordance with the most metaphysical elements in religion. They also want to be proven that faith works. Not at all worried about their next lifetime, 9th House Virgos shouldn’t reject these theories about what will happen.

On the contrary, they should understand what benefits they can have in the next lives if they have faith and are doing only what’s good during this one. Their mystical experiences can have them more active and efficient. They can imagine they’re the ones who can do anything and that they’re these Hercules of life.

They can take many business trips in which they’re expanding their horizons and are becoming better. Nice with others, they’re also empathetic and all the time ready to give a hand.

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