Scorpio Health and Wellness: Busybodies that Don’t have Time to be Sick


The health horoscope of Scorpio says that natives of this sign have a very mystical air. They’re passionate and very intense, not to mention brilliant most of the time, no matter what they may be experiencing.

Scorpio Health and Wellness in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: They have tremendous immune systems, and are usually less likely to catch any illness.
  • Tendencies: Possessing immense intuition, they’re able to recover very quickly from illnesses through sheer will power.
  • Negatives: Adventurous, bordering on extreme, they can indulge in junk foods and even drugs.
  • Advice: Slow release foods work wonders for Scorpios because of their active lifestyle.

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Their life seems to be filled with tragedies and sadness that only make them stronger. They dream big and don’t stop working hard until they have achieved their goals.

It’s good that they have a lot of energy and can accomplish whatever they want in life. Most of the time, they’re active and feel fulfilled.

Scorpio Health:  Positives

Scorpios know very well how to hide their health and feelings. Looking at their health horoscope, it can be noticed that they hide their emotions no matter what. While seeming strong on the outside, they’re in fact very sensitive on the inside.

Because they’re very good looking, they immediately attract the attention of others. Since they love to eat, their tendency is to be overweight, but at least their body remains strong because it gets all the nutrients it needs. Besides, they have an active lifestyle, so the calories they’re consuming get burnt off most of the time.

What Scorpios believe is that they know everything, including health and wellbeing information. It’s unlikely for them to listen to other people’s advice.

It’s rare for them to become sick, and when they do, they recuperate very rapidly from any disease. When ill, they don’t give up fighting and try their best to get healthy again, not to mention they have great stamina and can endure pain without even blinking an eye.

According to their health horoscope, they take a lot of care of their wellbeing because they want to be strong and beautiful. Many of them live long and don’t have to deal with any serious illness.

Scorpios think that they never have enough time to live their life just like they want to. This keeps them busy and away from diseases. At the same time, they have a very strong immunity and are patient enough to wait for a disease to pass. It’s like they’re in control of their own health.

Even from a young age, they seem to know how to cure themselves. When wanting to skip school or work, they can even make themselves feel sick. This is because their will is very strong, and they know how to direct their energy.

They believe in the Universe’s power and its tremendous energy, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take medicines when advised to by a health specialist.

In case they want to embark on a drastic change of diet, they don’t have a single problem doing it. What’s the most important for them is that they’re always on the move because too much relaxation can cause them to become sick.

Alternative medicine treatments seem to work very well for them. No matter how sick they may be, they need to remain positive because their state of mind can have them being better in no time.

Scorpio Health Tendencies

The symbol of Scorpio natives is the scorpion, which can kill in a moment with is poisonous tail and is a predator. Scorpios can be very spiritual and avoid everyday petty problems because they’re thinking of more important things.

They’re not really keen on life’s pleasure because what they really want is to understand the human emotions, also how matters of life and death are being managed and addressed. This doesn’t mean they will spend their entire life thinking about death, but they surely are curious about how people react to it.

Possessing tremendous mental power and being physically strong, they can easily recuperate from any disease and become a true inspiration for others after they have defeated a disease.

What they want most is to uncover truths and to turn everything into beauty and power. They will always probe their own relationships because they’re very keen to learn more about the human psyche.

What they should be prepared for is the mysteries people can hide, also what changes can be brought upon themselves by exploring others.

Scorpio Health: Negative Traits

Looking at the Scorpio health horoscope, it can be noticed that people born in the sign are rarely seeking medical advice.

They don’t like going to the doctors because they just can’t listen to what these people have to say. Instead, they prefer to take care of their own health and go to the hospital only for check-ups.

This means they’re nightmares for doctors, especially since they only arrive for consultations prepared with their own diagnostics. They even try to check how smart their doctor is, which is quite disrespectful.

These people have the tendency to overwork, so they don’t sleep or eat too much when trying to get a project done. Very determined to succeed at what they’re doing, they spend long hours working and after, all they want is to exercise.

They don’t have a problem with not feeling comfortable or being deprived of either sleep or food. In their opinion, they have infinite energy. If they happen to fall exhausted, it will take them a lot of time to recuperate.

What they need to learn is how to relax more. In case they feel like they no longer have enough energy, they need to pay more attention to their health because they may be getting sick.

As soon as they’re active again, they don’t have a problem getting busy. They can’t stand still because they have a need to live on the edge. This is also why their life experiences are many and various.

More than this, they put a lot of passion in everything they’re doing. Nothing scares them, not even events that bring them close to their death. They need to be stimulated every step of the way.

It’s very likely for them to develop addictions to tobacco, alcohol and drugs, but it’s good they also have the power of will to quit whenever they feel like. It’s just that they need to be extreme for a while, after which they calm down and re-focus on their goals.

Their health horoscope says they need to experience as many things as possible in life, but this doesn’t mean they should try something that can damage their health. While it’s rare for them to get sick, when they do, they usually end up suffering from something severe. They’re not the type to get a simple cold, things get much more complicated for them.

Their throat is a very sensitive area in their body, so they need to pay more attention to it, especially when feeling like it’s sore. They can also have problems with their veins, developing varicose veins and having nosebleeds very often.

Since they want excitement and aren’t scared of anything, they’re also prone to injuries. Accidents can happen to them because they’re very reckless. They should pay great attention around fires.

Their sign rules the sex organs and the bladder. Very sexual people, they should be cautious when making love because they can easily get STDs. Their health horoscope says they’re very strong and energetic but need balance.

What’s interesting to notice is that often, Scorpios are being brought into the world after someone in their family has suddenly died, otherwise they will die in the first year of their life. In the same manner, Scorpios usually die after someone new in their family gets born.

Scorpio Health & Diet

According to the food habits of Scorpios, these people boost their mood by eating. It’s advisable for them to consume as many fruits and vegetable as possible because they need to somehow feed their high energy levels and to keep their mind working.

It’s important they stay away from tense situations and depression by taking in many vitamins. Their iron levels need to always be up, so they should eat a lot of broccoli, spinach, eggs and meat.

While loving to eat a lot, they also have an active lifestyle. In order to not become overweight, they should avoid fat foods and intoxicating drinks. The vegetarian diet is very good for them.

Their energy can be stabilized by foods like millet, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, wheat grass and brown rice. The influence of Mars has them needing a lot of water and juices made from veggies, while their salt intake should be lowered. Oranges, cherries, lemons and asparagus can have a very beneficial influence over their health.

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