Libra in 10th House: Looking to Attain Perfection


Those having Libra in the 10th House may choose a profession in which they need to collaborate with others frequently.

Their professional success is usually balanced because they’re diplomatically addressing any issue. Making sure their career goals are always clear, these natives could build a perfect public image.

Libra on the Tenth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Tolerant, reserved and steadfast;
  • Negatives: Unreliable and nagging;
  • Advice: Learn to balance the time you spent focused on your career with the time you dedicate to family;
  • Celebrities: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Brigitte Bardot, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Alyssa Milano.

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If they own a business, they’re the ones to take care of all the partnerships. It can be seen that the center of their world is all about connections with others, who may tend to define what destinations these natives are choosing in life.

Looking to attain perfection

While looking for balance, these people can find just as much as Venus is allowing them to find, which can help then build in time a stronger foundation for what they can manifest in their personal, as well their professional life.

Diplomatic, tactful and loyal, they’re meant to succeed, no matter what they’re doing for a living. For these reasons, natives born with Libra in Tenth House are deciding to become politicians, marriage counselors or just to focus on finding the perfect partner for themselves and this way, no longer being interested in another aspect of life.

It’s normal for them to be in the center of attention and to be supported by people who want to help them with their work. These natives can find great satisfaction in working in teams.

Their friends and acquaintances are usually respectable individuals with a good reputation. When it comes to their soul, it needs to be spiritually enlightened and for them to use all of their creativity.

Because they’re always looking to attain perfection, individuals born with Libra in 10th House always have harmonious relationships.

It’s usual for them to be involved in business with their partners. Charming and talented at making people stand by their side, they can easily get promoted at work and obtain the highest positions.

When it comes to the professional sphere, they’re ethical and famous as fighters for their community.

Everyone sees them as nice and they deserve it because their purpose in life is to love. However, this can complicate their romantic life. More than this, they’re all the time feeling free to flirt around and to make others think they may be hitting on them, so this behavior of theirs needs to stop.

It won’t help them in any way that they’ve been wanted by many during their high school years because this is only saying that they’re attractive.

Many of them may bloom late in life, meaning they’re making dating a goal when adults. These Tenth House Libras won’t be stopped from finding their other half because they’re motivated to do just so, after a period of waiting.

These people give a lot of importance to their peace of mind and balance. If they can have these things, their success is sure to follow. Loving to be in creative and nice environments, they don’t mind sharing their space with those they can inspire.

Challenges in social life

When partnered up with someone, they can inspire this person to want the same harmony as theirs, which can be helpful when they’re trying to promote some ideas and concepts.

Individuals born with Libra in 10th House are good at showing themselves most professionally and diplomatically because they’re charming. Besides they can be good as managers because they’re always weighing every decision they have to make.

Some other careers in which they could be successful are design, law, politics and public service. They seem to have a lot of integrity and to never want to give it up.

The same Tenth House Libras need to all the time argue because they need to express their opinions and their attitude towards their colleagues, including their bosses. The more evolved ones can be very responsible when having to do something.

Their life goals are precise and always according to circumstances. Those of them who aren’t so developed need to leave some room into their minds for new views.

When feeling socially restricted, they’re making decisions less easily and are only focused on attaining a good reputation, which can have them very impractical.

They can’t be pleased only by beautiful surroundings and need to be quiet when making choices. While changing direction, they can encounter problems because they don’t want to externalize any manifestation and are more pragmatic.

Returning to those who aren’t so developed, it can be said these are not so responsible and tasteful.

When it comes to work, these people can dump their tasks on others, but when trying to evolve with their team, they may keep the balance and divide the workload equally. This way, they can obtain long-term results. Their romantic relationship is defining their identity, no matter if this is the public or the professional one.

In conclusion, their professional success depends a lot on the connection they have with their partner. However, they can discover their partner is not helping them shine as much as they want to.

Or perhaps they wouldn’t want to be in the center of attention all alone and wish for someone to be by their side so they can share the limelight. Regardless of the situation, any relationship these natives have is influencing their professional life, in good or bad ways.

It can also happen their partner is someone who has an influential career and the power and they’re only working from the shadows. Individuals born with Libra in the Tenth House are always interested in their social status. They know what they want and how to communicate to get it.

The corporate ladder is easier for them to climb when they have supporters because they know how to collaborate and to establish new connections. Tolerant and having a strong sense of justice, these natives need to keep being adaptable if it is for them to become more successful. It can be said they’re the best team workers in the Zodiac.

While doing their best to accommodate everyone, when they have reached their true potential, there’s no one to take their place as leaders. These people can inspire others to be in trend and to remain honest. More than this, they feel comfortable when helping others succeed.

Believing in themselves more

A Tenth House Libra individual can be on the edge that’s between seeing the big picture and noticing every little detail.

Sometimes, they can withdraw and just annoy everyone in their life and especially their colleagues at work. If everything is alright, they’re confident, but if nothing goes well, they can no longer make decisions and start to no longer have patience.

Many can see them as dishonest when they’re smiling and hiding the fact that they’re not feeling so happy. Because it’s easy to impress them, they can do things and regret them later.

It can be said it’s challenging for them to evolve from a professional point of view, without their family being somehow affected. Instead of believing in themselves, they can just go with the crowd, so they need to learn more about self-confidence and to believe in the success of their own opinions.

People born with Libra in 10th House and who are more evolved can distribute their responsibilities in groups more efficiently. This means they have great connections with their colleagues. It’s easy for them to advise others because they’re balanced and fair.

When it comes to family, they seem to not have any tact, even if they’re acting correctly with other people. The person born with Libra in the Tenth House is very likely to have a career that he or she has built with the help of his or her partner.

People with this placement in their birth chart need their lover to be their equal and to fairly divide the workload they’re doing with him or her.

Many see these natives as very elegant and fascinating, especially when it comes to their professional life, as they’re known to carefully choose a career and to analyze every option presenting itself to them, even if they may spend a little bit too much time deciding what they want to do.

It would be a good idea for them to do something related to the Libra sign. Their profession could be in the fields of law, design, planning and the arts. Those who want to work from home could choose to do architecture.

As said before, they need a partner to help them climb the social ladder. When having a goal, it’s important they also learn how to listen to others. It’s good that at least they can recognize their soulmate from a distance.

When their career is in the beginning, they need to work very hard and to have patience. Their progress can begin after their 30s, whereas the business in which they can succeed the most is the legal one.

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