Scorpio Best Match: Who is The Right Person for You?


Scorpios are very passionate and deep creatures, so their relationships are a lot like volcanos about to erupt. They’re also very sexual and love in a way that can tear souls apart.

Scorpio Best Match Nutshell:

  • Your greatest need in love as a Scorpio: to have love without any complications and indulges in your passionate nature.
  • Pisces is your match because they understand you on a spiritual level.
  • Cancer is your match because you will feel safe in each other’s spaces.
  • Virgo is your match because you’re both inquisitive, and will enjoy learning about each other daily.

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While their emotions are very profound, they don’t allow other people to see them. While seeming normal and not at all interesting on the surface, Scorpios’ relationships are always more than just sex because these natives are very emotional and serious about love.

Their feelings have to be understood and not be taken for granted. They would never waste their time with someone who only attracts them. This doesn’t mean they’re all about drama.

As a matter of fact, they have many amazing traits that can be appreciated by any other person. They’re somehow mystical and mysterious, like sorcerers and magicians.

At the same time, they’re determined to have love and very straightforward. If happy in a relationship, they make their partner feel like the most important person in the world.

Besides, they have a strong sex drive and are true fighters when they need to do something for their love. Scorpios are compatible with many other signs, but what they need the most is to be with someone who understands that they’re jealous because they have a lot of romantic passion in their heart.

Best Match For Scorpio Is Pisces

Scorpios can really understand what makes Pisces natives happy and at the same time angry. In return, Pisces see the Scorpios’ passion and can deal with it.

All this means the two can have a strong and happy relationship together. Both belong to the Water element, which means they’re emotional and need security more than anything else. They have a special chemistry that helps them overlook their differences.

In spite of the fact that Pisces are spontaneous and need variety, Scorpios are sure to always trust them because Pisces inspire a lot of security and wouldn’t cheat.

Scorpios may be suspicious and jealous, but never with Pisces. More than this, both are very sensitive and can guess each other’s feelings. Pisces will take Scorpios’ fears and insecurities upon themselves because they’re not strangers to making sacrifices.

In the meantime, Scorpios will never hesitate to fight for the Pisces, no matter how nasty the situation. Problems may appear when Scorpios become too extreme and obsessed with not being cheated on. This is not because they have bad intentions, but because their love is very intense.

Besides, only a few are as sensitive and vengeful as they are. Their feelings are always hidden because they don’t want to seem vulnerable in front of anyone.

They’re perfect for Pisces because the 2 signs complement each other. Neither of them trusts others too easily and both are very private, yet their intuition is telling them to believe in one another.

They’re meant to be together for a lifetime because they’re truly intimate when together, not to mention both have intense emotions. Their anniversaries never go unnoticed and they don’t hesitate to use big words when declaring their love for each other.

When it comes to sex, they make an art out of it because they feel safe in one another’s arms. What’s important is that they break the ice and trust their relationship is meant to last.

They should talk about art and cultural events, books they’ve read and movies they’ve seen, after which they should jump into bed together.

While getting along very well, they still need to make some compromises in order to last for a long time as a couple. For example, Scorpios need to understand that Pisces can’t give up their freedom and that they live in the moment.

Scorpios can be quite restrictive, so they need to open their mind a little bit if they are to remain next to their Pisces. At the same time, they should avoid being jealous and possessive as much as possible. Both need to be relaxed and to focus on peace rather than on their differences and quarrels.

Scorpios will always try to learn more about what’s in Pisces’ mind, whereas Pisces will make sacrifices for their connection with Scorpios to be as strong as it can be.

Scorpio and Cancer: A Safe Relationship

Scorpios and Cancers are kindred and very compatible spirits. They’re both sensitive and don’t want to let their feelings show, but at least they feel safe in each other’s presence.

Their relationship is both healing and nurturing, so they can be relaxed when together. They love doing everything in each other’s company, which means they’re amazing parents who don’t have a problem being by their children’s side, even when the little ones have in fact grown into adults with their own lives.

As a matter of fact, both of them have control issues, which means they don’t want to let go of their kids, no matter what.

Since they’re both dangerous when upset, they should pay attention to the path their relationship is taking. Cancers can sometimes be too childish for the serious Scorpios, whereas Scorpios can have too intense feelings that overwhelm any Crab.

At least the two signs can make up without even making an effort, which means they’re always sure to get back together, no matter how seriously they have fought.

Scorpios are more controlling and less tolerant, but this only attracts Cancers even more, especially if sensitivity and emotionality are also included.

The same Scorpios feel safer with Cancers than with any other partner, so they’re not so jealous when with Crabs. Cancers are much more sensitive than they let on.

Both them and Scorpios are very vindictive, so if they happen to be together for a very long time, they should be careful not to turn their relationship into a game of small revenges. This is because Cancers are moody and needy, which can make Scorpios want their own space more and more, in turn making them potentially appear to be selfish and mean.

The two should openly communicate their feelings and desires because this would prevent them from spinning around in circles in their relationship together.

Scorpio and Virgo: The Wonder of Finding Out About Each Other Everyday

If Scorpios and Virgos are together, whether in a love relationship or a friendship, they only stimulate one another from a spiritual point of view. Both are private people with deep emotions, which means their connection would be one of great details and analyzed by both of them.

They’re also very shrewd people who ask themselves question about anything, especially the human mind and soul. Besides, both are obsessive and can drive other people crazy, but never each other.

As far as love goes, they’re just like two scientists who are always measuring data. They also have moods and don’t want to talk about their own feelings.

Without even realizing, they absorb the energy in their surroundings, so it’s essential that they perform cleansing from time to time. They should just go in Nature because Scorpio belongs to the Water element, whereas the Virgo to the Earth one. They should try and buy a house near a lake or a river, do yoga and take good care of their bodies.

In the bedroom, Scorpios may be a little bit too intense for Virgos, but at least they’re both sensual. Virgos want to draw the line when Scorpios are trying to be overly dominating and to use more extreme toys in the bedroom.

It’s true that Virgos can be very sexually adventurous with strangers, but when it comes to long-term partners, they restrain themselves in the bedroom. This is because they want their relationship to be beautiful and never dirty.

The home Virgos and Scorpios will share is sure to be comfortable and to host many parties. In case they decide to be parents, they will have a lot of patience to educate their children, but their standards will be very high.

The little ones will be pushed to their limits and even farther. Neither of them likes superficiality, and both are very good at solving problems.

Scorpios are less practical and neat than Virgos, yet have a much better intuition. Virgos only worry and are obsessed with perfection, whereas Scorpios can calm them down. All in all, they’re a great team sure to stand the test of time.

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