Love Compatibility Between Earth and Water Signs: A Nourishing Combination


The Earth can help Water put his or her imagination to work and ideas into practice. In other words, the Earth can guide Water in a very practical manner.

At the same time, the Water can teach Earth how to no longer be so rigid, just like it does when helping to re-shape clay in pottery.

Highlights of the Earth and Water Sign Compatibility

  • When together, both can help influence the other and bring out each other’s best.
  • Earth signs can provide the foundation for Water signs to carve a whole new path, so that the latter can nourish the former.
  • They should be wary of mixing their energies too much, which can crash and have devastating effects.

The Water can be very nourishing and care for Earth in a way no one else can. Water natives can teach the Earth ones how to interact with their own emotions and be more intimate. This means the relationship between them can be very profound and satisfying from a physical point of view.

Earth people can prepare Water ones to be more practical and to put their unique talents to use. The two elements are opposing one another, so they should find a common ground and try to understand each other more.

The fact that Water needs to be loved and cuddled can confuse the logical and grounded Earth, but this doesn’t mean the two can’t be in a beautiful relationship. As a matter of fact, they have all the chances to build something and long lasting together.

Just like the Water gives the Earth what it needs in order to grow plants, the Earth native can take equally good care of the Water one. Just like in the Fire and Air combination, Earth and Water work very well together because they need one another.

More than this, the Water can teach Earth how to be emotional and to no longer ignore what he or she is feeling. This may be the most logical course of things when it comes to having a solid relationship.

Both partners will most likely be nice and respectful with each other, rely on facts when arguing and making decisions, which means they would solve their problems without making the situation more dramatic.

As a matter of fact, it’s important for them to resolve their issues in a logical manner and to talk about what bothers them, even if the Earth can be too judgmental and very fast jump to conclusions.

In the best-case scenario, the two would function like a water mill does, with the Earth laying down the foundation and the Water turning the wheel.

The fact that the Earth is very practical can help Water be more eager to come up with new ideas. But in order for this to be possible, both signs need to invest their efforts and to communicate. It’s okay if they stick to the Earth’s logical side. What’s most important is that they talk, even if the Water may sometimes think the Earth’s approach is too rigid.

They may struggle a little in order to achieve balance because one is rational and the other one emotional. During their worst moments, they can argue a lot and cause storms to intensify, especially since Water wants to have his or her feelings understood and the Earth refuses to discuss emotions.

How Water Can Navigate Its Way Through Earth

Earth natives don’t like change or taking part in new adventures. They’re shy most of the time and prefer to think before acting, not to mention they can never let go of their reserved side.

At the same time, they can be very romantic and sensual. They usually focus on themselves and are very aware of what it needs to get done in order for their life to be fulfilling.

Honest to a fault, they can’t stand people who are lying or trying to seem different than they actually are. This means they can’t resist for too long next to a person who’s trying to seem different and more interesting.

When it comes to what they love the most, this is enjoying life through their senses and experimenting things first-hand. This is why they have a special connection with Nature, a connection that not many can understand.

When interacting with anything and especially natural elements, they’re using all their senses and want to make life more tangible. They’re very physical and usually turn their dreams into reality because they’re the most practical people in the zodiac.

In case they’re undeveloped, Earth natives can become too materialistic and forget all about spirituality.

Water signs need to express themselves from an emotional point of view. This means they can understand their own feelings and also what others may be going through. For these reasons, they have healing abilities and can help people recover their happy thoughts when feeling lost.

If undeveloped, Water natives can be overly emotional and may want to dominate the relationship they’re in, no longer caring about what their partner may be feeling.

What they appreciate the most is character and generosity. At the same time, they’re demanding with both themselves and their loved ones. Earth people appreciate good food and high-quality things. As a matter of fact, they have a special connection with food, just like they have with Nature.

For example, the Taurus spends a lot in expensive restaurants, the Virgo is focused on nutrition, while the Capricorn is adept at food therapy.

Earth natives are also the most sensual and hardworking. They want to have a stable life and peace of mind. Their relationships are usually long lasting and their home a safe haven. These people hate change and can be too possessive when deeply in love. What attracts them the most is beauty and elegance.

Maximizing the Common Energy of Water and Earth

The relationship between Earth and Water can be compared with a waterfall because the Earth offers a strong foundation for the present and the future, while the Water flows down with his or her emotions.

Water is also very nurturing and may want to take care of Earth for a lifetime. At its worst, the combination between these two resembles mud because the Earth can’t understand the intense emotions of Water, and Water can have the Earth depressed because he or she is too demanding.

For their connection to work, these two partners need to take a good look at the way the sea hits the land. They need to realize they’re like a force and can crash very dangerously if they don’t pay attention to what they have together.

Their common energy is tremendous, not to mention neither of them is superficial, nor vain. It’s very likely to not feel attraction for one another from the beginning, but this doesn’t mean things can’t change.

As a matter of fact, the more time they’re spending together, the more they can see how much they have in common. Earth needs rain in order to give back food, while rivers need to be guided by banks so that they don’t inundate. This is how the Earth and the Water need the support of one another.

In case they decide to have separate identities and don’t merge, they may end up encountering many problems in their relationship. Water people love fantasizing about their relationship and are usually very honest with their feelings. Their intuition is highly developed, not to mention highly perceptive.

This means they usually find solutions to their problems and have a calm attitude when having to deal with difficulties. Being honest themselves, they can’t stand lies. They also lie to dream big and to imagine how their soulmate would look.

As a matter of fact, they’re big dreamers in the zodiac, since they’re always imagining their perfect life with the people they love the most. Those who want to be with someone caring and romantic should decide to have a Water partner because they are often sensual and intuitive, especially when it comes to love.

Water signs are also emotional and sometimes lack self-confidence, resulting in possessiveness and jealousy. While they can charm anyone and enjoy flirting, what they want the most is to be with someone for a lifetime.

Earth and Water can mix their energies and have one of the healthiest and most balanced relationships, as Water gives Earth what it needs, and Earth guides Water. The connection between them can be creative and enjoyable.

They’re very compatible, which means they understand one another and are candidates for a successful marriage together.

Joy Carter

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