Virgo Personality Strengths: Diligent and Perfectionists


People born in the sign of Virgo pay great attention to details and all they want is to help others as much as possible. They make sure that they finish all their projects without making too many mistakes, which means they’re amongst the most hardworking natives in the Zodiac.

Virgo Strengths in a Nutshell:

  • Virgo natives are always looking to help other people.
  • Their constant search for perfection means they rarely take half measures.
  • These people despise dirtiness, and keep everything they own as clean as possible.
  • Honesty is the only option for these people, so they’re rarely manipulative or deceitful.

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They’re chasing perfection, so it’s difficult for them to see things not moving in the right direction. They want to understand as much as possible about the world, also to do their job properly.

Only the Best Will Do

Belonging to the Earth element, they don’t want to shine or to impress. On the contrary, they’re rather humble and don’t stress too much about the way they present themselves. Many of them decide to be writers or journalists, whereas others prefer to service people and to be caretakers.

When it comes to romance, they’re very dedicated to make their lovers happy and may sometimes get very jealous. While loving material possessions, they can also be very picky and take a lot of time before deciding to buy something.

Many can see them as self-centred, but they’re only interested in owning high-quality things that they don’t have to repair after a few months of use. As a matter of fact, they can become obsessive when shopping for something they want, looking for faults are reading reviews online about the products they’re trying to buy.

Just like Scorpios never give up their prey, Virgos can’t let go of information. Being an Earth sign, they like to fix what’s broken and are very practical, even when dreaming with their eyes open. They also like to take care of other people’s problems.

Their friends and relatives may see them as controlling, but they’re only trying to help by offering their insight and communicating their advice, which is often very useful. What they don’t realize is that they can hurt more sensitive people.

At the same time, they’re a little bit sensitive themselves, even if they would never show it. They’re very independent and know what’s best for themselves. When needing motivation, they may become too introspective, which is where they need someone to help them focus on the outside world.

They also have to be encouraged because they have the tendency to be too self-criticizing and to put themselves down, especially in more difficult moments.

Analytical Thinkers

They’re almost obsessed with health, exercising and diets, so they spend a lot of their time at the organic market, buying fresh produce and talking with farmers. Virgo ladies pay attention to how many calories they’re consuming and may have a garden where they’re planting vegetables and do their yoga.

There’s no surprise many of them are fitness trainers or health coaches. All Virgos, regardless of their sex, are very hardworking and humble, also never superficial and creative when having to bring order into chaos.

As friends, they’re very honest and always ready to offer their help. They would never lie to the people they care about, not to mention their criticism is constructive, never detrimental. Their intentions are only good because they genuinely want to help as much as they can.

Good at analyzing situations and people, they also can offer the best advice anyone could give. Wanting to self-improve with every day that passes, they pay attention to what they’re wearing and the way they look.

At the same time, they have a good eye for what others have on, which means many are asking for their opinion.

What makes them happy is seeing other people satisfied, which is why many may want to take advantage of their goodness. Their ruling planet is Mercury, as it also is for the sign of Gemini.

Just like the Twins, they have a certain restlessness and can be very nervous, especially when things don’t seem close to perfect in their life. To the outside world, they appear to be calm and serene, but on the inside, they have very intense feelings and can’t put their agitation to rest until everything goes the way they want it to go.

As said before, what they want is perfection, so they have serious problems when not getting close to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s about spending how much they have planned to spend or being with their soulmate, they want everything to be in order and as imagined.

They’re the most analytical people in the Zodiac, also extremely practical. Because Mercury is exalted in their sign, they’re also very intelligent, mostly as far as everyday life goes. They carefully analyze every issue and use their mind in order to get out of nasty situations.

Another trait that characterizes them a lot Is neatness. They want to be surrounded by cleanliness and to know where each thing has its place. If something in their home is broken, they can’t rest until they have fixed it.

Qualities of the Virgo Man

The Virgo man knows what he wants, how to get it and the way to enjoy it. He doesn’t mind being given the most precise tasks, as he pays great attention to details and is hardworking. He’s also critical and doesn’t hesitate to tell the truth, regardless who he may hurt with it.

Also methodical and persistent, he can successfully overcome any challenge coming his way. Dutiful, he wants to make the world a better place, to help as many people as possible and to bring his contribution to the society.

His skills are mostly about taking care of the minutiae tasks that others are very scared of. At work, he’s very appreciated by both his colleagues and bosses, mostly because he’s nice and gets the job done the right way from the start.

Being associated with the Virgin, he has a pure heart and is modest, not to mention fair and balanced. His soul is noble, and he doesn’t want everyone to know about it.

Being ruled by the planet Mercury, he can’t stand still for too long. Just like the Roman god governing him, he has a lot of energy and needs to move. This can also be seen in the way he always manages to achieve what he wants and to solve his problems.

Because Mercury is also the God of Messages, he’s a very good communicator too. However, in spite of his many talents, he still doesn’t seem to have enough self-confidence or too many ambitions. This can also be as a result of his obsession with details. He’s curious about everyone and everything, but he can’t accept it when things aren’t close to perfection, be it in his surroundings or in himself.

When criticizing, he’s not condescending, he’s just trying to make everything better. It’s true that he can be discriminating, but he doesn’t have the intention to be this way. Practical and down-to-earth, he hides his sensitive side and worries too much about everything.

Qualities of the Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is not only very beautiful and elegant, but also incredibly smart, organized and ethical. No matter the situation she may be in, she’s always ready to take action and to put her amazing talents to some good use.

She not all talk either because she truly does make things happen. Her ruling planet Mercury is influencing her to be creative and a big intellectual. Since she belongs to the Earth element, she needs to hang on to the materialistic side of life in order to be inspired.

She may seem to be reserved and shy on the outside, but on the inside, she’s restless and has the most intense emotions. Since she doesn’t mind working behind the scenes, she’s the best secretary and advisor.

However, her success may take her by surprise, especially if she’s an artist or a writer. She can handle more than one task at once, just like she can be her partner’s best friend and very hot lover at once, without even trying too hard.

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