Virgo Best Match: Who is The Right Person for You?


It can be very difficult to attract and seduce Virgos because nothing seems to please them. They want to achieve perfection, so their demands are very high and many. They don’t want perfection to be inspired by it, they want to lead a perfect life, which is actually impossible.

Virgo Best Match Nutshell:

  • Your greatest need in love as a Virgo: to have everything in your love life as perfect as it is in your mind.
  • Capricorn is your match because they value trust and mutual respect above all.
  • Cancer is your match because they care just as much as you do about love.
  • Scorpio is your match because they can be in a stable relationship with you with great mutual understanding.

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When in a relationship, Virgos have a tendency to find many faults in their partner, trying to correct and improve him or her all the time, as if their love is subjected to tests.

For this reason, some of their partners end up no longer being attracted to them. However, there are also others who don’t mind being around, even if they don’t have a pleasant life.

Virgos are serious about relationships, so they wouldn’t be involved with someone just for the sake of it. What they should do is avoid trying so much to change their partner. Their criticism can be hurtful and harsh, not to mention that when they worry too much, they become suffocating and needy.

They should try and communicate more openly because they have a tendency to bottle feelings up, which is quite damaging for relationships.

Best Match For Virgo Is Capricorn

When with Capricorns, Virgos can achieve anything they set their mind to, not to mention they feel emotionally satisfied. The connection between these 2 signs is strong because they can read each other’s minds and are meant to be soulmates.

Both belonging to the Earth element, they also have many things in common and the same ways of thinking. What one lacks, the other comes to complete, so their relationship is meaningful and strong, not to mention meant to last.

What bonds them is passion and mutual respect. Virgos love how Capricorns are practical and patient, whereas Capricorns don’t mind the fact that Virgos are always criticizing in their quest for perfection.

Things between them are always meant to work out because they have similar opinions on anything. However, just like any other couple, they need to sometimes make compromises and accept each other’s flaws.

If they want to play for keeps, it’s important they invest some effort and a lot of time in their connection. What’s great about this connection is that it is based on trust and loyalty, seeing as both are passionate and want to be involved for the long-term.

Furthermore, both know what they want to obtain from their love connection. No matter how in love they may be, they’re still mature and can’t forget about any of the principles they so dearly hold on to.

Their relationship is strong and secure because it’s based on faithfulness, mutual trust and respect. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have a few issues they need to deal with.

For example, they need to accept each other and to make some compromises from time to time, especially if they want to be together in the long run.

Capricorns need to no longer obsess that much about career and focus more on love. But these aren’t major problems because they can overcome them together without hesitation, not to mention they respect one another too much.

Even if Virgos are blunt and Capricorns meticulous, they can still have passion for each other and share a love that hasn’t been seen before. Besides, they have pretty similar personalities, and both are serious. No one can stop them from achieving what they want, whether it’s about love or life in general.

Virgo and Cancer: An Emotional Match

It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship Virgos and Cancers have together, they’re sure to last in time, as they’re both sentimental and caring.

Besides, they need security and to make each other feel safe. Their connection is nurturing because they understand one another and can build a beautiful home together.

At the same time, they can have a pretty eventful life, seeing as they both want to explore the world and to do the same things. The attraction between them is tremendous, so they won’t have to spend too much time thinking if they’re supposed to be a couple or not.

One is Earth, the other is Water, but they sure both are sensitive and sometimes possessive. Water people have a tendency to understand what others are feeling, which means they know what to do in case they see their other half upset.

At the same time, they need to be emotionally reassured, which is something Virgos can offer. Even if both Virgos and Cancers are jealous from time to time, conflicts between them won’t arise because they have a lot of love for one another.

As far as their social life goes, they both prefer to stay at home and to go out only from time to time. Despite this, they have common goals and can work together greatly in order to make their dreams come true.

Problems may appear because Cancers are very opinionated, and Virgos need to be in control. They may argue very seriously, not to mention Cancers can be manipulative when wanting something.

But all in all, their relationship is sure to be harmonious and to last in time, even if both are moody and Virgos can’t actually understand the feelings of Cancers, who are often fussy and never want to talk about how they are on the inside.

Virgo and Scorpio: A Deep Connection in the Making

The relationship between Virgos and Scorpios is very soulful. Both signs are spiritual and focused on details, not to mention private.

However, if they are to truly discover one another, they shouldn’t hesitate to show more of their feelings to be curious.

What’s also great about them as a couple is that they can adapt to another’s paces. They’re also good friends and communicate very efficiently.

While the love between them may not be the most passionate one, it surely is stable and sexy enough. What they should do is no longer obsess over who needs to call first and focus on having a more meaningful life when together.

Both are very loyal as far as love goes, not to mention they also like spending their time at home instead of going out and meeting new people, who may or may not do something hurtful to them.

Scorpios are very protective, whereas Virgos can defend their partner to the end of the world and back. Both want to be in control, so they may fight from time to time over who should lead in the relationship.

Scorpios are looking for power, Virgos for order, so if they decide to work together, they can achieve great things as a couple.

On their first date, neither of them will reveal too much about who they are and what they want. This is because they take a lot of time to trust and need security before engaging in a relationship.

Scorpios are stealth lovers and can send the most subtle of messages in order to tease Virgos, who simply love the tension. Sometimes, they can be too stubborn to admit that they may be wrong. They may also think their Virgo partner is never ready to commit, but they would only be wrong.

On the other hand, Virgos may see Scorpios as crude and way too passionate, seeing as they’re sensitive and don’t get too enthusiastic about anything.

Scorpios are raw and usually don’t care too much about manners. It can’t be said they’re the same in nature, but this doesn’t mean they can’t have a harmonious relationship together. At least they have the same visions on life and common dreams.

Both don’t like revealing too much about themselves, so the game of guessing happens a lot when they’re together. At least it’s not a problem because Virgos have good instincts when it comes to Scorpios’ moodiness.

At the same time, Scorpios are very intuitive and know what Virgos need. Neither of them likes going out too much, which means they’re both homebodies. Relying only on themselves, they don’t care about others’ opinions and find it hard to accept advice.

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