Scorpio in 11th House: Quality Over Quantity


The 11th House doesn’t sit very well with the self-encouraging and mysterious Scorpio because this sign pushes people to want to be alone with their thoughts most of the time.

Natives born with Scorpio in 11th House need to learn how to be more tolerant and to be comfortable around others. They possess a good sense of humor, so they should use it when trying to identify where the common ground between them and others is.

Scorpio on the Eleventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Charming, reserved and clear-headed;
  • Negatives: Stubborn and irresponsible;
  • Advice: Don’t let yourself overwhelmed by big tasks, rather break them apart in smaller pieces;
  • Celebrities: Jodie Foster, Princess Diana, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Brigitte Bardot, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Facing your fears

These natives have many friends ready to take care of their wishes. They prefer honest individuals, always ready to help and enterprising.

However, no matter who’s around them, they’re still suspicious. It takes them a lot to trust someone. Due to this, they can form a circle of friends made from strong people, not to mention they’re rarely communicating with those who are weak.

It’s possible for them to find themselves in front of their fears and to experience their most intimate wishes with their friends.

When it comes to the way they’re functioning best, they should be part of groups because this way, they can’t get personal, this being what they want the most.

This is the way for them to not attract too much attention to themselves and their innate wishes. The more things are being kept light and simple, the more they’re not personal or too popular.

They can go as far as being members of secret societies because they want their privacy protected. When it comes to their inner workings, they can make their dreams come true with the help of others.

In conclusion, they can organize themselves perfectly according to what their group is asking of them, not to mention they can have goals according to the ones of the majority, without forgetting about themselves.

Difficult to understand

Natives born with Scorpio in the Eleventh House have a deep emotional perception. They don’t like to deal with imperfection and are very corrective.

Whereas many would think they have problems establishing connections with others, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Scorpio is the zodiac sign that makes Uranus more exalted and is all about being best friends. The friendships of those having Scorpio in their birth chart are for life and deep, difficult to achieve and very fulfilling.

However, natives with such placement can be extreme and difficult to understand. When forming connections with others, they can be too honest and use too much of their dark humor, which can push others away.

Those who are born with Scorpio in Eleventh House want to be emotionally deep, but they don’t admit it.

When making decisions, they’re being reasonable and pretty cold, yet their goals are never easy to achieve if they don’t address the family problems they may be having, as well the emotional impediments in their way.

These people are attracted to power and the people who share their views. They’re carefully choosing their friends and are devoted, but at the same time, they can obsess over their own goals and work too hard at making them come true.

People born with Scorpio in 11th House want to collaborate with others because this way, they can be deep and true. They can read minds and this way, scare their friends.

Wanting to have some power among their friends, they need to make sure that they’re also helping others find the resources they have within. They can become obsessed with networking, even too intense about this. It can be said they’re using their friends only to discover their secrets.

At the same time, they’re a true mystery for others, so no one knows what’s motivating them. Troubled, profound and dramatic, 11th House Scorpios can have things suddenly happening into their life. They shouldn’t just be calm and too balanced because this can destroy them. After all, they can find their strengths and resources.

When ready to face their dark side, they can reach their brilliance and make amazing transformations. All this can influence the way they’re interacting with technology, not to mention they’re very good at fixing any gadget. When losing one, they’re simply destroyed.

These natives are responsible when it comes to them to develop their relationships and the Self. The reaction to their 5th House is all about creativity because Pluto is known for enriching the imagination. The sign of Scorpio can have creativity taken for granted.

When it comes to creativity within relationships, this is all about how people are relating on different levels. A person born with Scorpio in 11th House couldn’t interact with someone who’s not well educated or religiously fanatic because he or she could no longer be aware of his or her consciousness.

Quality over quantity

People with this astrological configuration in their birth chart appreciate quality and not quantity, so their friendships are intense. They could talk about their emotions and reveal their secrets to their best friends.

Those ruled by Pluto usually are deep and psychologically well-built, not to mention they can heal others by simply concentrating.

If they’re the ones being healed or the ones healing, it all depends on the aspects Pluto and Scorpio are making, as well on how much the natives are willing to give or to receive.

With regards to how people born with Scorpio in 11th House can keep their friendships alive, they need to resist being possessive and their power.

More than this, they need to have their finances in order because borrowing and even giving money to others can make Pluto too dynamic for them, which can cause a lot of trouble.

These natives don’t like to talk that much. When it comes to matters that are influencing their social group, they want to share what they know with others. This can lead to some conflicts and even to disasters because they can bother others.

Their influence in groups is quite strong and they can change their friends’ opinions if they want to. Eleventh House Scorpios don’t like intolerant people and being criticized. When it comes to having things done their way, they can manipulate and use all kind of unhealthy means.

Their critique can destroy others. If they want to develop from a spiritual point of view, they need to find the common ground with others, no matter how much they like them or not. More than this, they should be less emotional.

When a person born with Scorpio in 11th House can’t overcome him or herself, he or she can start to be unreasonable. For this reason, people with this placement in their birth chart can have their team working against them, so they can no longer be able to fix any shortcomings they may see in others. To fix this, they should make sure their critique is always objective.

Besides, they should express themselves according to the rules accepted by the many. If leaders of a group, they like to oppose their inferiors and other people as well.

This is what’s helping them be more innovative and creative. If they can persevere, they can obtain amazing rewards as a result of their efforts. When surrounded by friends, they’re kind and very warm, not to mention that they know what people surrounding them want the most. Also, they’re sensitive from an emotional point of view.

It’s possible for them to become discouraged when dealing with minor family issues. It’s not enough to only be good friends with them because they’re looking for loyalty and long-term connections. Because of this, others can trust them to be themselves sincere, loyal and dependable.

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