Scorpio Woman Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Scorpio woman is very sexy and mysterious. She has a special magnetism and is exotic, not to mention profound. According to her mood, she can also be very passionate or calm.

The Scorpio woman in a nutshell:

  • Personality: Very much a what you see is what you get kind of lady, our Scorpio woman pulls no punches with anyone.
  • Love: She is happy to take her time getting to know a man before letting him in.
  • Career: Not content to work for those above her, she often becomes the leader or simply goes her own way.
  • Family: Her fiery nature lends itself well to her closest, giving her family a strong sense of togetherness.
  • Social Life: She is the Queen of her own life, and her home is a reflection of this, but her door is always open to those who are honest with her.

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Her great intuition makes her more interested in the esoteric or the occult, as she’s also deeply spiritual and wants to gain more insight on the unseen world. This lady seems to know what makes life and how the interaction between man and Nature should be.

Scorpio Woman Personality

No one should take the Scorpio woman lightly because she’s not helpless, superficial or a bimbo, no matter how much others may want her to be all this.

On the contrary, she’s straightforward, deep and has nothing to do with superficiality. She always knows what has to be done, not to mention that she sees the world in black and white. This means she wants the world to be as she likes it, also secure.

This lady knows what the right questions are and how to address them, so most of the time she gets the answers she’s looking for. At the same time, she has good intuition and can be self-destructive or too controlling, but these are the moments when she’s the most beautiful.

She doesn’t seem to fear anything and is stubborn enough to deal with any challenge, no matter how many times she has been brought down. This is because she’s very strong, resourceful and has a lot of self-confidence.

More than this, she always seems to succeed no matter what she might be doing, because she’s a hard worker and always ready to make sacrifices for her wellbeing.

What also characterizes her is complexity and secrecy, as she’s never ready to talk about herself. She seems to be ruled by passion, so she hates and loves at the same intensity, but doesn’t let her feelings show.

Her private life is her own, not to mention that she’s a good keeper of secrets. To her friends, she’s the most loyal person who can never forget the good that has been done for her.

Love and Relationships for the Scorpio Woman

The man in love with the Scorpio woman may sometimes wonder if it’s a good idea to become her partner because she doesn’t allow him into her heart too easily.

Since she’s never impulsive in life, including relationships and dating, she takes her time before getting to know the person she likes and commit herself to him.

Therefore, she shouldn’t be hurried because she may decide to abandon the entire relationship. In case she has decided to move things forward, she’s serious about dating a person and ready to become the most loyal lover on Earth.

Dating her is not casual because she never does anything halfway. What she wants is to truly know the man she’s dating, or else she’s not at all ready to fight for him. All this means she’s very passionate, loving and loyal when in love, even if sometimes too intense.

This is a Woman Whose Drive Shines at Work

As said before, the Scorpio woman is hardworking and always ready to fight for her goals. Her plans are viewed over the long-term, not to mention she has enough patience to invest all her efforts into making her dreams come true.

At her workplace, she may be perceived as a loner. She also has the tendency to intimidate her colleagues, but she doesn’t intend to.

This lady doesn’t like taking orders, which means she prefers to be the boss and to make decisions, especially when it comes to designing and organizing.

She knows what should be done most of the time. If she happens to be in a position of power, she wouldn’t share that with anyone. When she demands respect, anyone can notice it. On the other hand, she collaborates very well with other powerful people.

She never has enough time to boast or to make an impression, but she manages to do it without even trying. In case she sees someone at her workplace doesn’t make an effort for the good of the company, she no longer respects that person.

What she knows best is how to get into people’s heads, as she’s a good psychologist who knows manipulation like the back of her own hand. However, she doesn’t manipulate for sinister purpose, only to sell something and to train her intuition even more. For this reason, she’s very good in sales.

No one can stand in her way when she wants something, seeing as she can be destructive and a true force of Nature when focused to achieve. As soon as she has an intention or a goal, she becomes unstoppable, no matter what others are telling her.

She keeps her promises and makes it look easy. When having a difficult time, she keeps her head high and deals with the problems she has with grace and without making a single complaint.

Scorpio Woman’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

The Scorpio woman’s home surely is unique and easy to identify because it looks like the temple of a goddess. She has great taste for luxurious thing and prefers the rich style that’s also very comfortable.

She feels like her home is a sacred place where she can be herself and think about tomorrow or her plans. Since she’s ruled by the planet Pluto, a planet of conflict and even war, she may have a few items representing her passion around.

For example, she probably keeps animal skin and pelts. This is because she’s deeply connected with her animalistic nature. However, all this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have comfortable furniture and many, many pillows. After all, she likes to relax and to feel like she’s self-nurturing when at home.

When it comes to colors, there are more blacks and whites because this is also the way she sees the world: in black and white, without any ambiguity. Some red may also appear here and there, perhaps in the bedroom, where she’s the most passionate and a true animal. The red can be complemented with other strong colors like yellow, orange or green.

In the kitchen, she has the most expensive and newest appliances, also the best tools. This is because she likes technology and everything that’s modern. In case she doesn’t have red, white or black appliances, they’re sure to be stainless-steel, just because this material gives a modern and at the same time elegant look.

Her place is sure to look very private because she likes to retreat from the outside world in here. Her sign rules over the reproductive organs and genitals, which means she may have problems with her menstruation, uterus and fallopian tubes.

Women issues will surely affect her a few times during her life. It’s also likely for her to have hormonal disorders. She gives sex importance because it makes her feel good and releases the dopamine and endorphins she needs, which gives her a sense of  relaxation.

At the same time, she’s too passionate to simply not like lovemaking. The person who wants to be friends with her needs to be sincere, truthful and always ready to do something important. If he or she will manage to get her as a buddy or associate, she will be committed, loyal and dedicated to him or her for a lifetime.

She’s always by the side of the people she loves, not to mention ready at all times to give a hand. Those who want her advice need to make sure they’re asking the right questions and expect nothing else but the truth from her. She doesn’t like sugar coating the truth because she’s just too sincere to do it.

Besides, she thinks honesty is very important and does people only good. It’s good that she has a graceful style of speaking. Lying to her would only lead to a termination of the relationship with her.

She holds grudges and never forgets, not to mention she’s a master at plotting for revenge. The person who has dared to cross, hurt or disappoint her is sure to suffer greatly.

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