Virgo Man in Love Relationships: A Dedicated and Traditional Partner


The Virgo man can offer a lot to a woman, but at the same time, he can be very annoying with all his worrying. A dedicated partner, he’s still ruled by the planet Mercury, which means he has a dual personality and can’t be trusted all the time. As far as emotions and intimacy go, he’s quite superficial, yet smart enough to never let go of the person he’s in love with.

Relationships and the Virgo Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He tends to make great decisions in his love life.
  • Negatives: His loyalty to his values can make him overbearing and strict.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where he can speak his mind and his partner understands that he doesn’t harbor any ill will.
  • Advice: He may want to listen to his lady’s point of view instead of sticking with his own so fiercely.

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This man likes having his routine and usually makes the wisest choices as far as life goes, regardless of whether he’s aware of them or not. At the same time, he’s quite demanding in his relationship, simply because he has many traditional values that define how he lives his life. As soon as he is in love, he will start wondering if his feelings are real or not.

Being a mutable sign, he may conclude that he isn’t ready for a relationship after only a few dates with the woman he likes. It can be said that life with him is difficult because he’s insecure and a mutable sign belonging to the Earth element, which makes him stricter.

While very loyal to his friends, he has a problem lasting in a relationship, at least until he finds his soulmate and is convinced that he has met the perfect woman for him.

Honest to a Fault

Just like with other things in life, the Virgo man is very serious about love. He likes flirting in a friendly manner, so this is a time when he’s not so serious, but if the woman he’s paying attention to wants to hear more from him, he starts imagining a relationship with her.

He’s discreet and likes his private life to remain private. It’s unlikely for him to ever gossip about the person he’s with or about other people in general, just because he’s very sincere and not passionate or noisy.

Seeing as he discriminates when having to make a choice, he may take his time before settling down. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship for the sake of it, so he has the patience to find the right woman to come his way.

The lady who gets through the first dates with this man can consider herself lucky because he’s interested in her. He may not show it, but he truly is.

The thing with him is that he takes his time to build a romantic connection from the ground up. When committed, he’s very loyal and always gives his entire heart. What he wants is to be of service, which means he sometimes criticizes his partner, thinking his opinion is the best.

However, his intentions are always good, so he needs to be with someone who’s not very sensitive and can put up with a criticizing word or two. He likes level-headed women who don’t worry too much because he’s the worrier in the combination.

As a matter of fact, he has moments when he’s very anxious, almost to the point of not knowing where to turn to because he’s too stressed.

The perfect girl for him is the one who can teach him how to have some fun. Because he doesn’t care too much about himself and wants to be of help, he matches well with a woman who has gone through some trauma.

Finding Purpose in Being There For His Woman

Relationships make him prouder and more dutiful. It’s unlikely for the Virgo male native to be single for too long, and when this happens, it’s only because he wants to or has very high standards.

When not having a project and something to do he feels lost and starts to be very controlling at home. He’s best suited to those girls who are tired of having to look after men and want someone responsibility instead, because he’s self-sufficient and doesn’t need to be taken care of.

Being an Earth sign, he’s also very stubborn. As a father, he no longer wants the attention of his wife to be on him because his children are the most important.

He can help anyone, including his lady, get back on their feet. As a matter of fact, he seems to be very talented at finding women who have a problem such as a divorce, alcoholism or drug abuse. This is because he loves to be there for his partner, no matter how difficult the times may be.

He knows how to listen and what advice to give. Any damsel in distress can deeply fall in love with him because he appears just like a knight in shining armor when everything is dark.

However, this doesn’t mean he promises a happy ending. He is just there and doesn’t want to leave too easily, perhaps only if pushed to.

He doesn’t mind being with women who always have a crisis to deal with, be it a cosmetic procedure that didn’t go well, anorexia or problems with their parents.

He’s beside his partner during nervous breakdowns. He sits quietly and listens, without ever complaining about anything himself, all while his other half keeps talking about herself. And this doesn’t bother him at all. For him, life is something bigger than what he has to deal with, not to mention he’s too disciplined and dutiful to ever have serious problems.

What he wants the most is to serve others. This is his calling and mission. When not helping someone or not contributing to a greater cause, he feels lost and doesn’t know what to do with himself. Instead of sending women to therapy when they have an issue, he takes them on dates and becomes their partner.

What’s sad here is that he leaves behind incredible ladies who are really compatible with him, just because they don’t need him to rescue them.

His sign is often represented by an angel, which suits him very well because angels are these Heavenly entities that protect, watch over and guide. They give help when asked, just like he does with the girls in his life and others.

A control freak, he needs to learn how to let go of things once in a while, especially if he wants to experience and receive true love. In case he doesn’t receive, he can’t enjoy a balanced relationship.

Enjoying the Simpler Things in Life

The Virgo man is the beta partner in any relationship, just because he enjoys standing in the backseat and running things from the shadow.

While a hard worker, he doesn’t want to gain a lot of money or a reputation, which means he also doesn’t mind if his wife or girlfriend has a greater career than him.

He takes good care of his money and is very organized, so he could be the one who handles the family budget, even if she sometimes pays a lot of money for items of the best quality. In time, these things will prove to be very useful and good investments. However, he doesn’t really like spending on luxuries, so a more extravagant women would see him as cheap.

As a husband, he’s never trying to impress his wife with flamboyancy, but more with practical gestures and being by her side every day. Having very high standards, the fact that he has chosen her above everyone else should make a woman feel important.

She should do well on her own, as well be neat and clean because he can’t stand chaos and dirty surroundings. If she happens to leave her clothes thrown around the living room after work every day, he may become a real nag.

He has special places for the keys, the remote controls and even his phone. In spite of having many great qualities, he can be very difficult to live with because he only wants perfection and worries about the most unimportant things. The fact that he’s very picky doesn’t help either.

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