Scorpio Personality Strengths: Emotional and Mysterious


Mysterious and dark, Scorpios are oftentimes misunderstood. Besides, they’re always keeping secrets and don’t reveal their true nature, which can be shadowy and hard to face.

Scorpio Strengths in a Nutshell:

  • They’re highly passionate and can be incredibly warm.
  • Their ambition means that they can also be very inspirational.
  • Given that that have great intuition, they can see when people aren’t being totally honest with them.
  • Scorpios rarely forget good deeds, and are loyal to those who are close.

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Belonging to the Water element, they’re emotional and sensitive. When it comes to their weaknesses, these are jealousy and suspiciousness. Nothing seems to pass their intuition, so they always know when they’re being cheated on.

Security Through Control

They build their relationships on respect and trust, but if they happen to be deceived, their revenge knows no limits. For this reason, no one should underestimate them and their power.

It’s difficult for them to let go of a person they love and trust, not to mention they don’t give up on their relationships when times become tough.

From a romantic point of view, they’re passionate, magnetic, faithful, protective and intense. As a matter of fact, they’re amongst the most sensual natives in the Zodiac. This is because they have a lot of passion.

As soon as they’re in love, no one can stop them from being the most faithful too. However, it takes a lot of patience for someone to get to know them. On the outside, they’re cool and calm, but on the inside, they have a restlessness that can’t be seen in others.

It can be said Scorpios are fierce people, just because they understand how this world works and know they need to stand by their own opinions and feelings no matter what. Because no one truly understands them, they appear to be cold and difficult to approach, intimidating everyone.

Their inner world is quite turbulent because they’re consumed by emotions and passion, things that are hidden all the time. Their self-control is amazing, as they don’t want to lose their grip on what’s theirs.

By being controlling, they feel safe and secure. In spite of being very private, they still want the truth, while their intuition is always telling them how to act, be correct and always remain strong.

Their intuition also indicates they can find the essence of things, even if this essence is hidden and things seem to take a turn no one can ever understand. They’re possessive, intense, introspective and very jealous, so it can be difficult to deal with them on an everyday basis.

At the same time, Scorpio people are ambitious and don’t hesitate to make sacrifices in order to achieve success. Their ideals are high, and they can truly persevere to fulfil them. They don’t hate making an effort and function very well under pressure.

Seeing as their intuition is very strong, no one can fool them that easily. It’s like they know what’s right and when to make decisions.

Besides, they can feel what’s going on with the people they care about, not to mention they have the gift of predicting the future. If they happen to fail, they don’t spend too much time feeling sorry for themselves and immediately get it back together.

Intense in All Facets of Life

It can be said they’re the survivors of the Zodiac, those people who know how to take the good with the bad. Besides, they’re very protective of themselves and try as much as possible to not get hurt. This is why they never talk about their feelings and keep their secrets properly guarded.

Their friends will get the best advice from them because they know how this world works and what to do in tough situations. Besides, they’re very loved by the people in their life because they never reveal what they may know about them.

Since they’re driven by their own emotions, they can often be misinterpreted as angry, but they’re just intense, irrespective of what they may be doing.

While competitive, they try to hide this side of theirs because they don’t want to seem ruthless. Very strong and determined to succeed, they can be very stubborn when trying to achieve something, so they’re good fighters who want to win no matter what.

It’s true that they’re also domineering and controlling, but at least they have a positive attitude and don’t become destructive unless threatened.

It’s hard for them to forgive someone who has wrong them. As a matter of fact, they’re the most vengeful people in the zodiac.

On the other hand, they also never forget when someone does them good. They’re loyal and expect the same things in return, conservative and aware of how they need to spend their energy. Being able to read minds, they’re very good psychics, also very curious about how the human mind works.

In fact, they’re very attracted to the biggest life’s mysteries, such as life, death and sex. No one can stop them from looking into the most profound aspects of existence, and they can be very sensitive when these matters are being brought into discussion.

While many of them keep their emotions hidden, they still find ways to express their love. Some Scorpios are amazing healers and psychologists, while all of them are the best lovers.

Qualities of the Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man can be very dangerous when threatened, so no one should play with his feelings and trust. He’s very serious about things, almost to the point of being stern, not to mention he hates superficiality.

The way he sees the world is only in back and white, as ambiguous matters don’t interest him whatsoever. He’s very curious and wants to know everything there is to know about people.

Highly intuitive, he usually discovers the truth before others have even gotten a chance to know it exists. Besides, he knows what questions to ask and who should deliver the answers he needs. He can see what’s beyond words and the hidden motives of people who do the strangest things.

At the same time, he never trusts others, at least not right after getting to meet them. The Scorpio man has control over his own destiny. He doesn’t live according to what others say and can be very dangerous when attacked.

It can be said he has a deadly type of beauty, also that he’s not scared of anything, ambitious and independent. He manages to succeed even when the odds are against him. This means he’s a winner and can immediately bounce back from defeat.

Stubborn and resourceful, he doesn’t give up on his dreams and can work very hard to achieve his goals. While he doesn’t live under rocks like the scorpion, he does keep his secrets well protected and has a dark side only a few people can see.

When it comes to friendship and romance, he’s very loyal, yet he doesn’t easily trust and takes his time to get to know someone. This man can’t be tamed, as he’s a true force of Nature and can turn his enemies into dust when annoyed.

Qualities of the Scorpio Woman

The woman born in the sign of Scorpio is like a sorcerer from Medieval times. She has the most magnetic look and is truly mysterious, as if magic surrounds her and sensuality is her middle name.

At the same time, she can’t stand superficiality and always does what matters the most. Those who are willing to be the same as her will be given all her attention and love. By gazing at a man, she can make him lose his mind over her.

When it comes to relationships, she wants to know the people in her life like she knows the back of her own hand. Very sensitive, she can feel others’ emotions and doesn’t openly expresses hers.

Since she’s a Water sign, she likes to hide under an outer shell when wounded or feeling threatened, but different from other Water signs, she’s also very dangerous. It’s impossible to guess her feelings because she never expresses anything about them.

Her sign rules the occult sciences among other things, so she’s fascinated by everything paranormal and having something to do with sorcery. While it can be difficult for a man to get to her heart, she does have a lot to offer in love.

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