Virgo Man Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Virgo man is loyal, intelligent and very industrious. When it comes to making money, he knows what to do and how to act around people. He’s the type to sacrifice his happiness for those he loves. At the same time, when in a relationship, he’s not as reliable as other Earth signs.

The Virgo man in a nutshell:

  • Personality: Details matter to the Virgo man, he leaves no stone unturned and has everything accounted for.
  • Love: Relationships can be often and fleeting for a Virgo man in his relentless search for perfection.
  • Career: With quality ideas and a natural knack for fixing things, he is more often than not an asset in the workplace.
  • Family: Keen to ensure his surroundings reflect his own ideals, a Virgo man will spend time spreading his ways of thinking to his kids.
  • Social Life: Although not easily trusting, a Virgo man is one of the most loyal friends one could have.

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Virgo Man Personality

The planet that rules Virgo is Mercury, so the man born in this sign is very smart and always looking to obtain more information about what he’s interested in.

He wants the entire world to run according to his specifications, so he struggles to put everything in order and to make peace with his surroundings. His need for tidiness is always present in the back of his mind.

If he has many things to take care of and is engaged in more than a couple of projects, he can worry too much.

He’s very responsible, no matter whether he’s dealing with his career or personal life. At the same time, he loves to help others, but he expects to receive the same things in return when he needs it. Most of the time he is his own worst critic, he thinks of himself as not being good enough to be the best.

He can be controlling no matter the situation, so even when he’s on vacation, he plans everything carefully, makes lists and follows an itinerary well-established before he even left home.

It’s very difficult for him to change plans, seeing he’s one of the most cautious and organized signs in the Zodiac. All this means he can be a little bit neurotic and has can exhibit obsessive behavior, which is probably considered one of his negative traits.

Besides, he’s fussy when things don’t go the way he wants them to. For example, he can be bothered by the fact that his secretary doesn’t keep a tidy office, or his wife doesn’t cook healthier. On the other hand, he’s charming, mannered and elegant, so he can attract anyone, especially the ladies.

Love and Relationships for the Virgo Man

As soon as the Virgo man has fallen in love, he’s very serious about conquering his lady’s heart. Being a mutable sign, he may change his mind about who the love of his life is, in only a few weeks.

It can be difficult to be with him because he’s emotionally unstable, not to mention that the element Earth makes him very strict.

While very loyal as a friend, when it comes to love, he needs to find perfection, so he’s ready to give up one partner after another until this happens. A woman who’s looking for someone like him could be happy by his side, but some may think he’s very annoying.

He is dedicated to his partner, but the fact that Mercury rules him indicates he has a double personality and he can’t be trusted all the time. Besides, he’s rather superficial when it comes to emotions and intimacy, yet very smart to not let his partner go too easily.

He’s a man of routine who usually makes the healthiest choices, but he can be very demanding too. Traditions are very important to him, so he wants to be with a woman who can take good care of the home they have together while he’s away making money and taking care of the rest of the world.

His one and only mission in life is to fix, so until this happens, he can’t be relaxed and just smile, simply because he isn’t happy enough. Very serious and dutiful, he usually finds the most productive solutions at work but can drive his colleagues mad when being too analyzing.

His partner should allow him to fix everything at home because he needs to use his hands and to sometimes tell others what they need to do. When not allowed to fix what’s broken, he gets very angry and can behave in a way that could be deemed as rude.

This is a Man Who Creates and Fixes at Work

The Virgo man is a treasure for any professional environment, as he has a strong work ethic and would never leave things undone. He’s analytical and criticizing, but the best at solving problems, making plans and organizing.

When allowed to do what he wants, he can achieve perfection in no time. It doesn’t matter if he’s passionate about what he’s doing or not, he still struggles to excel, but not because this is what builds up his ego, more because he wants to give his best.

He isn’t always the best team player at work because the pays too much attention to details, he becomes very frustrated when others don’t do things the way he does. He’s the type to do the most unusual tasks and to have the job that many don’t even want to think about because it’s too meticulous.

The fact that he’s a know-it-all makes him unsufferable from time to time, but he still is a creative genius who comes up with the best ideas. He loves using his hands and he’s the one to always fix equipment at the office, also to make everything more practical and easier to use.

He wants to help and to make improvements, but those who don’t know him well may think of him as a show off.

Virgo Man’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

The Virgo man’s home is organized and has every little detail taken care of. He can’t understand messy people and detests chaos. Being very organized, he keeps everything arranged and piled up, labelled and out of sight. He stacks things and papers up in places where they can’t be seen by guests.

While many may think he’s hoarder, he isn’t. What he’s trying to do is to order everything, his intention being not to keep. His system seems magical and somehow related to psychic powers, especially since he remembers where everything is to the very last detail.

There could also be the Virgo man whose office is very organized and home the place where he hoards, or the other way around, who keeps a clean space at home and hoards at the office. The latter would be an ideal real estate agent because he would make the most beautiful arrangements when trying to sell a home.

The Virgo rules the abdomen, the intestines, the bowels and the spleen. This is no surprise knowing the digestive system is also very orderly and precise, sending the right amounts of nutrients to the entire body in a very neat way. At the same time, it eliminates water and toxins, keeping what’s good for a good health inside.

Because the Virgo rules the digestive system, the Virgo man is prone to problems in this area, which means he needs to eat healthy and to use probiotics. It’s also possible for him to have food allergies or to be intolerant to lactose, gluten and so on.

As a dad, he pays a lot of attention to his kids, but he’s not the type to express his affection or love. Instead, his little ones will be taught everything about responsibilities and how they need to behave in society. This is how he shows his love to his children, by being their teacher about life.

Careful with money, he’s one of the best providers in the zodiac, so his family will always have whatever they need and even more. He’s authoritative and at the same time indulgent, so the atmosphere in his home is flexible, but not undisciplined.

When it comes to him being a friend, no one can be more loyal. He likes intelligent people who are wise and have experienced life as much as possible, so those who have something to say. Conversations with him are really wonderful, but since he’s the Hermit in Tarot cards, he also likes being alone and looking for the truth in his own way.

The person who’s allowed in his private world can consider him or herself very lucky, as he doesn’t trust people easily or thinks they can’t meet up his demands. He’s not pretentious, he just wants to achieve perfection in everything, no matter if it’s about relationships, work or love.

His family will be very happy to keep order at home for him because he doesn’t impose his wishes, he just teaches everyone how to be more disciplined.

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