Aquarius in 2nd House: Earning Money in Unusual Ways


The Aquarius sign is the one of innovation, so people born with Aquarius in the 2nd House are probably looking for ways to get rich fast, ever since childhood.

They don’t pay attention to the stable financial life, neither they are emotionally connected with their money. They rather see their financial resources as something that helps them live and go on adventures, so they love to take advantage of any opportunity, according to their lifestyle.

Aquarius on the Second House Cusp:

  • Positives: Methodical, friendly and polite;
  • Negatives: Suspicious and inflexible;
  • Advice: Be extra careful when spending money on things you know you don’t really need;
  • Celebrities: Lenny Kravitz, Daniel Day-Lewis, Liam Neeson, René Descartes, Dakota Johnson.

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Earning money in unusual ways

A Second House Aquarius individual has many faces and is complex. Natives with this placement can easily interact with any group, but at the same time, they remain individualistic.

They feel good when dealing with the new and the strange, not to mention they can easily adapt to any innovation in their career. However, they prefer to deal with the ethics of corporations, as they’re organized and good at innovating.

When it comes to their money, these are never on a stable territory because they’re spending hurriedly, as well to get the most expensive things they don’t need. More than this, Second House Aquariuses love to be surrounded by the latest gadgets and to wear designer clothes.

Most of the time, their interests are many, so they don’t have clear objectives. It’s easy for them to determine how they can develop from ta very young age. Others can be sure they’ll always adhere to their principles and rules.

When it comes to their income, this is strongly related to the one of their loved ones, as well as the activities they’re performing in some groups. Their friends are most of the time influential and helpful for their earnings.

Some of them are making money by being involved in administration or being members of political parties. As said before, individuals born with Aquarius in the Second House can make money when involved in groups, also in the most unusual manners.

Many corporations and groups want them because they can come up with the most innovative ideas and methods to make the world a better place.

Those of them who aren’t so well developed can easily get bored, this being the reason why they’re curious about the strangest events and don’t want to deal with the mundane. If they want to develop harmoniously, they need to give a lot of importance to the ethic of their group because this can teach them how to exist in any environment.

They can survive and feel comfortable when collaborating with others, as well when their personal needs are being merged with the ones of the group.

2nd House Aquariuses are crazy about technology and the latest gadgets. This is why they can gain what they need from a material, physical and financial point of view, from working in the media or the technological field.

They can have many ideas on how different instruments could be used, so they can make a lot of money that they’ll later donate to different humanitarian causes.

Impulsive with their spending

Individuals born with Aquarius in the Second House are not so sensitive when it comes to money or their possessions because this side of life can’t rule them. They’re more creative when it comes to how they’re making a living, so it should be expected of them to have more than one source of income.

Not the ones to have a stable career for the money-making, many of them are freelancers. They could work as programmers because they’re so interested in technology.

When it comes to their finances, they’re impulsive with spending, but at least it’s easy for them to find new ways of making their money. These natives may want to do something that’s not in the system because they’re free and individualistic.

The Water Bearer in the Second House is making them want to live differently than others. Natives with this placement want more to build a career for themselves, rather than to make more money. They’re the mad geniuses who are looking for honor in their work and don’t care too much if they’re still living in their parents’ home.

As said before, they see money as something that’s not so needed in their life, not to mention they don’t know what to spend on. They’re creative and think innovatively, so they can do something unique with their life, meaning they’re looking to save for the projects they have to be put into practice. This means they can’t do a job they don’t love.

People born with Aquarius in Second House don’t mix emotions with their money. They don’t want to have a stable financial situation, preferring jobs that don’t offer them this.

They can identify the most original ways of making money, something others wouldn’t think of, not to mention they tend to spend without thinking too much.

It would be a good idea for them to do something that’s related to the sign of Aquarius, so they could be inventors, programmers, counselors or planners for the future. Not looking to follow any rule or to live how others expect them to, they can have very low self-esteem.

However, it’s good for them to be rebellious and to do their thing. Only this way, they can see how valuable it is for them to be unconventional and to accept themselves. Their life can be stable and more enjoyable when they’re not conforming.

Becoming rather stubborn

Second House Aquariuses are not too worried about money, so they’re relaxed when it comes to their resources. They can spend chaotically because saving seems just boring for them.

However, they’re rational when it comes to money, not to mention objective about what they own. They want to possess to keep being independent, not because they’re looking to impress others. They tend to think for themselves when it comes to what they have.

Their karma is giving them the responsibility to have the right values. Since Taurus is the natural ruler of the Second House, it’s influencing them to look for high quality, even if the Aquarius is sometimes not so interested in this.

At the same time, it’s making them more stubborn, unable to deal with changes and obstinate. Aquariuses don’t like making changes on themselves either, no matter how much this is helping them develop. This sign is the one of intelligence and the way knowledge is working in life.

Individuals born with Aquarius in the Second House determine the value in their life according to how they’re feeling in a group and how their internal changes are taking place.

The responsibility of the Aquarius in them is to give more importance to the materialistic side of life about the spiritual realm, especially when it comes to how their life is getting manifested. More than anything, Second House Aquariuses need to be righteous.

Their values can always change because this is what the sign of the Water Bearer is influencing them to be. The only value they keep constant is the one of friendship and the common good in society.

When it comes to money, they don’t give too much importance to it. This is why they take risks when it comes to their finances and even their health, meaning they’re consuming a lot of junk food and alcohol.

Their 1st House is in Capricorn, so they may give a whole new direction to the materialistic side of life. These natives are stable and have good plans, not to mention they can get free by spending money, so they’re quite irresponsible when it comes to the financial aspect.

People born with Aquarius in 2nd House and who have developed positively can make important changes in the scientific field because they’re creative enough to improve the future and to make developments in the technological field.

However, they need to evolve in groups and to feel like in a brotherhood with everyone around them.

The person born with Aquarius in Second House can go through many challenges when making money. However, natives with this astrology are not bothered by this happening to them because they can easily adapt and come clean out of any bad situation.

These people are smart, active and all the time optimistic. When facing a difficulty, they don’t sink into the situations and can find solutions to any problem.

As far as their sources for earning money are going, these can be their most innovative ideas, this being the reason why so many of them are inventors. As far as the mundane goes, they want to be surrounded by originality, mostly because they can perceive any unusual situations and personalities.

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