Scorpio in Friendships: The Strong and Unwavering Friend


As friends, Scorpios are incredibly devoted and loyal. They indeed have a problem opening up and keep their secrets safely guarded, but at least they make a few best friends for a lifetime.

Top 5 Reasons Scorpio is Your Best Friend:

  1. Scorpio friends are incredibly loyal to their closest friends.
  2. They long for meaningful connections, valuing them over material or superficial things.
  3. If you have a secret, it is most definitely safe with your Scorpio friend.
  4. They will help you try things that you wouldn’t otherwise even think of.
  5. These people are naturally inquisitive, and will encourage you to delve deeper into things you’re interested in.

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What they need to learn is how to no longer be jealous of their friends’ other friends. While it sometimes may not feel appropriate for them to do it, they do need to share their innermost thoughts and feelings because their best friends are meant to hear them.

It’s not easy to become friends with Scorpios, but as soon as they start trusting a person, they’re the most resolute people in the Zodiac. They have no interest in superficial things and small talk, as they want meaningful connections with the people in their life.

Their memory is very good, and they hold grudges for a lifetime sometimes. In case one of their friends makes them feel insecure, they don’t hesitate to cut every connection with that person.

Scorpios shouldn’t be expected to go to every party in town because they prefer quiet places and to gather around with only a few people.

Your Secret is Safe With A Scorpio

People born in the sign of the Scorpio know how to be very good friends and have many acquaintances that stimulate from both an intellectual and emotional point of view. They can sometimes be cold and very impulsive, so keeping them as friends can be tricky from time to time.

Some say they get together only with the people who can bring them advantages. However, this is not true, as they only have a difficult character and need to pay great attention to whom they’re welcoming into their life.

A friendship with them needs a lot of work and they should never be taken for granted. Their expectations from others are indeed very high, yet they’re not at all impossible.

While they do have many acquaintances, there’s only one person they need to trust with their problems. Their inner circle is made up of people from all walks of life. Some of these people consider Scorpios to be a little bit more intense because they’re the ones who call things by their name and study the characters they’re surrounded by.

At a first glance, Scorpios may seem threatening and there may be no knowing where to exactly stand with them. However, as soon as they have deemed a person to be worthy of their friendship, they will do everything in their power for that person to be good.

They’re generous, fun and great hosts, even if very serious and rather intense. Their jokes always crack a healthy laughter, especially when they’re talking about their past and embellish the truth so that it sounds funnier.

Furthermore, they know how to keep a secret, not to mention they have a few of their own, which means they value discretion more than many other signs in the Zodiac.

They’re very good psychologists who can guess what others are going through on the inside. Whenever there’s a problem to be solved, they have great insights and can find the most effective solutions.

They can’t stand superficiality, so they’re interested only in long-term friendships that are sincere. It’s preferable to deepen the connection with them because this is what they’re expecting. Most of the time, Scorpios need to be around people who are as interesting and serious as they are.

They Don’t Trust Easily But Love Meeting New People

Dull personalities don’t attract them, which means they like people with many interests and who have a lot of value to bring to the friendship with them.

Scorpio men, especially, tend to select their friends very carefully. They don’t like sharing their time with people who don’t suit their character. There’s no such thing as a perfect friendship for them because they don’t actually trust anyone, which is one of their downsides.

Besides, every time they feel scared of something, they tend to blame what they’re feeling on their best friend. They think their closest people are sabotaging them by doing something behind their back, so they protect themselves by being cold and even mean with those people.

What they should avoid doing is getting rid of those who happen to be in their life every time they have a hunch. Those who want to know how to spend more quality time with Scorpios should go ahead and invite these friends of theirs to go outside, take part in sports competitions or have a talk about an interesting subject.

Scorpios also love being introduced to new people and attending cultural events. As a matter of fact, they’re big fans of cabaret shows and musicals, concerts and festivals.

They’re among the most loyal and active friends in the Zodiac. While some may think of them that they don’t put too much of their energy into their relationship, they in fact do it, just with care.

Bold and Daring in All Facets of Life

Scorpios are exciting and bold friends who love taking part in new adventures and never run away from a challenge. They’re always taking risks and encourage their friends to just the same.

With them, people get to do what wouldn’t even cross their mind. Sometimes, they can do the most dangerous things, but not because they want to put anyone at risk, just because this is the way they live their life.

They can be very extreme because this who they are. In order to be friends with them, a person needs to be an explorer, yet not too impulsive and still aware of psychological boundaries.

Scorpios will always tell the truth as it is, no matter how hurtful. At least there’s no guessing where someone is standing with them because they’re always communicating their feelings openly. What they do is never lie.

At the same time, they push their friends to live up to their true potential. Their relationships are usually meant to last a lifetime, not to mention they’re very efficient for those who want to have healthier laughter, to be more profound and to see what fun really means.

More sensitive people shouldn’t get together with Scorpios. Belonging to the Water element, natives of this sign get along very well with Air people because they can make each other perform any task without hesitating.

Both elements result in idealistic and passionate people, so Scorpios can have a very happy life if they remain good friends with Air natives. Those who want to make friends with Scorpios should always speak their mind, even if they want to criticize or to say something nasty.

They’re naturally drawn to people who love to know what everyone’s thinking. Scorpios can be a little bit selfish, so many people have the impression they’re making friends out of interest. While they respond only to loyal and devoted people like them, they’re too sincere to ever have hidden motives when forming a friendship.

Besides, they’re always ready to take their friends’ side and to defend them, which is something people who want to take advantage of others don’t do.

While tough on the outside, Scorpios are in fact sensitive and vulnerable on the inside, so they love it when their friends are checking in on them.

At the same time, they want to hear more about the people who happen to be in their life. In this situation though, they need to be given space and made to trust.

These natives can make life more interesting with the way they study every mystery and push their friends to be more profound. They’re extremely loyal, but if someone betrays their trust, they no longer want to speak with that person and start to think of revenge.

No matter what, they’re pushing their loved ones to live up to their true potential, to test their limits, to be funny and to make the best memories by their side.

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