Capricorn in 1st House: Capricious but Persevering


These people are ambitious, reserved and motivated to get things done, no matter what. Those born with Capricorn in the first house are always ready to leave their fear behind, to make the world a better place. This is why others see them as authoritative and the best advisers.

Capricorn on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Persistent, confident and enthusiastic;
  • Negatives: Judgmental and sneaky;
  • Advice: Avoid allowing your pragmatism to take over your completely, take some time to dream too;
  • Celebrities: René Descartes, Chuck Norris, Carrie Fisher, Dakota Johnson, Patricia Bündchen.

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A little too judgmental

People born with Capricorn in the First House are serious and have a lot of patience. Ruled by Saturn in this placement, they’re as well responsible, even if this is making them seem cold, shy and obsessed with work.

All in all, they’re just complex and difficult to understand. Many see these natives as reserved and down-to-earth because they’re always minding their own business and working hard.

They can judge too much and this can influence their relationships to take the wrong turns. However, they can as well badly procrastinate and be a little bit too focused on tradition. When it comes to their professional life, they have many ambitions and are looking to win a good reputation instead of too much money.

Stable, they’re just like the mountain goat and take things one step at a time, struggling to land and to have security. Usually, these people are successful, no matter what they may decide to do in life.

They’re perceived as responsible, motivated to succeed and hard workers. Their goals can be many, but they’re never rushing towards them because they can understand stages are important.

When it comes to their life in public, individuals born with Capricorn in the First House are hiding their emotions and can seem timid. However, they’re seen well and loved for respecting tradition.

These natives are methodical and organized, as well as able to persist when looking to make their dreams come true. What they do is meaningful and meant to succeed, especially when they have a precise goal.

More than this, they’re focused, serious and sometimes too analyzing or romantic. In them, there’s a desire to invest efforts to rise above their competitors and to have their ambitions fulfilled. When it comes to their winnings, they’re usually obtaining these after working with their most prominent skills.

Capricious and moody

The person born with Capricorn in 1st House needs to build on bridges that have are already there and came from their minds and hands. This individual can rapidly make his or her dreams come true by not being too loud and by persisting on climbing the social ladder.

For this reason, many of these natives are great managers. They’re not easily giving up and can feel what they’re capable of, especially when having a precise goal. It’s true that when having an objective, they can be capricious because they need to know their efforts are going to bring great results. Only this way, they can feel truly satisfied.

As far as the way they perceive themselves goes, First House Capricorns are precise and rigid, not caring about minor defects they may feature. They can overcome their flaws when needed because they’re determined to make their dreams come true. More than this, these people are ambitious and don’t want to make compromises when trying to reach the highest peaks in life.

As said before, they give a lot of importance to the position they’re occupying in society. When reserved, they’re making others think that they’re cold, but they’re only thinking they’re doing their duty.

As far as their health goes, they may have knee problems and be less flexible than other natives. Individuals born with Capricorn in the 1st House should healthily use the energy of Saturn because this is having many effects over their life.

Since Saturn is restrictive, it’s forcing natives born with Capricorn in First House to get over their limits, especially if they don’t want to end up too pressured and feeling constrained.

As said before, the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn are serious astrological elements that are helping people to be the same and to stay in isolation, to work too hard or to become too physical.

With Capricorn in the First House, it’s just like having Saturn here. The natives of this placement are rational and pragmatic, so they’re avoiding having high hopes or being too optimistic.

They believe in making an effort and are willing to work hard, no matter what. It can be said they’re acting like adults ever since children because their dominant parent has influenced them to be this way, probably their father.

More than this, it’s possible they’ve been influenced by their grandparents, those people who taught them what tradition and conservatism mean.

Long-term perseverance

No matter the circumstances, these natives are cautious when making decisions and great at coming up with strategies, but a little bit close-minded. Many are saying to them that they can’t adapt or change their views.

But all in all, First House Capricorns can see the big picture and organize their life in the long run because they’re always sticking with what they’ve decided and their plans can prove to be the most efficient ones.

They’re only testing and therefore, not acting on impulse. More than this, they’re not blaming their mistakes on others because Saturn is influencing them to take responsibility.

Practical and focused on the material side of life, people born with Capricorn in First House can achieve what they want in life without actually feeling tired. Of course, this depends a lot on how other planets in their birth chart are positioned. They can go through many challenges in life, which can help them have a defined plan.

It’s like they’re carrying a very heavy load and need to always be pragmatic if they want to take it to destination.

At least they’re strong and rigid, so when dealing with problems, it’s easy for them to keep their posture and faith. When these natives are challenged about the most is having more tolerance for those in trouble, as well as being more understanding and emotional.

When natives born with Capricorn in 1st House aren’t developing the way they want to, they can feel truly unhappy and bored, believe in nothing and only hang on to their professional life without thinking they can somehow win at what they’re doing.

When working on themselves, they need to do it on long-term because otherwise, their character can’t evolve, neither their ability to be patient.

When functioning at their best, they’re speaking without giving the impression that they may have any emotion, so their speech may start to sound prophetic.

In this situation, they need to be less dry in their manners, as well to trust more and to be less indifferent when it comes to their everyday life because this is important for the big picture.

Their opponents can show them how to think more profoundly and to pay attention to other people’s wishes because they tend to forget about all these things. When young, they’re not the healthiest people because they’re working too hard, trying to make their dreams come true and to achieve material gains.

These people need to see their hard work has given good results. More than this they’re stable and very patient, dignified and organized almost to the extreme. People are taking them very seriously and their actions often seem cold.

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