Scorpio Challenges and Obstacles: Intense and Extreme


Scorpios are very intense people and don’t mind being told that they’re this way. They also have a tendency to go to extremes, but they don’t like being told that they’re ever exaggerating. It’s like they can’t stand aside and not let problems to turn into catastrophes.

Scorpio Challenges & Obstacles in a Nutshell:

  • Personality downfall: These people are expert manipulators, and the darkest of them can be very twisted.
  • When it comes to love: Their insecurity can manifest in ways that make them toy with their partner for the sheer fun of it.
  • At work: They have no qualms about manipulating their colleagues to get what they want.
  • Scorpio advice: Scorpios should listen to their own words and consider the impact they have on others.

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There may be times when they realize that making issues out of anything doesn’t serve them well. Their love of intensity is too much in them. They obsess about sex and death, not to mention they’re very curious about other people’s emotional issues and secrets. This is because they’re very psychological creatures who turn everything into drama.

Scorpio Personality Weaknesses and Negatives

The monster inside Scorpios can be very dangerous, so their reputation is well deserved. These natives are capable of both the best and the worst. They’re perfect manipulators and don’t ever talk about themselves.

In crisis situations, they can keep their cool, but their suspiciousness and jealousy are definitely exaggerated. What they tend to do is to obsess over destruction and even self-destruction, revenge and suffering. It’s like they’re torn between love and hate for no reason whatsoever. It’s just that they have evil tendencies that never leave them.

When trying to defend themselves, they’re manipulative and can sting very badly. The darkest of them have a strange connection with love and use their power to bring harm to others. They want to control everything and can be hypnotic.

At the same time, they’re staging hoaxes and use mind control techniques just for the fun of it. Negative Scorpios can hold grudges for years and plot their revenge all this time. They hate being regarded as stupid.

Similar to Arieses, they think anger makes them strong. If they happen to be resentful and frustrated for too long, they can develop chronic diseases, including obesity. It seems that they always manage to achieve their goals.

They’re very sensitive, which means others can hurt them pretty easily, which can be a real problem for them because Scorpios are the most vengeful people in the Zodiac. Possessing an extraordinary memory, they can never forget when they have been emotionally injured.

Different from other signs, they’re the ones who are always planning how to hurt people. For this reason, it’s very difficult to trust them, not to mention they never talk about their secrets. They’re in fact very mysterious and never allow people to get close to them.

The darkest of them combine all the previously mentioned negative traits. Because Scorpios don’t trust, they can’t keep their relationships working for too long. Their friends and loved ones don’t want to spend too much time with them because they’re always suspicious.

It’s a good idea to stay away from Scorpio natives when they’re upset or angry because they can be very dangerous, making extra effort to hurt others and taking everything personally. They see the world in black and white, so they hate vagueness and to see things in a dim light.

What they definitely are is very curious about how people think and how they’re able to deal with problems. Mysteries are food for their soul, so they’re exploring everyone and everything as much as they can.

They don’t like being contradicted, especially when they’re thinking their solutions to problems are the best. At the same time, they’re very stubborn, which means they most of the time achieve what they want, success included.

Scorpio Common Challenges and Solutions

When it comes to romantic relationships, Scorpios are usually possessive and don’t last for too long with their partners. They have a poor self-esteem and need others to tell them they’re good people.

However, everyone isn’t up for praising them all the time, which is another problem they have when it comes to romance. Meanwhile, they should accept that their other half has flaws just like anyone else and themselves.

They may realize at some point in their life that they’re not happy no matter how much they have tried to be. During these moments, they should understand that happiness comes from inside themselves. The more they feel good about who they are, the more they can no longer be disturbed by external negative influences.

Scorpios suffer from the inferiority complex because they’re not only destructive, but also self-destructive. For this reason, they should understand that they’re only humans and that this involves having weaknesses.

Also, flaws can be left behind if they’re sincere with themselves and find a way to forget their past mistakes. Other people don’t want to talk to them too much because they’re a little bit unwelcoming.

If they have a negative perception on life, they feel like they’re always being wronged, which can be noticed in the way they express themselves. Many see them as unconstructive, this being the reason why they’re avoided most of the time.

If they want to defeat all this, they need to pay more attention to their own words and perhaps change their entire attitude. If they’re only offended and defensive, they’ll end up being in fact offensive and mean.

Low Points in Love & Friendships

Scorpios can develop obsessions and are often obscure. They’re also very passionate and jealous, suspecting everyone of betraying them. Because they want to seduce and to remain mysterious, they don’t talk too much about themselves.

As lovers, they’re perverted, but they hide this under their power of seduction. This means they’re cruel and rather destructive. When in a relationship, they’re sadistic and can torment their partner with intention, not because they don’t know that they’re doing it. They even have fun doing it.

Insecure and possessive, their romantic life is more like a soap opera. Their stubbornness to stay in dead-end marriages just because they need to feel secure borders madness. More than this, they fall in love very fast and expect to get married after 3 days of a relationship.

They’re often considered the most passionate people in the Zodiac. They have a love and hate type of connection with their partner, just because their passion doesn’t let them be otherwise.

As a matter of fact, they’re so passionate that they become obsessed with sex and mind games. Very private, they don’t like to cuddle their other half in public, but at home they’re suffocating. It’s difficult for them to find love because they’re rather unconventional about such arrangements.

Their cruelty is well hidden. When jealous and having suspicions, all they want is to get their revenge in a grandiose manner. It’s better to never tell them any secret because they know how to use secrets against people.

When it comes to long-lasting friendships, they’re demanding and have a tendency to manipulate. In other words, they’re very nice and sweet on the outside, just to obtain what they want and to investigate the lives of their friends.

At parties and social gathering, they’re picking on people because they simply enjoy making a mess out of everything there.

How About Scorpio Career Weaknesses?

Hateful, rebellious and distrustful, Scorpios are very dark and never make their intentions clear. Their plans are usually diabolic and they’re trying to manipulate anyone who could bring them what they want. They feel happy and are interested only for as long as their interests are being satisfied.

As colleagues, they’re never transparent and may not even want to share their computer password in an emergency situation. In case they happen to feel betrayed, they become fierce predators who are capable of the cruelest things.

As bosses, they prefer to work from behind the scenes and to send their strategies out through others. However, they do want their objectives to be accomplished.

As business owners, they hunt for all the opportunities out there because this makes them feel alive. Their instincts help them identify the best chances for them to defeat their competitors and attract more clients.

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