Pisces in 3rd House: Fighting Fate Every Step of the Way


The sign of Pisces is making people smarter, more inventive, inspired and creative. Those having it in their Third House aren’t very good at manifesting their thoughts, but some of their plans can come true, even if not all of them.

This is why they’re good writers, artists, and movie directors. They simply can combine their creative side with their spirit of observation. However, in case Neptune is influencing them too much, they can be too emotional and have problems discerning fact from fiction. This is why they should combine imagination with practicality.

Pisces on the Third House Cusp:

  • Positives: Easy-going, merciful and inventive;
  • Negatives: Defensive and pretentious;
  • Advice: Strive to remain down-to-earth, especially when it comes to domestic matters;
  • Celebrities: Goldie Hawn, Hilary Swank, Leona Lewis, Eros Ramazzotti, Damon Albarn.

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Relying too much on their feelings

These natives are mysterious and interesting because they possess a subtle intelligence and are very sensitive when talking to others. Their dreams can become a reality if they trust what their instinct is telling them.

When it comes to their issues and relationships, they don’t want to talk too much about them. Their actions, behaviors, and ideas are very much influenced by their emotions, whereas their theories by intuition and senses.

Third House Pisces tend to keep the friendliest and warmest communication alive. In case they don’t have a well-developed personality, they aren’t moral, but very much looked for at parties.

When it comes to their friendships, these are being assessed through the frame of mind that fate is an influencer. These natives never take into consideration the ideas of others and can’t justify their attitude using another person.

When talking about social norms and ethics, they don’t care about logic because they rely too much on feeling. At least they’re accepting the truth as it is and respect themselves a lot.

Not giving too much importance to words, they can still see their subtle meaning. Also, they don’t care too much about details, so they can’t deal with them as good as others can.

It’s important they carefully decide who to trust because they may tell important stories about their lives to the wrong people. It’s okay for them to be like this, but they can end up being gossiped and involved in situations that never seem to end anymore.

With time, these natives can merge their emotions with their minds to become a force. But until this is happening, they can have a difficult time dealing with details.

When young, their emotions can cloud their judgment and the way they’re communicating. A 3rd House Pisces individual becomes more creative and intuitive when it comes to talking, the more he or she evolved.

Natives with this placement can end up seeing what people mean when saying something. When allowed to think for themselves, they can come up with great ideas, but they need a few breaks to recharge.

Regardless of how confident they are, it can still be tough for them to express their thoughts and to no have emotions impeding them from being open.

Blurring the lines between reality and dream

When learning, they should be all alone and not rely on others because this can help them escape into a world of their own and absorb knowledge more easily. This way, they can learn what they need to and allow their imagination to run wild.

The Third House is also one of the siblings, short-distance trips and routine. Those with Pisces here can escape stress if going away for a weekend because longer journeys may require them to plan too much and to get days off from work.

They need their daily routine to be in order if it is for their emotions to be safe. Of course, they can be reasonable, but some guidelines are necessary for them. Attached to their siblings, they may want to take on their responsibilities, but this can’t beneficially influence them.

People born with Pisces in the Third House can’t absorb too clearly information because they’re not sure of themselves in a conversation. They can send the wrong messages and e confusing when trying to make a point.

More than this, they can turn reality into fantasy and this way end up deluded, especially in front of others. However, they’re skilled at combining their intelligence with their imagination, this way obtaining a better view on what is hidden behind words or different actions.

In case they have siblings, these have loved them unconditionally. Their connection with them was peaceful and giving, just like the one with the Universe. They probably played make-believe with their brothers and sisters, as well as shared many of their secrets.

However, if they were brought up all alone, they may have been the ones who are inspiring other children to fantasize.

Therefore, their neighborhood always liked them because they loved their neighbors and never wanted to gossip. In case they’ve developed harmoniously, they’re more sensitive and subtle in perception.

More than this, they have subtle ways of understanding what ethics is in society, mostly because they have taken good people as models. It is recommended for them to learn how to no longer feel guilty, insecure, sorry for themselves and shy.

As well, they should be more down-to-earth and not allow anything to interfere with their harmonious development. When being educated, Third House Pisces need to immerse themselves into study. The connection they have with their teachers should be emotional.

Very motivating to others

If strained by any emotion, they can no longer catch the deeper meaning of things, so it becomes impossible for them to learn in an effective and useful manner.

They can be interested in a subject for a very long time, but when bored, they’re hiding what’s happening and become detached from learning. Not at all liking to be educated, these natives can’t obtain the best results by studying.

Often, the perceptions of others can influence their own, but this doesn’t mean they’re the same. People born with Pisces in the 3rd House are worthy of the job of teachers because they’re devoted to their students and very patient.

They can make anyone excel and believe in him or herself. In their class, no one can feel hopeless or inferior. This is because they form emotional connections with their pupils and develop at the same time as them.

The sign of Pisces is in the fall of Mercury, so it influences people to have conflicts between their emotions and logic. This can cause them to be confused and to feel strange, as well as unable to express themselves or have a clear mind.

However, the Pisces sign is also one of the talents, and according to the positions of Jupiter, Mercury or Neptune, people with it in their Third House are being grounded in reality according to how positive and dignified the aspects between these planets are.

If it is for them to have a clear mind, they need to not consume substances that are altering their mind and to avoid smoking as well.

If pure in their hearts, they can have the same for their mind and the way they’re talking or the decisions they’re making. The more they’re practicing what they preach, the more life can offer its magic to them.

The teachers with Pisces in the 3rd House need to be spiritual and deep when sharing their knowledge with others. They need to present the core of any matter and to give meaning to issues.

If they give up profanity in their work, they can achieve what they want. Their interests are most of the time about dealing with people who are subjected to the materialistic side of life but in a hidden manner.

If pursuing what they care the most about, they can become more productive and teach each other things the easy way.

Natives born with Pisces in 3rd House are great teachers of the arts, as well as amazing mentors or psychologists. The more they can focus their attention, the more they can avoid any problem at work.

For them to succeed, they need to accept they can sometimes make mistakes and no longer blame others for what they’re doing wrong.

These natives are cryptic and possess strong emotions, especially when communicating. They often base their ideas on intuition, whereas their plans are usually being kept secret because they want to be alone when working with their mind.

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