Scorpio Man in Love Relationships: Passionate Yet Guarded


The Scorpio man is so vindictive and neurotic, often to the point of obsession. At the same time, he’s very supportive, loyal, passionate in the bedroom and generous. His ways of dealing with the deepest emotions can’t be seen in others, as he’s incredibly sensitive, which is the reason why he comes across as guarded at times, to not end up hurt.

Relationships and the Scorpio Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He loves deeply and genuinely.
  • Negatives: He can be possessive and unwilling to change.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where his home is his castle, and his wife and kids adore him.
  • Advice: He could try to engage with his emotions a little more, which might make him more approachable.

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When vindictive, he does unspeakable things because his feelings dictate them to and he simply can’t forgive. Fatalistic and making a big deal out of anything, he’s intense and lives his life as if going through small deaths and rebirths.

As soon as in love, he becomes very attached to his partner. For him, the person who he is with is either the one or nothing at all because he doesn’t settle for half measures in love.

Deeply emotional and unwilling to change who he is, the Scorpio man is always waiting for the love of his life. In relationships, he’s intense and never shows his weaknesses because he’s scared of seeming vulnerable. He’s also very compassionate and can understand the most complex emotions of his other half.

A Family Man with the Last Say

The possessiveness of the Scorpio man can be too much, not to mention he can be prone to bouts of jealousy when everything seems to be in order.

Some women like this because it makes them feel loved, but in fact he just wants to control everything and is obsessed with power. It doesn’t matter how he gets the upper hand, it’s important for him that he gets it.

Very vindictive, he would never let his partner’s wrongdoings go unpunished. As soon as someone gets to know him, he becomes very honest and straightforward, also extremely curious about what the person who got close to him is thinking.

When trusting his partner, he reveals a lot of his soul and expects the same things in return. At the same time, he becomes loving and affectionate, one of the most passionate lovers this world has ever seen.

However, all this means he also has a temper and can obsess over things others don’t even care about. It would be better for him to be with a woman who would never provoke his jealousy, and someone who’s as emotional as he is.

When committed to someone, he relaxes and is very happy, yet still always on guard. He doesn’t put into words what he feels because he doesn’t want to feel vulnerable, but inside his heart, he’s as joyful as a child. During these moments, a breakup could destroy him. His partner doesn’t have to be the type of person needing reassurance because he’s rarely able to offer it.

A classic husband and father, he respects family traditions with strictness. This doesn’t mean he isn’t a feminist. On the contrary, he loves powerful women who have an impressive career, not to mention he would never stand in their way. For all he cares, his wife can keep her last name and even make more money than him.

At home, he doesn’t mind taking care of the children and cooking dinner, all while he enjoys his hobbies. However, he’s the one who has to be in control in his family, which is not bad, seeing as he’s protective, even if quite possessive.

As a matter of fact, he’s so obsessed with knowing what’s happening with his loved ones that he may want his kids to be home schooled. What he wants his home to be is perfect, and no one can convince him that this is not possible.

His sign is the ruler of the reproductive system, making him a natural father. His desire is to have a family in which everyone is loving and communicates openly. His mother has great influence over his life, the relationship he has with her being of love and hate, close to the Oedipal.

It’s very difficult for him to leave his parents’ home, not to mention that in love, he’s looking for a woman who can mother him. Until he realizes that his partner doesn’t want to control him, he acts strangely, being on and off with his affection. It takes quite a while for this phase to pass too.

He’s capable of deep bonding and at the same time of extreme detaching, which means he’s very mysterious in the most intimate moments.

Emotionally Cautious Until Trust Is Established

Terrified of separation, he doesn’t want to get too close. He longs to have a soul that loves him, and can’t afford to lose control.

Feeling pain more intensely than others, he can suffer for years after breakup. In order to protect himself, he may do all kinds of things in a relationship, like keeping his old apartment or work late just to seem detached. He doesn’t need to be pushed to do anything because this would only result in him distancing himself.

The Scorpio man needs his own space, but he can’t survive in a relationship if he doesn’t know everything about his partner. He likes to play the mystery card, so a woman may never get to truly know him. This can be exhausting if it keeps going on for too long, which means he needs to be with a girl who’s fine with it.

As soon as he starts to trust his partner, he’s sure to make her feel like a queen. It’s like becomes a completely different person after he puts his trust in a person. He’s also very respectful and wildly sexual.

Being the sign of the Phoenix, he goes through small deaths and rebirths because this is his destiny. This means he goes through many breakups and make ups in his relationships. While wooing a woman, he lets go and then starts to obsess over her again. He doesn’t mind the emotional turmoil because it’s only normal for him to be at extremes.

While he may seem that ne never wants to commit, he in fact gives a lot of importance to marriage, especially one based on honesty. This is quite puzzling for him because he never expresses himself sincerely.

On the other hand, this is what makes him interesting. He needs a woman who doesn’t mind seeing him changing from one day to another.

Finding the Peaceful Middle Ground With A Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man treats his partner as an equal because this is the way he feels things should be, not because society dictates it. He’s very powerful and a man on which a woman can rely no matter the situation. Courageous and good at finding solutions to problems, he expects to be allowed to rule in a relationship.

As a matter of fact, he’s a master of power and mind games. His will is very strong, and he would never have things happening differently than how he wants them to happen, which means he’s quite obsessed with being in control.

His wife can either fight for her own corner and end up having a war with him at home, or she could just let him be the one in control and have a peaceful life next to her husband.

However, she might come across as weak in his eyes, and he resents weakness. The solution for her here is to play the middle ground.

The Scorpio man ties the knot forever, as he’s very serious about love and finds it difficult to walk away on his partner even when the marriage seems to be over.

During divorce, he fights hard either to get his ex back or to win all the assets they used to have together. It wouldn’t matter what’s in discussions, either feelings or possessions, he wants it all.

When living with someone, he’s like a volcano always ready to erupt, just because his emotions are controlling him, he’s obsessive and has the tendency to brood. The intensity of his feelings can sometimes be too much, but it could be useful in moments where the love seems to have faded away in the relationship with him.

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