Scorpio Woman Career and Money: How Successful is She?


Curious and very analytical, the Scorpio woman would make a great scientist, detective or investigator. She’s able to focus and stay determined, so she always finishes her tasks and completes projects on time. No one can stop her from doing this, no matter how many friends she may have in the team she’s working with.

Scorpio Woman Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She possesses great focus and drive.
  • Negatives: She is less efficient in a team environment.
  • Tendencies: Her independence means she relishes solitary roles.
  • Potential Careers: Investigator, Law Enforcement, Leader, Doctor.

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Being a Scorpio, she’s good at finding solutions to problems, developing strategies and managing. This lady needs to be respected in the workplace because she respects others herself. Her colleagues have to appreciate her for her work.

The Independent Woman

The careers that suit her best are in research, psychology and investigation. Besides, she could also excel in the legal field, as a law enforcement officer or anything else that would require her to advocate honesty and to be straightforward when talking.

Being independent, the Scorpio lady doesn’t do very well in a career in which she has to depend on others. This woman needs to rely on what she knows and can do best, so she could excel at being a leader, especially since she’s not happy until she has managed to reach the top.

While she will always bring her contribution to her workplace, she’s not really the best team player out there. It would be better for her to work on her own and to use her talents for a project to get done.

Being determined to succeed and very intelligent, this female Scorpion is very happy when put in charge. For this reason, she can be found running her own business and having a lot of success with it.

In case she happens to work for a big company, she needs to be independent so that she can deliver what she has promised.

Very good at keeping secrets, careers in which she needs to be discrete are indicated for her. At the same time, she has to work with her mind. This means she’s a very good negotiator and can grab a hold of very important papers. For the same reasons, she’s an excellent clergy, priest, shaman, psychologist or spiritual leader.

Having a natural desire to investigate and being fearless, the Scorpio lady makes for a good surgeon, doctor, medical technician and environmentalist. Because her sign rules over the underground, she could also be a plumber, miner, driller, constructer and engineer, especially in the oil industry. She loves to do research no matter the subject, so being a scientist or developer suits her very well.

The Scorpio sign is also one of money, so she could decide to work in a bank, loans institutions, or as an accountant or financial counselor. As a matter of fact, anything having something to do with managing resources would be considered a good career move for her as she happens to be very good with logistics and finances.

This lady also has the ability to understand others and what’s motivating them, so she could be a psychologist, marriage counselor and psychiatrist. The same qualities could help her excel in the world of spirituality, as she’s attracted to the occult and the unseen things.

The Scorpio woman can have a lot of passion for what she’s doing for a living and is very hardworking. When having to get something done, she relies on her own intuition and strong emotions. This means she needs to be allowed to do what she wants.

Whilst competitive, she still wants to work in a secure environment. If talented and curious about the subjects, she could start her professional life as a psychic or musician. In case she has ambition, she should go for real estate.

Intuitive and always focused, this lady could also be a member of the bomb squad. Because she likes looking for the truth and investigating, she should think seriously about becoming a lawyer or a private detective.

Passionate about what makes people tick and their health, she could become a doctor, especially a psychiatrist. While able to deal with any stressful situation, she can sometimes be too insecure to become a paramedic.

However, this doesn’t mean the Scorpio lady can’t succeed in any career she may choose, but what suits her best is being a scientist, surgeon or leader because she has an incisive mind and is very strong, able to deal with stress and to handle people who are in desperate situations.

A Natural Leader at Work and at Home

What she needs the most is to know that she can make a difference. Persistent and ambitious, the Scorpio woman is sure to succeed no matter what she may be trying for. However, she needs to remain focused and to live up to her true potential in order for this to happen.

Those who have her by their side can consider themselves lucky because she can be very powerful, not to mention grateful for the kindness she’s being shown.

Generous and ready to do her part, the Scorpio lady’s colleagues simply love her. Her mind is very preceptive and keen, so she could work with the police or as a social agent. Because she analyzes things carefully, a career in the health sector is also suitable for her.

Being very good at judging characters and identifying the talents of others, she could work in human resources and recruiting agencies. Self-confident and most of the time quiet, she shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to her ability to make money. This lady is always ready to make some sacrifices in order to earn more.

It seems that suffering doesn’t bother her too much, not to mention she never complains. Besides, she’s very observant and can identify a liar from a mile away. It would be a good idea to never cross her because she can become ruthless and vengeful when betrayed.

As far as making a budget for the family goes, she’s the one to go to. This is because she loves being in control and doesn’t mind taking more out of her own pocket when others need her to. It can be said she’s very good at handling money, as she never wants to spend on luxurious things or to waste anything.

The Scorpio woman’s bills are always paid on time because she wants order and to not be stressed with notices that her electricity may be cut off. What she needs to do is to save more, especially if she wants a stable financial future and to not be scared that she may end up broke.

Relying on Instinct for Financial Growth

The Scorpio woman has a unique way of managing finances, as she’s very disciplined and doesn’t spend on impulse. She sees money as a way to obtain power and have a good social status or stability.

These things are very important to her, so she will work hard in order to earn a steady and substantial income, not to mention she will make a budget to help her have something saved up for a rainy day. She’s famous for being determined to succeed and a very good leader.

Just like in any other aspect of her life, she can keep a secret when it comes to finances too. It’s very likely for her to have a bank account no one knows about because her intuition is telling her she needs it.

When it comes to investments, the Scorpio woman can rely on her instincts to make the right decisions. As a matter of fact, the more she relies on what her gut keeps telling her, the more money she can attract. For her, having a secure financial future is the most important thing.

It’s good that she has a knack for attracting the best opportunities, not to mention she may inherit a lot of wealth. Because she’s competitive, this lady will always struggle to make more than others. When looking to invest, she’s usually analyzing aggressive strategies that don’t seem flashy.

The Scorpio woman prefers to wait until making a move, though. Her sign is also indicating she’s very discrete, which means she usually keeps hidden stashes of money around the house. Most of the time, she plans carefully for the future because she doesn’t want to be caught empty handed.

When changes take her by surprise, she has the ability to turn them into profitable opportunities because her instincts tell her what to do.

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