Scorpio Woman in Relationships: A Love that is Most Adventurous


The Scorpio woman stands out from the crowd, seeing as she’s surrounded by an air of mystery and is very sexy. Also being ambitious and determined to succeed in life, she has a tendency to get bored if stuck in a routine, which means she needs excitement.

Relationships and the Scorpio Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: It’s never going to be a dull moment with this Scorpio lady.
  • Negatives: By nature, she’s possessive, so this can be restricting for some men.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where true love exists between this lady and her man, where she feels like the most important woman in the world.
  • Advice: When her partner is giving her advice, she should remember it’s likely that he doesn’t have any ill intent.

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It goes the same way for her sex life. It’s impossible for her to be happy with a man who doesn’t like to try things in bed and who doesn’t know passion. It’s very important for her to find her love because she needs it from both a physical and an emotional point of view.

It doesn’t matter what may be going on in her relationship, she doesn’t hold back, so her feelings are strongly expressed. She’s also jealous and possessive, almost obsessed with what her partner is doing, but extremely loyal too.

Assured and Imaginative

The woman born in Scorpio is quite steamy and at the same time subtle. She sees life as a means for her to express her power. This lady is very emotional, so she may feel vulnerable from time to time. This is why she always hides her true feelings and never talks about herself.

The man who’s trying to get her has to spend a lot of time wooing her before she opens up to him. While a great lady on the surface, she’s in fact a black leather and red lipstick vamp on the inside.

She can seduce any man she wants, but he definitely has to be careful around her because she’s very dangerous when unhappy. Her glance hypnotizes and she’s very sensual, but she can also be very hostile with the people she doesn’t like.

Being passionate and wild in the bedroom, she often doesn’t differentiate between love and sex, not to mention that she may find it easier to be physically intimate with someone, as opposed to emotionally, despite craving the latter.

For her, love is like a battlefield and she needs to win. When involved in a serious relationship, she’s loving and affectionate, but she demands the exact same thing in return. It’s unlikely for her to look for one-night stands or just a flirt because she wants the real thing most of the time.

She would also never be the woman of a man who’s married or already involved, as she doesn’t believe feelings could be shared. Besides, she’s too possessive and jealous to allow such a thing to happen to her.

The importance she gives to love is tremendous. As a lover, she’s irresistible and ready to try anything in between the sheets. With only one gesture, she can make a man obsess over the way she makes love and her ways. She would never make compromises, so her partner needs to make her feel like she’s the only one for him.

Her sexual fantasies are really interesting and sometimes not easy to put into practice. This is because she has a very rich imagination that she can use to keep her other half hooked for a very long time.

Being a Water sign, she guesses others’ feelings, so she knows if her partner is not truly committed to her. What she can’t stand is coldness and being ignored.

When in love, she can be vulnerable, so her partner can potentially hurt her with only one word. What’s very dangerous is that she never forgets or forgives, not to mention she’s very vengeful.

Loyal to a fault, she expects the same thing in return from her other half. It’s very good that there are men out there who completely agree to being possessed by her. Her jealousy and possessiveness don’t come from insecurity, they just represent who she is.

As a matter of fact, she’s quite self-confident and very much believes in her own charm. As soon as she has claimed a man to be her own, there’s nothing that anyone can change in her belief. If someone else is after her partner, she’s sure to fight hard for her relationship.

Love That Has to be Earned

The Scorpio woman’s true intentions are often misunderstood. Her sign is quite unfortunate in the sense that it makes her vengeful and the type of person from which others want to stay away from sometimes.

As soon as she’s in love, her emotions start to be very deep and strange. Out of all Water signs, her sign is the only one that represents the most profound female and sexual feelings.

She would never mislead a man with the way she’s showing her love, nor would she get involved if not serious. She has very clear intentions and can end up hurt from time to time because she wants what she can’t get.

During these moments, she can turn into a very dangerous enemy. Men in her life and even other people can learn a lot about sexuality from her.

In case she hasn’t been previously hurt in love, she’s very emotional in her next relationships. Sex is something she desires, but she needs to put a lot of heart into it. Nothing about it is easy with her, which means she’s spontaneous, passionate and interesting in her bedroom, all without forcing anything.

While this may sound challenging for her partner, she’s still easy to please just by being respected and appreciated. When having to take the initiative as far as lovemaking goes, she doesn’t hesitate for a moment to do it.

At the same time, she can be very extreme with the way she gives her heart and body, even if she hides her true feelings. In fact, her tendency is to build up her negative emotions until she does something nasty to her partner as a way of revenge.

The man who can communicate with her without too many words is sure to be by her side for a lifetime.  This is because she needs to rely on feelings rather than on words, which can hurt her profoundly when spoken without thinking.

Needing Acknowledgment in a Relationship

While possessive, she would never ask for something she can’t give in return. The man who wants her to be faithful to him for a lifetime needs to be prepared to offer her the same. Her needs have to be fulfilled, not to mention she needs to feel like she completely belongs to her partner.

She’s rather quiet, even if her aim is to end up with the most attractive and sexiest man on the market. He also needs to charm her from an intellectual and emotional level for her to be completely fascinated by him.

Searching for this perfect guy, she’ll become obsessive. What she thinks is that she deserves the best and nothing less. It’s very likely that she’s completely right because her loyalty and passion are unequalled.

One must be careful not to appeal to her vengeful side, though, because when this happens, she can do a lot of harm. When there’s something to laugh about, she should be told another joke, but when it’s time to be serious, she needs to see seriousness and nothing else.

Aside from all this, she also needs to be treated like a lady. While she may say that she doesn’t want anything special for her birthday, she in facts expects a lot of fuss to be made.

Her friends and family have to see that she’s truly loved by a man. This means she likes to receive flowers at work or in the presence of her neighbors.

When cruel, she’s like this not because she wants to push her partner away, but to make sure that he’ll always be by her side no matter what. She hates being ignored, so her texts and calls need an answer.

Also, when her man feels like not telling her something, she can feel ignored and may decide to take extreme measures in order to make him talk.

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