Virgo Family Life: Their Personality in the Main Household Roles


Virgos are very focused on family, not to mention dedicated and always by their loved ones’ side when they happen to be sick or in trouble. They’re creatures of traditions and give a lot of importance to their responsibilities.

Virgo Roles in the Family:

  • Virgo as a Wife: She works intensely hard to provide for her family.
  • Virgo as a Husband: He takes pride in his house and doesn’t hesitate to get busy with chores.
  • Virgo as a Parent: They set the standards high, and love to give their kids a lovely home to grow up in.
  • Virgo as a Sibling: Virgo kids take a lot of care of their siblings, adopting an almost maternal approach.

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Natives of the Virgo are extremely loyal and always have their brothers and sisters’ back. At the same time, they’re almost obsessed with perfection and demand it from others as well. Furthermore, they’re proud of their parents and the way they have been raised. Their siblings will always be happy to have grown by their side.

No one can be more attentive to details and honest than them, which means they’re usually the ones who are doing the right things in the family.

The Virgo Wife: Naturally Caring and Dependable

The Virgo woman may not always be demonstrative with her love, but she surely is the one who keeps her family strong and united.

She doesn’t hesitate to make great efforts for the ones she loves, also to work without even getting breaks in order to provide her children and husband all the comfort they need.

Because she takes care of everything, it’s very likely for her to be taken for granted. Her family may forget how important her role at home is. Paying great attention to details, she’s the one to go out shopping for new socks for her husband and to remember that he needs a back support for his office chair.

This mother knows what her children like the most, when they’re cold and what books they prefer. However, as said before, she may not know how to show her love, but at least she compensates with being thoughtful and very attentive to details.

As soon as she is married, this lady become the perfect wife who doesn’t mind running an entire household. In her mind, marriage is supposed to be a perfect friendship that has a touch of business.

Her home will always be sparkling clean and she will still have time to cook the best dinners. This means her family can’t be neglected. When not feeling so well, she may use all her skills in an artificial manner, but she never forgets that she’s the one who needs to take care of others.

It can also be said of her that she’s very focused on the materialistic side of life, but this is nothing to be ashamed of. The Virgo woman will always defend the peace in her home and her privacy. She’s clever and can notice where there’s a problem, whereas when solving problems, she’s never insulting.

From an emotional point of view, she’s not very strong. This is why she’s so dependent on traditions and external influences. What she needs is to have a routine and balance between her work and family life. She will respect her man and his family, whereas her friends will always enjoy her funny jokes and good spirits.

The Virgo Husband: Obsessed About the Details at Home

The Virgo man is always around to give a hand with domestic tasks, so he’s the ideal partner and husband. He does things at home without being asked, so he’s the type to do the gardening, to cook and take care of the children.

However, his wife needs to also be a homebody because he wouldn’t appreciate her being out with her friends all the time while he’s taking care of everything at home.

Besides, he hates chaos and disorder, so if she were to just let things be, he would become very grumpy and start criticizing her. He’s not at all compatible with an untidy woman who can’t even clean after herself.

In spite of having many qualities, he can be difficult to live with, seeing he’s a perfectionist who’s always worrying about what’s not even important. His wife can have a very hard time with him when he can’t stop talking about trivial matters like how the color of the bin bag for plastics should be green.

While his intentions are good and he means well, he can really get on everybody’s nerves from time to time. What’s great about his character is that he’s very responsible and devoted to his loved ones. He wouldn’t accept seeing them suffer in any way.

It’s true that he can sometimes be bitter and nasty at home, but he would never say something hurtful to his wife and children. The woman who is sure to get his heart will be the same and also wanting to have a family.

He also gives a lot of importance to friendship and has many people of value in his life. Furthermore, everyone appreciates him for getting things done the proper way and being loyal.

He’s always ready to give a hand because he’s mannered and has a good heart. His gifts usually make a lot of sense and reveal how much he knows about the person he’s bringing a present to. What he wants the most is to have a peaceful life with the ones he loves.

The Virgo Parent: Giving Their Kids the Highest of Standards to Aim For

Virgo parents may be a little bit too controlling with their children’s health, always being in their back with a sweater when it gets chilly or their vitamins. They just want to be of help and think they’re the only ones who know what’s best.

Their little ones will be mannered, making their parents proud every step pf the way. As parents, Virgos are sensitive and have the highest standards for their children. They want to teach them how to be responsible, how to take good care of their things and most importantly, their health.

It’s true they can be too criticizing, but at least their intentions are good and opinions very smart. It’s important for them to remind themselves that their children are surely doing the best they can, even if not obtaining the best results.

Virgo parents are practical, ready to give a hand to their little ones and stable. This means their family has a strong foundation from both an economical and emotional point of view.

It’s true they may save a little bit too much and not buy the presents their kids want all the time, but they will at least have the resources to pay for their university later.

After all, what’s the most important is that they give their time and love at home. They’re very attentive to details and like to plan, so the bills will always be paid in time.

What they should try and do more is to spoil their children. They will always be understood for wanting to give them the best life in the future but showing them that they deserve expensive gifts when they’re little is important too. At the same time, they should try and compliment their youngsters more often.

The Virgo Sibling: Kind Hearted and Almost Maternal

Virgos are very determined people who posses a very strong mind and who invest everything they have in what they’re supposed to do.

As siblings, they can be very valuable because they can take good care of their brothers and sisters. They love to give a hand, so anyone who has them in their life should consider themselves lucky.

The Virgo sister has a very kind heart and helps her siblings with advice, homework and every other thing. She also solves their most difficult problems when they happen to be in trouble. At the same time, she’s very independent and needs her own space in which to retreat when feeling down. She likes to be around, but she also enjoys her time alone.

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