Cancer in 7th House: Feeling Complete at Home


Cancer in 7th House people are too emotionally involved with the people who are inclined to offer them the same in return. Besides, they’re very sensitive to everyone they care about.

Always avoiding their social responsibilities, they’re most of the time running away from their friends, no matter how many these are. It’s easy for them to be happy and feel complete when they accept their own emotional battles.

Cancer on the Seventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Eloquent, opinionated and easy-going;
  • Negatives: Volatile and impatient;
  • Advice: Practice being more responsible when it comes to expressing your emotions;
  • Celebrities: Gwen Stefani, Zac Efron, Elizabeth II, Naomi Campbell, Bono, Russell Brand.

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Family is in everything around them

Seventh House Cancers can sometimes feel insecure, especially when not having around a person who cares about them. However, they can also learn how much they’re worth. Waiting for a sensitive partner who can take care of them, they’re emotional when it comes to love, not to mention they need their feelings to be understood.

Therefore, they want to be with someone who has many emotions and who’s always there for them. More than this, they want their lover to be loyal and to have many feelings for them. Whereas their connection with their partner can have many ups and downs, they’re growing closer to their other half, day by day.

People born with Cancer in Seventh House are very attached to the person they’re sharing their life with. However, they can have problems when this individual is growing to be dependent on them from an emotional point of view, even if they can have strong feelings when interacting with their public or friends.

These are the people who see their buddies as close family. They’re looking to build strong foundations for their connections with others.

Their internal laws are felt in a cold manner, if not a formal one. They suspect their enemies are capable of the worst and can perceive threats very painfully. It’s almost impossible for them to create any intrigue, but they can sometimes do it. This is because they’re always living in fear and can be hateful.

If working in teams, they’re reserved, careful, gentle and caring. It’s never easy for them to stop suspecting their business partners because they’re always seeing themselves vulnerable. Because they want a glamorous romantic relationship, they can have the most painful breakups from their partners.

Looking to feel complete in life

These natives are strongly connected with their spouse, especially from an emotional point of view. They can be moody in their love connections, but this can change about them. It’s their pleasure to be nurtured and treated like children.

Through marriage, they can feel emotionally complete, not to mention time can make their relationships stronger. Since Cancer is in the Seventh House, the matters discussed are about partnership and the idea of “WE”.

More than this, this House is about the partnership with what’s precious for everyone, which is life. Directly reacting to the 1st House, there are matters of the personality and how this relates to life.

When it comes to this specific placement for Cancer, people should avoid being possessive because otherwise, they can destroy any of their relationships, no matter if business or marriage.

When Cancer is on the cusp of the 7th House, natives with this placement should be careful with their emotions because they can become psychotic or can begin to suffer from a nervous disease. In this position, the “WE” concept starts and the involvement of people in spirituality and intellectuality begins.

These people need to practice being responsible and to perfect themselves while following the right direction in life.

They can be complete when accepting they’re sensitive and giving. More than this, they need partners who are the same as them because they’re needy and insecure.

When having to deal with irrational people, they’re becoming the same. If too emotional, they can turn into real lunatics, but at least they can form strong connections with others. Their soul can be brought into the discussion at any time, but they need to receive the same amount of love they’re giving.

The 7th House opposes the Ascendant and is the part of people that’s hidden to the others because it represents weaknesses. It’s also about the needs projected onto a partner, as well the qualities people are looking for in others.

More than this, it can show the vulnerabilities of enemies and what natives need to feel whole. By understanding these things, they can analyze more in-depth what they’re supposed to do to protect themselves from their opponents.

The Seventh House shows all the weaknesses of a person. Those having Cancer here are emotionally attached to their other half and use this against those who want to do them harm. Since things in this placement can also be the opposite, they’re also great “mothers” on who others depend on their emotions.

Caring a lot about their feelings

The Ascendant of people born with Cancer in the Seventh House is Capricorn, so they’re motivated to succeed, pragmatic and ready to invest all of their efforts in making their life better. What they need the most is a person who can help them be in touch with their sensitive side and emotions.

By being partners with someone, they can feel supported and emotionally fulfilled. This is making them feel strong and sure about the bond they’ve established. 7th House Cancers can influence other people with their instincts.

Besides, they know what to do to protect others and to feel secure in their relationships. This is why they can be so upset when going through a breakup. More than others, when ending a relationship, they’re becoming insecure and fearful, as well as moody.

It’s awful for them to get over their heart being broken because they’re turning into emotional messes, but it reminds them to take more care of themselves.

A Seventh House Cancer individual has inherited a lot from ancestors and people in his or her family when it comes to relationships. Natives with this placement need to separate their dreams from the ones of the family members they consider role models.

They need to define their personality and to have a strong ego, as well their Sun sign has to be given enough creativity, and their inner child needs to be nourished.

More than this, they need to separate themselves from the values and personality traits they learned at home. If their partner is sensitive, they can have the most tender, emotional and perfect relationships that are ultimately leading to marriage.

Individuals born with Cancer in Seventh House and who are functioning on a low octave tend to betray. Besides, they’re demanding and need to completely rely on their business partners.

When it comes to family matters, they can create an ideal environment for the people they love the most, even if they’re a little bit possessive. Because they’re so emotionally needy, they need to be surrounded by people, all the time.

Their partner needs to appreciate family and to also be a good provider, as they’re looking for their lover to be like a mother or a father to them. Oftentimes, the women with this placement are looking to be with men who have a lot of affection to give. All these natives secretly want to be popular.

They can feel what others are feeling, not to mention they have all the chances to succeed as psychologists. In case they’re deciding to not work on their career, they can be the ones who are solving problems for their partner.

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