Scorpio Man Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Scorpio man is intense, loyal, emotional and generous, also vengeful if someone dares to cross him. He’s extremely honest and doesn’t necessarily has bad intentions, but he can also be jealous and possessive, even aggressive if he’s looking to get revenge on someone.

The Scorpio man in a nutshell:

  • Personality: Happy to buck the trends, a Scorpio man listens, observes and acts in a way he sees fit.
  • Love: When happy, he experiences feelings that some don’t for the entire lives, but he will cast you aside if he thinks you are of no value.
  • Career: Often at his best when on his own, he uses his independence to forge his own path professionally.
  • Family: A Scorpio man is keen to impart his strong values of discipline and respect to his kids.
  • Social Life: He has no problem in making others feel welcome and warm, but prefers the solitude of his own surroundings.

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Scorpio Man Personality

Most of the time described as a loner who hides his true feelings, the Scorpio man is usually in a band or practicing some black magic, perhaps all of these. However, he doesn’t necessarily have to be like this, but he always is warm and mysterious.

Most of the time he rebels against society and wants his ideas of spirituality to be put into practice. He’s known for being intense and for having a deep look that he uses to see right through people.

He’s the type to stand on the side and to observe because he’s plotting most of the time. It can be difficult to guess what he’s planning exactly, so no one ever knows. He sees life as a game of chess, which means he prefers to make strategies and to be ahead of the game no matter what.

He doesn’t like small talk, so at parties he has deep conversations about what’s going on in the world. It doesn’t matter how much he may seem like he’s not paying attention, he’s always carefully listening and taking every little detail into consideration, especially if he’s interested in someone.

The waters run deep with him, as he has very strong emotions and is sensitive, even if he seems like he has more self-confidence than anyone else.

Love and Relationships for the Scorpio Man

If in love, the Scorpio man grows to be very attached to the person he cares about. He thinks that a relationship should be with his soulmate or not be at all, as he believes in true love and thinks he has all the right to enjoy it.

He has very deep emotions that no one can ever change, so if a woman sets his heart on fire, he will do anything in his power in order to get her. At the same time, he can turn into an unforgiving and ruthless enemy of hers if she somehow betrays him. If this happens, he will reject any feeling he may have for her.

However, if his relationship runs smoothly, he’s capable of the deepest emotions and a lot of understanding. The Scorpio man can also be very possessive, vengeful and obsessive. However, his most positive traits are his loyalty, compassion and lovemaking skills.

He needs to deal with his emotions and extreme sensitivity if he doesn’t want to end up hurt by the people he cares about the most, as they can’t always pay attention to him.

When he becomes vindictive, it’s either because he has been emotionally destroyed or because he can’t understand how someone can’t love him. He’s very dramatic and thinks life is a lot for him to handle because he’s very intense and sees every failure as a small death.

When dating a woman, he treats her like royalty. What he wants to see in her is that she’s tender, in need for his protection and eager to defend his beliefs. He’s the type to give her his coat when it gets chilly, but if she says something that bothers him, he may never want to speak with her ever again.

The Scorpio man doesn’t speak too much and takes his time before making a change or a decision. He likes to frequent romantic places with his partner, so he will take her to expensive restaurants or a meeting of people who pretend to be vampires.

Depending on his previous relationships, he can be very open and sincere on the first date, or very difficult to show his feelings because he’s terrified of getting hurt. In order to understand him, it’s important to understand his emotions first. What he needs is to be with someone passionate and affectionate.

He’s the most compatible with Earth and other Water signs. When it comes to what he’s looking for, this is the love of his life and the woman ready to die next to him, this being the reason why he sometimes ends relationships before they have started, as he thinks he hasn’t found “the one”.

He’s ruled by the planet Pluto, which is the ruler of the Underworld. This means that, no matter how optimistic and positive he may be, the dark side of things will always present itself to him. He’s practical and can turn his ideas into reality, so his dreams about being with someone perfect are usually coming true.

This is a Man Who is at His Best in Isolation at Work

The Scorpio man is famous for being a genius, especially if he left alone to deal with things and mind his own business. He’s very intelligent and has a strong work ethic, so he manages to solve all his problems.

However, he can’t be trusted because he has the tendency to take things personally and to be very vengeful when he thinks someone has said something wrong to him.

Being very independent, he’s not the best team player, so it would be wise for him to work alone rather than with someone else. He prefers open offices to cubicles and closed environments, whereas as a boss, he can be too harsh and demanding.

His sense of humor is sarcastic most of the time, crossing the border to hurtful on occasion, so not everybody likes his jokes. He likes to get inside people’s heads and play all sort of games with their mind.

He’s just like a spider staying in the center of the web and waiting for its prey. What he prefers to talk about are political subjects, films and research. He’s at his happiest when working from behind the scenes and being allowed to observe.

As far as money goes, the Scorpio likes to play the stock market and to invest his finances in all sort of schemes. It’s very likely for him to have something put aside in case of emergency, but he’s not disciplined with his budget at times. He may also have the luck to inherit a considerable sum, but he needs to be honest and tell people how much he got if he doesn’t want to lose it all.

Scorpio Man’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

The Scorpio man loves having his relaxing time because this is when he can meditate and contemplate. He’s quite introverted, so his home may be decorated in a very private manner, yet comfortably and welcoming for his closest people.

When in this place, he can be himself and do whatever he wants, which is planning and strategizing for his next victory. When making plans, he feels freer and wants to do everything in his power for his dreams to become a reality.

What he wants the most is to have peace of mind, so his family and friends mustn’t bring their chaos onto him or they will be out the door as soon as making the slightest noise. The colors in his home are bold and contrasting, sometimes reflecting the balance between black and white, or red and black.

He doesn’t like having too much light because he wants to rest his eyes and brightness may bother him. His drapes are heavy and don’t let the outside world come inside.

The Scorpio rules over the pelvis, the sexual organs and also the urinary tract, this being the reason why a man born in this sign can end up suffering from kidney and liver problems, also sexual diseases. It’s very likely for him to have problems with his skin and his bladder too, but nothing too serious. For this reason, he sometimes needs to go to see specialists once a year or perhaps even twice.

He has great spirits and can make anyone at work or at home feel happy in his presence. He knows how to bring harmony into the atmosphere and struggles for it. At the same time, he needs to be allowed to follow his dreams.

When he doesn’t have balance at home, he feels like he is no longer capable of dreaming either. He’s always happy to listen to his loved ones’ problems, but he needs to give up his authoritative tone as much as possible. This is the only way for him to be happy with his family.

There are times when he prefers to be alone rather than with someone who only distracts him. As a dad, he has high expectations from his children, but he can make them truly happy. They will learn from him what discipline and respect mean.

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