Virgo Woman in Relationships: Meticulous About the Men in Her Life


The Virgo woman pays great attention to every little detail in her life. When it comes to love, she’s quite the same and analyzes all the qualities a potential partner may have. More than this, she has high ideals and a pretty clear idea on how her future lover should be. This means it’s difficult for her to find love, especially since she has a conflicting nature.

Relationships and the Virgo Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of love and knows what she wants.
  • Negatives: Her quest for perfection narrows her choice of men considerably.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where her man is patient with her, and allows her love to flourish.
  • Advice: Should would do well to add some variety to her life and venture outside of her comfort zone from time to time.

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On one side, she wants to be with someone for a lifetime, on the other, no one seems to be good enough for her. In case she feels like her life is wasting and she hasn’t still found someone, consulting a psychic to advise her on what she needs is the best idea. This way, all Mercury’s confusing influence can be cleared.

Reserved, Guarded and Ladylike

When it comes to the way she lives her life, the Virgo woman wants nothing but perfection, which can prove to be difficult to find, not to mention she has a tendency to miss on great opportunities because of all this.

Those who think that she can’t be touched with anything are very wrong, seeing she’s a very sensitive creature who worries about any small issue.

While very sexy, she remains difficult to reach in intimacy. She’s just too independent and relies a lot on herself for everything. This lady is very collected and calm. When she attracts someone’s attention for making a mistake, she does it tactfully and without seeming imposing. This is because she refuses to make anyone feel small.

What she says should not be taken for granted or ignored because she’s right most of the time. Giving a lot of importance to precision, she only tries to conquer the heart of the man she thinks is attracted to her. However, she doesn’t do it in an open manner because she’s quite shy, not to mention modest and reserved.

For all these reasons, the person who likes her should be the one making the first step. She won’t say no and will surely blush when he’ll make her a compliment.

Kind and capable of anything, the Virgo woman has a sexiness that helps her attract almost any man into her bedroom. When involved, she keeps her passion in line and doesn’t express emotions too openly, yet she does have them on the inside.

As a matter of fact, she’s quite scared of her own feelings as far as relationships go, which means she may seem quite cold and stand-offish with her partner. As soon as feeling deep love for a man, her immense capacity to love becomes the most treasured asset she has.

Being an Earth sign like Taurus and Capricorn, she has a certain mystery about herself, seeing as she’s conservative and very sensual. When liking a man, she wants to get along well with him, but she puts up a shield that’s very difficult to penetrate because she doesn’t easily trust.

As a matter of fact, before getting involved in a relationship, she’s very cautious and keeps a lot to herself. This means it takes her a lot of time to fall for someone. Her approach is gradual, as she protects herself greatly.

Many misunderstand her because she’s always quiet and doesn’t want to talk about herself. But this is just because she’s very disciplined and cautious about everything. Before marrying or being involved in something serious, she analyzes what her exit points may be.

When someone she doesn’t care about asks her out, she politely refuses and spends her night with a good book. However, this doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like to have sex instead, just that she prefers to wait until the right man comes along.

On a Quest for Her Perfect Man

What should be noted about her is that she believes in soulmates and true love. Her passion is never out of control because she’s too inhibited. She’s the type of lover who wants to please and to express her sensuality, which means she has a lot to offer in bed.

It’s important to not take her for granted because she has a big heart that needs to be won with effort. Besides, she’s very devoted and her love is like poetry. No one can know how romantic she can be until she gives her heart away for good.

Modern dating and one-night stands are certainly not her thing. If involved in a long-distance relationship, she will send love notes and all kind of gifts that reflect the personality of her lover.

While she does search for love, it’s also not unlikely for her to just settle for a successful career and to no longer care if she’s married or not. What she expects from a relationship is for it to last for a lifetime and to be peaceful.

However, she’s quite picky when choosing her partner. This means she will spend many years alone, especially if she’s one of those Virgos who obsesses over perfection, not that all of them don’t.

Cerebral and discerning, she can also be surprising when involved. For example, she can sometimes get her nose up from her books and ask her partner to go bungee jumping.

The Virgo woman is scared at first when in love. In case she happens to fall for someone and is already in love, nothing and no one in the world could convince her to pursue a new relationship.

However, she does want to be swept off her feet and for the man to make a first move because this helps her feel very attractive. There’s also the situation in which she doesn’t even flirt because she thinks that she doesn’t have the opportunity to be involved in a long-term commitment.

The man chasing her needs to be somewhat direct about what he wants. He also has to be strong, very self-confident and able to protect her.

Never Losing Sight of Her Ideals

Being ruled by Mercury, she’s aware of how sensual and sexy she is. Men are looking for women just like her, which means she has many admirers.

However, those of them who want to be involved with her only from a sexual point of view need to understand that she wants intimacy with someone who can offer her a future. It’s unlikely for her to talk about what’s going on in her bedroom with other people.

When wooed, she gives in slowly because she needs to emotionally interact with the man who’s trying to get her. No matter what, she would never act on impulse.

As a wife, she takes good care of the home she shares with her husband, takes good care of their children and cooks the best meals. Aside from all this, she also fixes everything that doesn’t work in the house. This means she needs to be told that she could use some help, even if she may not understand it.

A man can feel useless and incompetent in her company, so she needs to be careful with how she acts. Trying so hard for perfection as she does is not always a good thing, not to mention she can completely forget all about what being happy means when trying to get things done flawlessly.

When out on a first date, she’s so reserved that she may seem like she’s playing the no card. In fact, she’s just very picky.

Another of her traits that makes her look bad is the fact that she’s always criticizing people. When working for a relationship, she plays for keeps and doesn’t waste a minute of her time. It’s unlikely for her to be with someone who isn’t interested in something long-term.

In case she has made a wrong choice and the man she believed to be perfect turns into Mr Wrong, she just packs her bags and politely says goodbye.

It would be a mistake to think that she’s shy because she’s in fact very strong and nothing like the Virgin representing her. She’s quite passionate and even wicked, not to mention joyous and funny.

Because she always plans everything, it’s best to not call her on a date at the last moment and to show up on time. Conversations with her need to be smart and varied, not at all about the weather or trivial.

She also shouldn’t be forced to change her routine, which means she doesn’t like her partner showing up unannounced at her doorstep. At the same time, she’s not the type to like public displays of affection. Mannered and attentive men are the ones she’s crazy about without a doubt.

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