Virgo Health and Wellness: Goal Orientated and Serious


When studying the health horoscope of Virgos, it can be noticed that these natives are perfectionists, which means they’re always trying to do their best to achieve as much as possible. They expect a lot not only from others, but also from themselves.

Virgo Health and Wellness in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: Their willingness to be healthy negates their inherently weak physical nature.
  • Tendencies: One of their sole focuses is to stay in the best shape, mentally and physically.
  • Negatives: Their need to keep everything so clean can come at the detriment of their natural immune system.
  • Advice: They have the discipline to avoid their vices, but there is no problem with this on the odd occasion.

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Belonging to the Earth element, they’re patient, hardworking and very calm. Always engaged in something, they still move slowly and prefer to have a steady pace. When caught up with work, they have a tendency to forget about everything else and to focus on achieving perfection only, which can be damaging to their health.

They no longer remember to eat or to rest, which puts a lot of stress on their body. This is very bad because stress is their worst enemy as far as health goes.

Virgo Health: Positives

People born in the sign of the Virgo are very good looking and have a beautiful face with fragile features. When children, they’re small, but at least they develop very quickly during their teenage years. Their physique is not at all strong, so they need to take good care of themselves and to make sure they’re always healthy.

When doing sports or performing some physical activities, they’re more about achieving goals than about being consistent. They want to beat their own records or to lose weight, but all these things require them to invest a lot of their energy.

According to their health traits, they don’t get sick too often. As a matter of fact, their determination to be healthy makes them very strong. Besides, they’re too busy trying to live a happy life to allow sickness to enter their body.

When feeling down, they don’t go to the doctor and wait for things to get better in their own. It’s a good thing they normally don’t get serious illnesses. Most of the health problems they’re having are usually related with the fact that they overwork themselves.

Because they eat healthy and make sure they live in a clean environment, it’s unlikely for them to contract any disease. They overdo it when it comes to cleanness, and this is good.

As far as what they should do for healing goes, they could try concentration methods and remaining disciplined. It’s easy for them to have a strict routine, but they need to also pay attention to their own needs.

They feel alright working with the healing methods that haven’t been tried before. Antibiotics should be avoided as much as possible. When trying to heal, they should remain focused on the process and not think too much about the results.

At the same time, they should enjoy more what life has to offer in terms of pleasure because it’s okay for the mood to be reckless from time to time.

Virgo Health Tendencies

Virgos have a tendency to analyze every little detail and to focus on what doesn’t really matter, which can cause them to get sick. They don’t like using chemicals and artificial foods when having to treat themselves, not to mention any type of food can have them feeling worse if they happen to be angry or upset.

They’re very health conscious and always trying to stay in shape, eat well and exercise. Their routine must include physical activities.

Their health horoscope says they’re very resistant to diseases because they have a disciplined mind and focus on remaining healthy. Because they’re worry a lot though, they may develop some nervous system conditions.

When choosing their doctor, they should decide on someone who understands also how their mind works.

Virgo Health: Negatives

Virgos need to exercise a lot before they become physically strong and fit. Besides, they may have some development delays during their younger years.

In case they’re interested in sports as teenagers, they can strengthen their body up very nicely. If they aren’t, they will remain inactive for the rest of their life.

In case they decide to become professional athletes, their results are sure to be amazing, but they may retire early as a result of injury. This is because they always overwork themselves.

Being perfectionists, they repeat their tasks over and over again, until they think everything has been done the right way. Besides, they never seem to find some time for resting.

Worrying too much about what doesn’t really matter, they’re prone to nervous diseases, not to mention they’re very anxious. It’s like their own problems are the biggest ones in the Universe. This is also why they can’t sleep. It doesn’t matter if they’re life is on the right track, they still find something to obsess over.

What they should do is learn how to relax and have a simpler lifestyle. According to their health horoscope, they can be emotional too, which means they jump from happy and cheerful to sad and angry in under a minute.

When upset, they should avoid eating too much. At the same time, they must choose only simple foods because their sign rules over the internal organs and abdomen.

They don’t have very strong lungs and muscles, but at least they have the most disciplined mind and can put up with a lot of stress. For as long as they pay attention to their rest and eat well, they can be healthy for a lifetime.

Health facts about them are also revealing, in that they’re very pedantic people who pay great attention to health. They’re scared of germs and hate dirtiness, so their home is always sparkling, and they ask others to be neat too.

Since they don’t really indulge in pleasure, they need to learn what having fun means. Their stomach is very sensitive, so they may have intestinal spasms and other types of pains in the area.

When it comes to their immune system, this may be weak because they sanitize just about anything. This means they contract viruses more easily.

What causes them indigestion is the fact that they stress too much. Besides, they’re prone to developing colitis, bowel problems and ulcers. Problems with their digestive system causes them to have bad and inflamed skin.

Virgo Health & Diet

Virgos need to pay great attention to what they’re eating, not to mention they need to eat at the same hours every day. Also, they shouldn’t consume fats and foods that don’t get easily digested.

Their immune system can be boosted if they spend their time outdoors and exercise. This can also help them have a better sleep.

When consuming beef meat, they need to make sure that they don’t get the fatty chunks. They should also add veggies like beans, celery and potatoes to their meaty meals.

When it comes to spices, vanilla, cumin and cinnamon are the best for them. The fruits they should consume are the ones rich in minerals and iron like apricots and pomegranates.

What they should do is detoxify their body from time to time and count their calories, all without eating too much in the evening. It’s very easy for them to turn away from any bad habits they may have, so they should take advantage of this ability of theirs to remain healthy.

At the same time, they shouldn’t deny themselves what they love all the time. For example, they’re known to have a sweet tooth and to be crazy for chocolate, which gives them a lot of energy for the mind and the body as well. They should have it but not that much because too much can cause them to become allergic to it.

They seem to have a problem with digestion, especially if they have cold drinks with their meals and don’t chew their food well. At the same time, they shouldn’t eat raw foods, so steaming their veggies is a great idea for them.

Their body works very well on spinach, green beams, lettuce, lentils, brown rice and millet Their water and drinks should be at room temperature. Because they have the tendency to be deficient in potassium, they should consume bananas, apples and celery.

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