Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility in Love & Life: A Smooth Relationship


Virgo is down to earth and practical, so they’re going to like Scorpio’s honesty, but the water sign can sometimes be too blunt and harsh. Compared to them, Virgo is softer, more subtle, they know how to avoid a scene. In this couple, Scorpio’s tactlessness will thus make Virgo cringe internally.

Criteria Virgo Scorpio Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Strong ❤❤❤❤
Communication Below average ❤❤
Trust & Dependability Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Common values Strong ❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Average ❤❤❤

But Scorpio’s emotional depth and the passion they put in everything, their arguments included, can be as enticing as it is intimidating for a Virgo.

Virgo will find it easier to open up and let their emotions flow freely next to a Scorpio than they would with any other sign. And Scorpio’s complex mind and emotions will draw the earth sign in to explore a whole new world they never knew existed.

When These Two Fall in Love

They are similar on a mental level. Both signs have sharp minds and they like to stay on the sidelines and observe; this makes them good at reading the atmosphere and understanding people on a deeper level. They are also prone to overthinking everything. They’re pretty neurotic, albeit for different reasons.

They usually hide their emotions and try to keep a cool, unemotional façade. But beneath this mask, their emotions are bubbling. This is especially the case for the intense and passionate Scorpio.

These signs’ symbolism can also reveal a lot about their personalities in general. Virgo is represented by the virgin, a symbol of innocence. This trait might not show itself as naïveté, as much as the tendency to be a goody two shoes all the time.

They can come off as stiff or bashful, because they want nothing to do with distasteful acts and bad manners.

Virgo keeps to themselves and distances themselves from unpleasant situations whenever possible. This makes them bottle up their feelings unconsciously. They want order, predictability, and they are extremely practical minded. They cannot handle life’s unpleasant surprises, the darker side, everything that spells “danger”.

Scorpio is the complete opposite in this case. They can sometimes get too real in their conversations, because they don’t shy away from exploring or exposing the darkness of the world.

To a Scorpio, there’s even something alluring in the morbid, the strange, and in the misery that is ever-present everywhere around us. The water sign knows the world can be a very cold, dark place.

Scorpio is more open to the raw, unfiltered experiences that life brings. They are also very emotional and expressive. Their intensity and passion will be something new for the composed and reserved Virgo.

Scorpio’s feelings are intense and difficult to explain. In fact, Scorpios are overall complex and enigmatic individuals. They might even get lost in this sea of contradictory emotions, feeling so many things at the same time.

Obviously, the compatibility between Virgo and Scorpio will be a constant balancing act between two extremes—between emotions and rationality, between the heart and the mind. Neither will let go easily, so buckle up!

Virgo and Scorpio Relationship Key Facts

There’s something tender about both Virgo and Scorpio that brings them together. These two signs are reflective, deep thinking, and they analyze everything down to the smallest details.

They are reserved, but when they meet someone mentally compatible with them, they open up and eagerly try to learn more about the other person. They want most of the same things, so their lifestyles will not be vastly different either.

Their relationship will start with, and will be built upon meaningful communication, openness, and friendship.

The sexual chemistry might not be the best, but their relationship can be very wholesome and stable even without it. They will skip all the unproductive mind games and will go straight to building something great together.

When in a couple, a Virgo and a Scorpio will get along well, and they will be supportive of their partner’s hobbies and interests, even if they don’t share the same passion. As parents, they will make sure that their kids receive the most balanced upbringing, and the best education they can give them.

They value most of the same things, such as loyalty, honesty, and mental depth. An interesting, stimulating conversation is the best spice for their relationship.

And since their values align most of the time, their discussions will flow nicely. But there are some areas where their opinions diverge radically, and that’s when arguments can arise.

Scorpio is not a maximalist, but they tend to hold on to things with high sentimental value, and Virgo might not be so pleased to see their home littered with old, dusty, unsightly trinkets and random memorabilia ruining the décor.

Virgo and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

Both signs detest the thought of casual hookups or short-term flings. If they enter a relationship, they do so with the thought of their long-term prospects in mind. And they would not start a relationship they felt was not going to last, so they take their time to assess their compatibility with their partner.

If there truly is a deep emotional connection, Virgo and Scorpio will think seriously about marriage, as their relationship evolves more and more. Virgo sees marriage as a sacred tradition they want to uphold, and they see many of the financial and social advantages of it.

Scorpio has a romanticized vision about marriage, seeing it as declaring their undying loyalty and establishing a long-lasting romance.

But passionate Scorpio wants to keep the spark alive for years to come, while Virgo might settle into a tame, daily routine once married. Scorpio is very intense and a sensual being; they might feel starved for attention and affection if Virgo gets complacent and no longer puts an effort into it.

Virgo might, on the other hand, find Scorpio’s overly-emotional personality exhausting to cater to, and they might see the water sign as too chaotic.

Neither of the two is wrong. There needs to be a middle ground that will ensure both sides are comfortable and satisfied in marriage.

Cheating will never be an issue, given that both signs are loyal and devoted partners. Given the stability and peacefulness of their relationship, their home environment will be perfect for starting a family, if kids are on their life-goals list.

This supportive environment is also going to be beneficial for the two sign’s career ambitions.

To ensure long-term satisfaction in their marriage, the two should always work on improving themselves and their relationship. They need to be open and attentive when it comes to their partner’s needs and desires.

Drawbacks of This Match

Both Virgo and Scorpio are overthinking things, especially when they’re going through a tense situation. They might end up on an endless downward spiral if nobody cheers up a little!

Also, the fact that both signs are control freaks can lead to a tug of war between two opinions or plans. But you know what they say—“if you want a job well done, do it yourself!”. Instead of criticizing their partner for not getting it right, why not give a helping hand?

Another issue with these two partners is their fear of conflict. They want to keep things peaceful so much, that they will avoid conflict at any cost, even to the detriment of making their opinion known.

In the Virgo and Scorpio match, the two might bottle up their feelings and push aside topics that really need to be discussed.

Scorpio can be blunt and insensitive, and Virgo is extremely critical of other people’s flaws. As respectful and open as they are towards each other, these instinctive reflexes make a calm, level-headed conversation difficult when they contradict each other.

Also, neither sign does well with criticism—Scorpio’s feelings get hurt easily, while Virgo cannot accept their own imperfections. They need to be patient and persistent if they want to solve these issues together, as tiresome as the process might be.

It might not help that calculated and rational Virgo’s worldview goes against and negates Scorpio’s hot-blooded and passionate approach to things. Both sides can feel dismissed and undervalued for what they offer, because their approaches are just so different.

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