Virgo Challenges and Obstacles: Obsessive and Relentless


Virgos are very demanding people. They can always be counted on with anything, especially when it comes to paying attention to every little detail. However, they sometimes don’t see the big picture and lose their direction because they focus too much on what doesn’t matter, almost to the point of obsession.

Virgo Challenges & Obstacles in a Nutshell:

  • Personality downfall: Their relentless pursuit of perfection can lead others to become sick of them.
  • When it comes to love: They can be shy and passionless because of their indulgence in chores and details.
  • At work: Whilst they don’t lack focus, their obsession with details means they often miss the big picture.
  • Virgo advice: Virgos can begin to live in peace by accepting that other people have flaws and that there is nothing wrong with this.

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For example, they can’t let go of wanting to change the color of napkins at dinner, or they’re worried too much that their socks may not go well with the rest of their outfit. They’re very tough, and not only with others, but with themselves as well.

What they want most is to achieve perfection no matter what, so they never stop looking for it. This means they have quite unrealistic goals and their ideals are the same with the ones in utopian books.

Whereas the rest of the world understands there’s no such thing as perfection, they refuse to believe it and are devastated when they happen to fail.

Virgo Personality Weaknesses and Negatives

Virgos have their routine and would never stray from it. It can be said they’re rebels on one hand because they don’t accept to have their entire program changed by anyone.

Rather reserved and cold, they’re also not spontaneous at all, not to mention their loved ones can be truly annoyed by the fact that they’re criticizing them or others all the time.

Virgos can’t refrain themselves from focusing on every little detail and doing things the way they think is perfect. Their standards are extremely high, which means they notice every imperfection, whether they’re the ones doing something or they’re watching someone else going with it.

As a matter of fact, this is taken to the extreme in them. In case they notice things aren’t right, they become neurotic and want to fix them immediately. This is why they spend a lot of their time making self-evaluations, worrying about how others get the job done and repairing stuff.

In other words, they can be a real pain in the neck, especially for those who prefer to take things more lightly and to not stress too much over anything.

Skeptical and easy to offend, Virgos can suffer from paranoia that everything in their surroundings is going to destroy itself. They’re obsessed with every little detail and exhibit manic behavior.

Maybe this is why they no longer have time to socialize and to smile in the presence of other people. They’re criticizing all the time and trying to make order out of chaos, crazy about health and dieting subjects, not to mention they have a very rich imagination that usually comes up with the most tragic end results of situations.

The thing with them is that they’re big worriers, which is their darkest trait. What they hate the most is seeing disorder and dirtiness. For this reason, they have their rituals of cleaning and can’t stop themselves from always organizing and even disinfecting things.

That’s right, they’re the type to wash their hands each time after interacting with other people. This is because they’re too worried about their own health and getting sick scares them the most.

It’s not unusual for Virgo natives to isolate themselves so that they don’t contract viruses and diseases. In case they happen to not feel so well, they start to look online and to self-diagnose.

After, they ask everyone with a little bit of health knowledge about their symptoms and what they could do to remedy them. Being big worriers, they can end up having serious digestive disorders.

They should try and eat less, but of course, what matters the most is that they no longer worry so much. Instead, they should focus on having fun and including more variety into their life. No matter what, they should stay away from extremes and learn how to say no when it’s appropriate for them to do so.

Virgo Common Challenges and Solutions

People born in the sign of Virgo tend to be discouraged and to doubt themselves, especially when it’s difficult for them to achieve their goals. This is why they should learn how to play to their strengths, such as their amazing capacity to analyze and communicate in the most efficient manner.

If they use their skills and special traits at work, they can become very successful in their career. Because they prefer to be lonely, it can be difficult for them to make friends. Besides, they criticize other people too much, so many other people may want to get into fights with them.

What they should do is cherish their friends and accept the fact that everyone has flaws. They sometimes feel like they’re getting bored and that they need to live life more intensely. This is because they have very high expectations and are frustrated when these expectations aren’t met.

When it comes to solving this problem, they should try and remember their forgotten dreams and try to make them come true. It’s important they remain true to themselves along the way.

It’s rare that others want to get in touch with them because they’re too obsessed with health matters and don’t like talking about anything else. In this case, they should try and diversify the subjects of discussion they know a lot about.

Low Points in Love & Friendships

Strict and always criticizing, Virgos can turn into real maniacs of perfection. They can be very cynical, so not too many people like them very much, also because they’re very anxious about every little detail.

As lovers, they’re shy and need to receive many compliments. They can attract many admirers because they usually dress up sexy and seductively.

They don’t talk about their own feelings with their partner and are mostly interested in getting domestic tasks done. It can be said they’re among the least romantic natives of the Zodiac.

Introverted, they make sure they don’t reveal their true feelings, so their image is always one of coolness and calm. This is because they want to be seen as perfect and to never show that they may have an ugly side too.

In their darkest moments, they resort to drugs and alcohol, just to heal their emotional pain. Some of them go out and have sex with strangers.

Seeing as they’re serious and obsessed with perfection, they become very nervous when witnessing amateurism and improvisations, but because they’re discreet, they don’t revolt and rather try to manipulate their fixing methods in.

When it comes to long-term friendships, they’re modest and tamed. What they can’t understand is why their friends need to sometimes make jokes about them.

Out in the world, they’re criticizing everything and always say how things should be done. This means they’re not the type to cooperate with others, but at least they’re great at giving them a hand.

How About Virgo Career Weaknesses?

Neat and rather awkward, Virgos are very focused on their career and can lose track of the other things in their life when working on their professional projects. They don’t see the big picture most of the time because they’re only focusing on details, so they usually miss out on great opportunities at work.

As colleagues, they don’t talk too much and prefer to mind their own business. In case their efforts aren’t recognized, they become depressed and may even revolt. Too analyzing, they don’t take risks.

Being ruled by Mercury, their mind is always active, and they know what the hidden motives of other people are. This can inhibit them from interacting. They’re very practical and hardworking, not to mention incredible at saving money.

At the same time, they often feel insecure, which means they work tirelessly to protect their future. It’s like for them, catastrophes are always around the corner and they need to be prepared for them.

They have many bank accounts and investments in gold, stocks and even crypto currency. They also hide cash in their home so that they never end up running short of it.

If they happen to be bosses, they have many ambitions but are still modest. However, their demands are very high. In case they’re running their own business, they’re very responsible and sometimes imaginative, but never unpractical or inefficient.

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