Leo in 8th House: Rebelling Against the Norm


While generous, people born with Leo in 8th House prefer to have control over joint financial accounts. More than often, they’re giving even with those who don’t deserve it. Representing longevity and healthiness, they’re energetic, assertive and courageous during most of their lives. However, they may not realize this about themselves because they’re always looking to explore, in the bravest manner possible.

As far as their fear of the new and authority goes, this can change their entire life because it’s giving more foresight to their subconscious. It’s possible for some of them to never adapt to people giving them orders, but at least they don’t mind change because they think it can only bring good things into their life.

Leo on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Resolute, intuitive and industrious;
  • Negatives: Evasive and inflexible;
  • Advice: Take better care of your heart by avoiding to get upset out of literally anything;
  • Celebrities: Gwen Stefani, Jimi Hendrix, Warren Buffett, Coco Chanel, Paul Newman.

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Living to the highest standards

The 8th House rules over investments being made and the money of others, so those with Leo here may invest a lot of their energy into these matters.

They may only feel proud when managing money most creatively, also when sharing their business knowledge and talking about what fascinates them about debts. As far as extreme challenges are going, these natives are very impressive when dealing with surprises coming from both those who surround them and even themselves.

During a psychological crisis, they’re looking for more power, but not in others, not the situations happening to them, nor themselves. When looking to impress with their strength, they’re only obtaining more endurance in return, which can help them deal with any crisis in the simplest and most enjoyable ways.

Individuals born with Leo in the Eighth House have very high and clean standards, not to mention they’re behaving most nobly. They have strong ethics and the desire to be submissive to the collective will.

They should take good care of their hearts. Therefore, cardio fitness is indicated for these natives. Loving to be at the center of attention, Eighth House Leos are expressing their Light through the power they won and the influence they have over others, meaning they’re many times advantaged.

They may want to gain the reputation of being benefactors for those who need money and material resources.

It’s important for them to have a schedule and to notice any opportunity that can help their personality shine more. If this is not possible, they may start to force their Light onto their loved ones and this way, to push these people away.

The best quality of an Eighth House Leo individual is being able to regenerate the Self, to hold on to high values when it comes to it, and to reflect the Principles of the Cosmos. Therefore, natives with this placement in their birth chart need to look for the Absolute Truth and how this is manifesting in life.

However, they need to avoid being domineering when looking for the Truth, as well as not all the time think that what they know is what truly matters and dismiss the beliefs of others.

Being creative about life activities

Since the 8th House is also about groups, Leo can contribute a lot with its leadership qualities. More than this, this sign can be very helpful because it’s pushing natives to search for the Truth.

The same Eighth House is also the one of astrology and metaphysics, so it’s making people study sciences that are all about what’s beyond the material. Those who are looking for the Truth are functioning on a high octave and are curious about any life mystery.

When it comes to the low octave, this search for the Truth can help them be teachers of religion, philosophy or any other profound subject for that matter. Individuals born with Leo in Eighth House live to have all kind of exciting experiences, this being the reason why they love taking risks and moving homes.

They don’t want to pay attention to details because they’re happier going with the flow and living their life. It’s unlikely for them to be scared about death, but this doesn’t mean they’re not serious to live their life in a disciplined manner. They just want to feel that they’re living.

When it comes to what they’re doing for a living, many of them are big investors who handle large sums of money. This means they have a glamorous lifestyle and the opportunity to give to others as well.

Many know them as generous and for always being around to give a hand. Their financial future is usually secure and they’re not curious about any secrets others may have.

These natives love being in control, especially when it comes to money. This is why they’re not known to spend on useless things. Their ego is very strong, so they should do something about it because they can hurt others when seeming insensitive.

Feeling like it’s their right to show off, 8th House Leos don’t realize this attitude of theirs is making others feel uncomfortable, most of the time those who are going through difficult situations.

It isn’t the best idea for these natives to be too proud of themselves. If having to deal with difficult emotions, they can end up showing a wounded side them.

This is why they need to keep their personalities away from their Shadow. Otherwise, they can become destructive when looking for attention, as well as egotistical when wanting more power. This is because they most likely had more personalities from which they inherited many traits.

Rebelling against social norm

When expressing their dark side, these Leos can become a very destructive force. The more they’re dealing with their emotional issues, the more confidence they can start to have in themselves.

Taking care of their psyche is making them feel more alive, even if they can be a little bit too dramatic and feeling alive only when dealing with the most difficult feelings.

It’s a good thing this is the way they’re healing. Their self is all the time surviving extreme feelings, not to mention their personality is resourceful enough for them to overcome any issue.

Intimacy can help individuals with Leo in 8th House be more self-aware and learn more from sexual intercourse. However, they can think only of themselves during sex, so they should change this, for their partner’s sake.

Those of them who are very developed can rebel against some social norms and wish for their ideologies to be put into practice. Some are interested in the occult, in the most energetic manner.

They’re convincing, but subtly, as well adventurers because they love taking risks. Physical pleasure is something they enjoy, but it can consume their energy. At least during sex, they’re expressing themselves and are more creative.

When it comes to having a partner, the person with Leo in the 8th House wants to receive back what he or she is giving.

People with this placement in their birth chart are controlling and possessive in love, but generous with their material resources. As said before, they should take good care of their hearts and not tire their bodies.

Many of them want to work in the financial sector, which can happen because they have the talent and others are willing to give them a hand. While giving, they want to have total control over money because they simply love investing and distributing profits.

This is the reason why many of these natives are working as bankers in the most important financial institutions. They don’t like following orders and can’t stay in only one place for too long.

Having some issues with their ego, they can bother others. If they can’t accept some people are simply childish but capable of effort, they aren’t following the right path in life for them.

When it comes to how they view success, these natives can have the wrong perception. If they want to make their dreams come true, they must be respecting other people and also themselves.

Their life challenge is to also give their respect to those who aren’t as profound, pragmatic or reliable as them.

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