Scorpio Family Life: Their Personality in the Main Household Roles


Scorpios are loyal and dedicated to their family, no matter how hard they may need to work to make things right at home. They’re also smart and witty, which means they feel at their best when surrounded by people who are just like them.

Scorpio Roles in the Family:

  • Scorpio as a Wife: She naturally tends towards becoming dominant in a marriage, and needs someone who can stand up for themselves.
  • Scorpio as a Husband: Although his intensity can lead to moments of eruption, he picks up on people’s moods easily, and can provide support when needed.
  • Scorpio as a Parent: They like to encourage their kids to be strong and independent.
  • Scorpio as a Sibling: Young Scorpios are very protective over the siblings.

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These natives can surprise their loved ones with the gifts they have always desired. However, if they happen to be let down once, they may never forgive or forget. Their tendency is to be emotional more than anything else, so when they’re suffering, no one can make things better for them.

Their siblings will always love Scorpios for being interesting and very devoted to them, also able to keep secrets. People born in this sign are keen observers and the best detectives, which means they could never be cheated on.

While for many it may seem overwhelming to have to take care of an entire family, they don’t seem to have a problem doing it and showing their love for each member in that family.

The Scorpio Wife: The Strongest of Wives

The Scorpio woman sees family and home as sacred, so she’s ready to fiercely defend both these aspects in her life from anyone or anything attacking them. She’s strong and usually wears the pants in her marriage. A man could be very intrigued by the way she runs things.

In case she happens to be with someone too docile and ready to make compromises all the time, she may become very domineering and control everything she gets her hands on. In this situation, the man would accept her for a very long time, after which he would explode and make a scene.

She wouldn’t want this to happen, so she needs someone who can remain in the middle when with her, who has enough courage to stand up on his own 2 feet and at the same time, is understanding enough to let her do her thing and to lead. After all, what she wants is to make his life easier and to sometimes be allowed to win.

Caring and loyal, she can become the complete opposite when crossed. The ideal partners for her are born in Aries or in Virgo. She takes marriage incredibly seriously and is the traditional type of wife, fulfilling her obligations and being home early to take good care of her family.

It would be a good idea for her to be less conservative and to try modern methods of being the perfect wife and mother. Brave and very loyal, she would do anything in her power for her family to be safe and happy. What’s also great about her is that she doesn’t mind being responsible for a big family, even if she has a career to fight for.

When back from work, she no longer cares about anything else but her husband and children. In the beginning of her relationships, she allows her partner to be domineering, after which she starts to manipulate him into doing whatever she wants.

When it comes to her instincts as a mother, these are stronger in her than in the Taurus and Cancer woman. Everything in her home depends on how she’s feeling and her moods.

Proud and always standing by her own beliefs, she doesn’t show her emotions too often, especially if she happens to be in the public. In the depths of her heart, she knows what’s best for herself and her loved ones.

The Scorpio Husband: Emotionally Intense With A Highly Tuned Intuition

It’s unlikely for the Scorpio man to ever be superficial or to take things lightly. He sees the world in black and white, so there is no middle ground with him, not to mention he can sometimes be radical when standing by his own beliefs.

For these reasons, he can be quite difficult to live with, especially if he’s not allowed to do what he wants. He’s more like a volcano that’s ready to erupt anytime. No one knows when this is going to happen.

The Scorpio has very intense emotions and can sometimes obsess over people or things, which can be very dangerous for him. His partner may find it very difficult to cope with his intensity of emotions.

However, there’s a good side to all this, seeing he’s very empathetic and can feel the emotions of his loved ones without being told anything about them.

As a matter of fact, he’s more like a psychic whose instincts are telling him when to be nice and more loving. He’s not aware of what he’s capable of when it comes to this either, not to mention no one can get away with lying to him or acting insincerely around him.

He has the most accentuated intuition in the Zodiac, which means he knows every little secret of the people he cares about. Even with this ability, he still finds it hard to trust others or to let his vulnerabilities shown.

The Scorpio Parent: Instilling Independence in Their Offspring

Scorpio parents are always teaching their children what independence and being strong means. They’re usually proud of what their little ones achieve and treat them as adults, no matter how young they may be.

What’s good about them as parents is that they’re not possessive with their kids. On the contrary, they’re encouraging them to be on their own 2 feet and to shine by themselves.

However, this doesn’t mean they won’t jump to their defence if things start to get heated with them at school or around the playground. They like to be the emotional rocks of their children, not to mention they can teach them a lot about passion, sensitiveness and intensity of emotions.

Most of the time, the bond established with their little ones is very strong and sincere. They’re seen as these complex and mysterious characters who are at the same time honest.

It would be a good idea for them to sometimes show their children that they can be vulnerable and that their feelings can be hurt too. Naturally interested in psychology and history, also good researchers, they’re the ones to help their kids do their homework.

Being perceptive too, they can understand what problems the little ones may have with their feelings. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t encourage them to put their emotional troubles into words.

Upon learning some secrets of their children, they should keep them at any cost, no matter how tempted they may be to end up in control of everything and to manipulate.

Instead, they should focus on being open and earning the trust of their kids. The more affectionate and honest they are with them, the more they can have the family they have always dreamed of having.

The Scorpio Sibling: Standing Up for Their Brothers and Sisters

As siblings, Scorpios are those people who always have the backs of their brothers and sisters, even in situations of physical altercations. This is because they give a lot of importance to the family they grew up in and know they can never be judged.

While they find it difficult to open up to others, they don’t mind doing it with their siblings. Besides, they need to stand up for someone all the time, mostly because they’re very protective and domineering.

Their love is profound and runs through the deepest waters. They’re ready to fight for those they grew up with no matter the situation. It would be a good idea to not hide anything from them because they have a sixth sense when it comes to finding out about any secret.

At the same time, they’re very private about their own life and know how to hide what’s inside their mind. What they shouldn’t be proud of is their tendency to use people’s secrets against them.

With their siblings and other people, they have philosophical conversations in which they read between the lines.

The Scorpio sister is very protective, even when she doesn’t agree with her siblings. Her clan means everything to her. Returning to the part of disagreeing with her brothers and sisters, she always has the tendency to do it, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t love then with all her heart.

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